Fun with the gardner

I have to be the luckiest man alive. Well, at least recently anyway. I have always had a fondness for Hispanic men. Loved the sweet Cubans and Puerto Rican guys in Florida and am in heaven living in Texas with all the hot Mexican and South American guys. My yard contractor, “Mike” is a handsome, 30-something super tanned and stunningly handsome Mexican man. We have always had a cordial business relationship, but he has always been the target of my hidden lust.

I was sitting by the pool this afternoon, just after he had finished my yard. The last yard of the day, he had sent the other crew members on home in the big truck but stayed behind to attend to a couple of sprinkler issues. He works harder than anyone I have ever seen and his eye candy quotient to me is off the scale. “hot and humid today huh?” I asked. “You bet. But it seems every Thursday when I come to see you it rains just before I get here. Lucky your yard is a well kept place so I don’t have to work as hard.” And. He. Winked. OK. So I read much more into it than necessary, right? No. I didn’t. “Would you like something cold to drink? I am going in for a refill.” “Water is great if you can please.” He smiled. I returned a minute later and handed him the water bottle noticing that he had unbuttoned his sweat soaked shirt. His chest was covered with curly dense black hair and I could smell him from where I stood. It wasn’t unpleasant. It was primal.

“The pool looks so nice. I bet you enjoy using it when it is hot like this” he said. “Oh yeah. I had a swim last night and it was quite refreshing. You are certainly welcome to take a dip if you like.” I thought I was being clever. “I do not have a swimsuit” he smiled and I thought he squeezed his crotch just a little. “Well, you are among friends Mike. The fence certainly blocks anyone from seeing into my yard, so you are welcome to have at it!” I thought – no way he will do it. Surprise! He grinned and pulled off his shirt revealing a nicely built body – not from a gym, just from honest work every day. His armpits made me swoon. THICK black hair was matted under them as he stretched his arms out. He kicked off his work boots and socks revealing my second most favorite hot man part – those beautiful feet. He caught my gaze and said “Aren’t you joining me?” I got up and popped out of my tank top and stepped out of my shorts and into the spa at the pools edge. I reached over and tapped the remote and started the whirlpool just as he dropped his pants, turning with his back to me, bending over to reveal an unusually hairy ass crack. I could see his pendulous balls hanging down between his legs and then he turned around.

His cock was a thing of legend - or at least soon would be - at about 7” at half mast it was thick and had so much foreskin I was unable to see the head. He smiled at my obvious eye candy attachment to him and stopped into the spa, sitting close to me in the cool water. “Oh man. This is awesome. I wish I had this to come home too every night instead of my little apartment.” He told me he was saving all his money to bring his f****y to the US one day. “Well, if I am your last stop you can certainly have this every Thursday if you like.” He smiled and reached out his arm and touched my shoulder. “I have seen how you watch me, but I was not sure if you liked me or if you were just making sure I was working hard for you. Now I understand.” I laughed a bit and said, “From the minute I saw you I have wondered what this moment would be like” and before I could finish he scooted over and put his mouth over mine and snaked his tongue in my throat. We sucked face for about ten minutes before we both came up for air and were astonished at the heat between us in the cool water.

I reached out for his cock at the same time he took mine – both hard – both ready. I pulled gently upward and he lifted out of the water and sat on the travertine coping around the spa edge. I moved between his legs and put my face in his crotch and licked his wet hairy balls. “Oh man, that feels so good. I was hoping that one day this will happen.” I took his cock in my mouth and slowly ran my tongue under the foreskin, reveling in the taste and texture. It grew to be a whopper, frightening me at almost 9” of hard meat and so thick I could barely get my mouth around it. He ran his hands all over my face, gently exploring it as if he were blind and trying to feel me.

I sucked more and he spread his legs and opened up his ass to me as well. I licked his balls and went further down into the hairy crevasse of his ass and tongued his pink pucker while he moaned and ground down on my face. Quickly he jumped up, popped me out of the water and started to return the favor in kind. This guy was no stranger to eating ass and I thought “Alrighty then! We got a winner here!” He ate my ass and lubed me up with so much saliva I thought he must be dehydrated. He stood up, pinning me between the spa top and his chest, and kissed me rubbing his cockhead across my hole. He pinched the foreskin over the head and inserted it in my ass and pushed it in a little with his finger. I opened up and relaxed to the best of my ability and he used that foreskin tube as a vehicle to launch his anal assault of my hole. He slipped in as easily as a cat burglar in a screen door and waited for my reaction.

“Oh, MAN that’s a big dick. Hold on a sec. yeah. OK, give me some more.” And he started gently fucking a little in at a time until he was balls deep and I was out of control. He had slipped past that special place, the second sphincter and I was totally taken. My ass responded well and he hit my prostate on the return stroke every time. I love men who have a cock that when hard points downward. Makes for some great prostate stimulation and I was the luckiest guy around.

"Ok? Now?" he asked. I nodded and he started fucking me like he had paid for the piece of ass. He held me tight against him, using just his hips and fucked me like a dog. I grunted. He grunted. It was amazing. We carried on for about 15 minutes or so and just as I was about to try to move, he went balls deep, planted a deep wet kiss on me and sighed deep into my mouth. “Ahh, unghhh. Yesss.” He unloaded and I SWEAR I could feel each and every jet hit my insides. He reached down and grasped my hard cock and jerked me while sloppily fucking my cum-filled ass. I came so hard it hit him in the face and he licked the remainder off my shoulder where it landed.

We sat down in the water; me still impaled on his cock, and enjoyed the coolness and the moment.

“So next Thursday? I am thinking I can put off that one sprinkler head until then” and he winked. I clamped my ass tight on his cock and said “Oh yeah, and I think there may be a little other plumbing we need to address then as well.”
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mmm my cock pulsed as I read this!