After football bi encounter

The game wasn't going quite the way we'd planned, my mate david had been sent off for fighting it was raining heavily and to top things off we were losing 1-0. We were into the closing stages of the game and just won a corner. We pushed everyone forward. The ball was floated into the box and panic set in, there was a scramble for the ball and in the confusion I pounced smashing the ball into the roof of the net. Goal !!! Opposition players fell to their knees and i was mobbed by 9 other wet and screaming team mates. Moments later the referee blew the whistle and we'd sc****d a draw. David had been watching from outside dressing room which had been locked. His face had bl**d smeared across it and he grabbed me by my ass lifting me up in celebration before returning me to the ground. There was some shouting by opposition players and some threatening gestures aimed at david. David thought it best to just grab his gear and change at home but seeing some of the lads gunning for him i thought i'd e****t him home, so i grabbed my things said my goodbyes and chased after david. I quickly caught up with my friend and both walked towards his house. The rain was pouring down with no sign of letting up. My house is closer i said we can go there instead. The journey home seemed to pass quickly as talk of the game turned to talk of the nights with d***ken college girls we'd had. I told him no one was home and he could shower and change at mine. We went upstairs to my room and I suggested he shower first as his face was looking a mess , he joked that even in that state he was better looking than me! Fuck off and shower dick head i joked back! Soaking wet i stripped off as david headed out the door , looking back at my naked ,muddy body he remarked nice shaven cock mate i had no idea you did that before running off. Towels are under the bed i told david before he came running back from the bathroom! He looked under the bed and grabbed a towel, along with some of my porno mags and dvds. While david was in the shower I switched on the tv and popped in one of the dvd's I hadn't viewed yet, quickly skipping through a few minutes to the action i was greeted to two 18yo lads fucking a fit 18yo girl in an anal spitroasting scene before they swapped ends ! What happened next stunned me slightly as the 2 lads stopped fucking the girl and began sucking each others cocks! I began to get aroused as one lad licked the other lads arsehole while the girl watched. I heard the shower door close so i turned off the tv and tried to hide my erection before david came into the room. He burst through the door starkers sporting a massive hardon and jokingly telling me if i didn't get in the shower quick he'd have to bum me! I left the room and got into the shower cleaning the mud and sweat off my body before washing my hair and cleaning my cock and balls! Upon returning to the bedroom david had only got his boxers on he turned to me and asked if i liked this kind of porn, i'd left the dvd player on. I felt myself turn red with guilt ! He walked straight over to me and said it would be our secret! He tugged at my towel and it fell to the floor. David looked at my cock and said we could wank together while watching my porno film. David lay back on his bed and began stroking his impressive member , I watched as though in a trance, grabbed my cock and began tugging furiously. My friend wanked his cock while watching me play with mine. His hand moved quickly over his cock and his other played with his balls. My pace quickened as my orgasm approached , david sensed this and arched his back into the air giving me a great view of his teenage arsehole ! He moved his left hand around his ass and slipped a finger into his tight young ass all the time looking me in the eye. I reached around with my free hand and rubbed a finger on my ass "turn around" david said "i wanna see it go in". I turned around and leant forward giving him a great view of my virgin arse as my finger breached my ass for the first time , I let out a moan and heard david groaning loudly. I turned around to see david shooting his thick white cum all over his chest and my bed sheets, this was all too much and i blasted off a thick white jet of cum in davids direction before collapsing on the bed and agreeing with david that it was our secret never to be told to anyone !
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2 years ago
GREAT STORY, I LOVE anything to do with footballers and sex!!!!
4 years ago
Wow! Very hot!! Would love to be in a situation like that one day!! Maybe offer to help my friend out!!
4 years ago
i want to do this, like now!
4 years ago
hot story!
4 years ago
5 stars mate!
4 years ago
nice, you should continue
4 years ago
blöden Hammel