Girl next door

I was 22 and rachel was 18 . She'd moved into the house next door with her parents 5 years ago and i'd seen her blossom from a girl into a scorching hot young woman . Rachel had light brown hair and her eyes were a green/brown colour.
She had smallish breasts and a fantastic arse , problem was she had a boyfriend !

She'd been dating this guy who was also 18 for a couple of years , he was quite the looker but they constantly argued ! Our bedrooms shared the same wall and i would quite often hear them shouting at each other and fucking ! Many nights i lay in bed masturbating to the sounds coming through the wall , hearing her groan when he fucked her pussy and ass sent me wild . I wanted her so badly !

Rachel had recently passed her driving test and her parents had bought her an old car as a gift , it was an old Ford Fiesta . I was outside when she came back from seeing her boyfriend, she looked upset so i asked if she was ok , she said that she had gone to his house to surprise him but had seen him going inside his house with his tongue down some sluts throat ! She was furious ! I didn't know what to say to her when i blurted out is there anything i could do to help her get back at him ! Rachel looked at me and said fuck him , I went there for cock and he fucked up , your here do you fancy a fuck ! I didn't need asking twice so i moved closer and she went straight for my rapidly growing bulge , her hand groping my package and our mouths met ,our tongues entwined . Lets get inside she said !

Moments later we were in my bedroom and our clothes were on the floor. I hadn't any time to take notice of her body as she had quickly dropped my boxers and was on her knees with my painfully hard cock in her mouth , her tongue swirling around my bell end ! Suddenly she withdrew my cock and asked me if that was her radio she could hear through the wall ! Yes i said ! Rachel gasped , if you can hear that then ! Yes i said while pushing her head back down my cock , I've heard you and Ben fucking many times , I wank off everytime you two are doing it ! My favourite time was when he done your ass for the first time ! You groaned so loud i blew my load all over my chest ! Rachel went wild , gagging on my cock, I'd been blown before but not like this !
Oh my god Rachel said i'm so turned on at the thought of you listening in on us ! Her spit was running down my shaft onto my nut sack her left hand stroking the bit between my balls and ass ! Ben likes me to finger his ass she said can i do yours ? Fuck yes ! Her finger pressed into my ass and she throated my cock
my ring muscle gave in and her finger slid all the way to her third knuckle ! Godddddddd ! I groaned out loud ! She furiously face fucked me while rubbing my prostate. Fuck me now she demanded ! She got onto the bed on all fours, her pert arse facing me , I aimed my cock at her waxed pussy and slid passed her soft lips, damn she was tight ! Do me hard she commanded , so i pummeled into her wet pussy for all i was worth ! I was so close to cumming , the sweat pouring off my brow ! I groaned out that i was going to cum, she said on my face i want it on my face , i never let Ben do that so you can ! I pulled out and she span around grabbing my aching cock and began sucking and wanking me off.
Ohhhhhh ! The first spurt went in her mouth before she could remove it , the second jetted across her mouth , nose and eye ! The third and forth dribbled down my shaft and Rachel licked my cock clean ! Mmmmmmmmm ! Your cum tastes nice she said before cleaning her face with a tissue ! Thank you i needed that she said then got dressed kissed me good bye and left !

Three days later she got back together with Ben and always made alot of noise when they fucked so i could hear them ! Dirty bitch even sent me some of knickers and a moblie vid of her sucking Ben off with a message saying this was you once !
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it is good
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Sweet...Thanks for sharing
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gotta love angry girl sex
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excelent quicky