Happy teen campers (pt2)

We'd managed to clean ourselves up after our exploits earlier on. The rain had finally eased up so we made our way out of the camp site to get something to eat. We drove down towards the beach where we found a pub that served food and sat down to eat our meal. I said to my gf that it wasn't the only thing i fancied eating , she replied that perhaps she could be the dessert ! I told her i was getting horny and she reached under the table and grabbed my rapidly hardening cock giving it a quick rub ! A young couple on the table opposite started giggling , we'd been spotted ! The girl about 18ish gave us a wink then glanced around to see if anyone was about, reached under the table and fished her boyfriends cock from his jeans. She began wanking his cock all the while never breaking eye contact from us . Somebody walked past and she quickly put his cock away ! Not sure if the guy noticed what they were doing but he just carried on towards the bar . We finished our meals, payed the bill and sat outside to watch the sunset on a now nearly clear sky. We were approached by the couple from earlier on and asked if they could sit at our table as all the others were taken, so i joked sure if you give us another show ! My gf laughed but was a little shocked at the reply ! You won't be laughing with my tongue shoved up your pussy and your bf's cock rammed down your throat will you ! Her bf said that they had heard us earlier on . He explained that they were in the tent next to ours and had heard most of the noises coming from it and that they had gotten so horny they fucked each others brains out and kept an eye out as to who we were ! When they seen we were a young couple like them they decided to follow us and see if we'd be interested in some fun ! Hell yes i said , my gf slightly more cautious said she wasn't so sure ! We asked their names , Jo and Simon they replied , yours they asked Chris and lucy we replied. Jo invited us back and that they had plenty of alcohol back in their tent and that their tent had more room as it was borrowed of her parents who were hardcore campers.
We might as well as we live next door lucy said , so we got in our cars and drove back to the site .
We entered the tent and our hosts got us some drinks ,after about 2 hours of drinking and talking about eveything from the weather to favourite sex positions things were getting a bit more steamy . Jo asked lucy if she'd ever fucked another girl before ? She said no but had kissed her friends before and was clearly getting turned on by all the talk . Simon was asking me if lucy had let me fuck her ass yet , I had to say not yet but i had fucked other girls in the ass before . Jo said that simon had fucked her ass sore a couple of days ago
and that lucy should just get d***k and let me fuck her bum hole . Ok i will lucy said before knecking her drink. Jo said she and simon wanted to watch us fuck and we said ok . Next thing i know lucy is tugging my jeans down and pulling my cock free. Lucy began sucking on my cock and fondling my balls as jo egged her on ! Her tongue running up and down my full length and licking my piss hole as i groaned. I open my eyes and see Jo sucking Simons cock in a position they can see us from . I take of my t shirt and remove lucy's top and bra to release her tits. Then i pull out of her eager mouth and remove her jeans and panties , her shaven pussy glistening with her juices i move down and lick her pussy savouring her taste ! I pull her legs into the air and f***e my tongue in deep , Jo asks me to lick lucy's arse hole so i stick my tongue into her tangy hole ! Ohhhhhhhhhhh lucy let out a massive groan ! I wanna taste it Jo says before moving me out of the way and expertly licking mf gf's ass and pussy. Me and simon feed lucy our cocks and she struggles to get both in her mouth, so we take turns in her mouth. The girls move into a 69 position and me and Simon sit back with a couple of beers to enjoy the show ! Before long the girls were setting each others orgasms off and we were beckoned to our gf's holes ! Simon grabbed Jo and skull fucked her face , there was spit and saliva oozing down his prick so i did the same to lucy ! It was dark now and only a soft light glowed in the tent as the rain began to come down again a bright flash illuminated the tent followed by a loud clap of thunder ! I continued to face fuck lucy although not as hardcore as simon was to Jo, jeeez she must be able to breathe through her ears i said ! With that Jo gagged and simon withdrew followed by loads of spit stringing from his cock, I made lucy gag and withdrew my spit coated prick. Bend me over and bum fuck me Jo barked at Simon as flashes of lighting and the sounds of rain and thunder filled the air.
I positioned lucy so she had a great view ,as simon thrust his cock into jo's tight ring she let out a deep moan, I want that too lucy said. Lucy moved next to jo and they began kissing, i spat on lucy's brown eye and pushed the tip of my cock into her ring. Simon handed me a can of beer and said cheers as i inched slowly into my gf's super tight arsehole until i was balls deep! Jo looked back at us as we both gulped our beers down cocks pounding our birds arses. Simon reached underneath me and rubbed lucy's clit , this was to much and lucy came loudly her arse spasmed around my cock and simon gave my balls a quick tug saying that my balls were fit to burst . He wasn't wrong and i grunted as a wad of come jetted into lucy's dark passage, i pulled out and we lay next to Jo as simon jack hammered her ass for several more minutes before simon pulled out and shot on Jo's pretty face as she tried to lick some of his mess of his cock.
The storm outside was in full flow so we stayed in our new friends sex smelling tent for the night . (pt 3) coming soon !
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1 year ago
4 years ago
Very good, but didn't you say she was on her monthlys
4 years ago
Wow wow wow.
Can't wait for part 3
4 years ago
please add it soon. drunken ladies having wild sex is too cool
4 years ago
Another great one!! Really looking forward to more!! Maybe some more guy on guy?
4 years ago
this is great could almost feel her