Holiday with an xhamster friend part 2

I awoke the following morning with a sore head and the sun blazing through the doors straight on me. I looked over to the other bed and saw D sporting a massive stiffy. I smiled to myself then the memories of last night came flooding back. I felt dirty yet Horner than I had ever felt before.
As D was still asl**p I decided to get showered. I stood in the shower and began washing the sweat and smell of last nights adventures off me . I entered the bedroom and D was just waking up so I dried myself off , changed into some shorts and a t-shirt and told D I'd meet him down at the bar for breakfast. D got out of bed stark bollock naked but no longer hard and went to the shower. I shouted bye as I left the room and headed downstairs.
When I arrived at the bar I noticed the girl I was hoping to get lucky with last night was also there. I tapped her on the shoulder and said hello.
She looked even more stunning in the day ! Her hair down to her lovely breasts and a pair of shorts that barely covered her ass cheeks.
She turned around fully, said hi and gave me a big hug. We ordered some food and sat down at a table. She asked where D was and I told her he would be down shortly. I asked her name and her friends. Sophie she replied Angie is her mate . I asked about her friend and how she was. Sophie looked angry .Angie is still in bed and I'm not happy with her for ruining my night ! I told her not to be too upset as there was plenty of time to get into my pants ! Sophie laughed and not too long I hope. I was so glad that last night wouldn't turn out to be a wasted opportunity after all. You seem pleased she said , is my smile that obvious I replied. No but your hardon is ! I looked down and realised my cock was rock hard and proudly showing. I was embarrassed but Sophie just smiled and said that she couldn't wait to get to grips with it .
D arrived just as our food did and promptly helped himself. I asked him if he remembered who the girl was and he said of course I do . You were playing tonsil tennis with her with your finger knuckle deep in her pussy and I was getting sucked off by her mate ! D ever the gentleman !
The three of us had a good laugh at Angie's expense. Sophie enquirer about what we were planning on doing then before we could answer suggested hanging around with the two of them at the beach . We were not going to complain and D blurted out that we had unfinished business with them at the beach. I had a flashback of fingering Sophie's shaven pussy and watching D get blown before Angie blew chunks !
Sophie said yep Angie owes you big time then whispered into my ear and you owe me this as she rubbed my still hard cock ! We finished our food which gave me enough time to calm down arrange myself before heading off to get Angie out of bed.
After a quick walk we arrived at their room. We walked in and made ourselves comfortable on the girls beds. There were clothes all over the place , thongs , bikinis and bras. I looked at D and he grabbed the nearest pair of knickers and gave them a good sniff just as Angie walked in from the shower. Sophie gave Angie a mean look and demanded that she apologise to us all for ruining our night ! Angie looked very embarrassed , her towel barely covering her soft skin. She struggled to find the right words and D blurted out that she should at least show us her pussy ! Angie's response was too slow for her liking and snatched her towel away from her exposing her hairless pussy and stunning tits .
Go on then Sophie demanded. D shifted off the bed and Angie lay down, my cock now at full attention. Sophie noticed and was rubbing it through my shorts.
Angie spread her legs wide, her pussy lips parting slightly. I looked at D who's eyes were transfixed on Angie's now glistening slit, her hands playing with her breasts and now extremely hard nipples. Sophie's hand was now in my shorts, my cock oozing pre cum. Angie complained that it was Sophie's idea and that she'd given her too much alcohol ! So it's your fault I said to Sophie , if that's the case then you need to show us your pussy then. In a flash she had removed her little shorts followed by her top , bra then lastly her French knickers. Her tits though very nice were no match for Angie's almost perfect set. Sophie pushed me onto my back, I glanced round to see D licking Angie's now very wet looking pussy. Sophie yanked my shorts down, my erection catching on my boxers and preventing them from coming off. Not for long as Sophie tugged at them like a women possessed ! My cock slapped hard against my stomach and She threw my boxers on the floor. Sophie climbed on the bed above me , her silky smooth slit inches from my awaiting tongue . Then she slowly lowered herself onto my hot wet tongue, it slid into her groove and she groaned with pleasure ! My tongue darted in and out of her hole as her pussy dripped her lovely sweet nectar upon it.
Sophie began riding my face and responded by nibbling and sucking at her clit, she quickened her pace and I knew her orgasm was approaching . She shifted her position and I could hardly breathe but I continued to lap at her swollen lips and clitoris . Then she shook uncontrollably as waves of pleasure engulfed her body, her orgasm so powerful she almost screamed the room down ! A huge flow of juices ran into my mouth from her pulsating hole. I struggled to swallow it all and some ran down my face as her hand reached around and grabbed my painfully hard cock. Sophie then slid down my body until my cock was touching her slippery pussy. She leaned in and our mouths joined. Our tongues embrace as she tastes her own love juices. We both look over as Angie's screams loudly as an orgasm racks through her body , D still tonguing her pussy ! I sit on the edge of the and Sophie drops to her knees and takes my pre cum coated cock into her warm mouth ! My position giving a good view of D getting a scorching blow job from Angie, her head bobbing up and down in a ferrocious manner !
Sophie was biting the shaft of my cock then licking at my piss slit before deep throating the whole length while tugging at my heavy cum filled nut sack !
D was now being ridden reverse cowgirl style , Angie's pussy sliding effortlessly up and down his slick length. Sophie demands that I fuck her so I bend her over and pull her arse cheeks apart giving me a great view of her bum hole ! I place my spit coated cock head on her starfish gently rubbing her most sacred hole before sliding down further and into her sopping pussy. I grab her her hair and f***efully pull her head back as I begin pounding her , my balls slapping against her wetness . I can feel her hands playing with her clit as I fuck her hard and my balls begin to tighten . I tell her I'm about to cum ! Sophie begs me to cum inside so I quicken my pace then the enevitable happens and I unleash a torrent of hot white cum deep inside her , jets of cum coating her womb before we collapse on the floor. My cock slips out of her and cum oozes out of her gaping pussy hole.
We watch Angie and D fuck for a few moments before he cums inside Her ! His cock slips out and cum drips all over his shaft .Angie climbs off then sucks Ds cock clean as Sophie whispers into my ear I know ! Know what I asked? I came back last night to get a good fucking and saw the two of you helping each other out ! I've got plans for us all tonight she said ! Can't wait I replied !
Tonight's gonna be a great night !
To be continued

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8 months ago
that was hot!
11 months ago
will do !
11 months ago
Get part three written mate!
1 year ago
Sounds like part 3 could be lots of fun
1 year ago
Fucking awesome mate, can't wait for part 3! Lucky boys..... ;)