Happy teen campers pt1

It had been along drive to our campsite in cornwall(uk). I was tired and as we pulled up to our pitch the rain started to come down. My gf and I struggled to put our tent up as the wind and rain hampered our attempts. Eventually it was finshed, my gf clambered inside as I gathered our bags from the car ! She must of known how frustrated i'd been, a long drive and now soaking wet i threw the bags inside and crawled in myself. My gf said take off your wet clothes before you come inside , so I removed my soaking jeans and top and unzipped the bedroom partition and crawled through on my hands and knees. Before I knew what was happening mf gf had yanked my hipsters down my thighs and slapped my my bare arse cheeks.
The rain started to come down heavily making a wonderful noise on the canvas. I had managed to roll on to my back as my gf pulled of my hipsters struggling slightly as they clinged to my legs from the soaking rain. Finally free she looked up at me , grasped my fully erect cock and with one movement swallowed my entire length! I let out a huge groan that if it were not raining so heavily the whole campsite would of heard. Never breaking eye contact she sucked hard and moved all the way up to the tip. My cock fell out of her mouth and slapped hard against my stomach as a string of saliva reached from my cock to her lips. I wanted to fuck her so much but I felt like being selfish so I asked her to mouth fuck me ! Mmmmmmm she groaned taking my cock in hand and lowering her mouth to my glistening head. I almost shot my load as she sucked and mouth fucked the life out of aching cock, the rain deafening on the tent now!
She removed her mouth from my cock only to start wanking it so furiously her hand was a blur. I knew i would'nt be able to hold on much longer but this seamed like that was her plan so i just went along with it. She stopped wanking me , grabbed my legs and pushed them over my shoulder exposing my virginal arse to the cold air. I looked at her wondering what she had in mind then she took my balls in her mouth gently tugging at them knowing they were full of hot cum, then releasing my balls from her warm mouth she grabbed my arse cheeks and pulled them apart, my most sacred of places inches from her tongue! She moved her head forward, tongue out and then I let out a moan as her tongue pierced my ring! Back and forward she tongue fucked my tight hole pulling away now and again to spit on my arse before returning to rim me. Then she stopped , I released my legs and she instantly began wanking and sucking my cock again, my ass now felt strange without her tongue up it! Not that it mattered as she slid one of her fingers straight into my spit coated arsehole.
I began bucking my hips as my orgasm approached, she sensed my impending release and sucked harder than she'd ever sucked me before , her finger now fucking my ass! That was it , I felt the cum race from my balls to the tip of my cock, waves of incredible pleasure shot through my body and my cum erupted from my cock! Mmmmmmmmmmm she moaned as my cum filled her mouth, no chance of spitting this time i thought. Her finger slipped out my quivering ass and i heard her gulp down my hot seed though there was a little too much for her to manage a small amount slid down her chin. She raised a finger to her chin and scooped up the remaining jizz, devouring it hungrily!
She lay down next to me and she told me that it was that time of the month. Typical i thought, 5 days and no sex! No she said thats not going to happen before saying that she was finally going to let me take her anal cherry ! She had planned to let me do it then but decided my cock tasted to good to waste! That was day 1 of 3, trust me i took her anal cherry and we even became accidental voyeurs but thats another story !
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1 year ago
3 years ago
Cornwall is a magical place...you know it
4 years ago
Very good.
4 years ago
Amazing story! There is nothing hotter than having a finger in your ass while getting your cock sucked!! Can't wait for more!
4 years ago
another great one, cant wait to see what happens next!"
4 years ago
sounds more like part 2 yes it is good but describe her & your self more detail other wise very good
4 years ago
nice keep on with that