Caught red handed !

I was sat in the living room one saturday afternoon watching shitty tv waiting for the football to start when my girlfriend said she needed to pop out somewhere ! Ok , see you in a bit i called out as she left through the front door. Great i thought , time for a sneeky wank ! I went upstairs and switched the pc on in the spare bedroom and went downstairs to grab a drink while it booted up. i got back upstairs unzipped my jeans, pulled down my boxer made myself comfortable on the chair infront of the pc and went onto xhamster ! After browsing thru some vids i found one i liked and started playing it, it was one with a young amateur couple filming themselves fucking!
As the action on screen quickly heated up my cock grew very hard and i pulled back my foreskin and began wanking my cock as the young girl on screen sucked on her boyfriends cock, she worked her tongue on his bell end as i furiously tugged on my prick. Pre-cum oozing out of my slit and my hand smearing it all over my knob end. I turned the sound up as the couple began fucking and didn't hear the front door open and close and my girlfriend hearing the fuck sounds coming from upstairs came up to investigate! I continued to toss off unaware my girlfriend was now standing at the door watching me watching dirty amateur porn and wanking off ! The couple changed postions and at the quiet period i heard a moan coming from slightly behind me! I turned around and looked at my girlfriend, her eyes closed ,her knickers round her ankles and fingering her shaven pussy! She reopened her eyes and we were both now wanking looking at each other, seconds later she shuffled across the room almost tripping over her knickers and fell to her knees swallowing my cock!
I let out a groan as she licked and slurped on my cock, her hand playing with her pussy as she glanced at the onscreen fucking going on. I could feel my orgasm approaching as she gave me an incredible head fuck , her head bobbed up and down as fast as she could then suddenly her mouth clamped around my cock and she shuddered and moaned as a powerful climax pulsed through her body! I barely held on and she pulled her head away just in time and the urge to come eased slightly. The lad onscreen pulled out of his girlfriend and shot his load on her tits and stomach ,my girlfriend watched almost mesmorised by the scene climbed on top of me and my cock slipped into her sodden pussy with ease !
She didn't go slow as she normally would instead rode me as hard as she could, grinding her pelvic bone against my own,her long blonde hair waving around and her 42e tits bouncing heavily against my chest ! I knew i wouldn't last long and she sensed my impending orgasm, riding harder and faster . My orgasm arrived,she quickly climbed off me and onto her knees as the first powerful jet of come flew past her face and onto the desk .She didn't waste the rest as she grasped the base of my cock with her hand and wrapped her lips around my bell end as i pumped five or six more spurts into her warm wet mouth! I looked down at her as she looked up at me and swallowed all the cum in her mouth before standing up and giving me a full on kiss , i could taste my salty cum on her tongue ! She gave me a playful slap on my face and told me it was ok to watch porn, just let her know in future as she may want to join in ! Now we watch porn together, not all the time together as a man has to have his own private time but now and again we fuck as we watch some amateurs get it on !
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2 years ago
Very hot and sexy story. Love your writing
3 years ago
Nice one, me and Jenny watch porn all the time, its great.
3 years ago
good one
4 years ago
Lucky Lucky guy!!!! bravo, you both win!
4 years ago
nice story! something mor or less like that happend us some time ago. funny!
4 years ago
i love your stories!!!
4 years ago
Kc great addition to your storys.
Certainly got me horny.
4 years ago
top work as usual mate!