In a Sling

I had been horny for a nice thick cock, wanting nothing more than to feel it slip between my ass cheeks and work my hole. When a mood like this would cum up I knew just where to go, the only gay sex club in town.

I had been there many times, never with much luck unfortunately, but on this day I was feeling lucky. I went to my usual spot, sat down to watch the video and stroke my cock through my shorts. It was nice to be out of the summer heat and just sit someplace where I could watch porn and every now and then go wander around to see what kind of trouble could be had.

As I was returning to my spot a guy approached me and asked what I was into. I simply said "getting fucked" to which he replied "let's go". With that I followed him to a small booth in the back that had a chair, a throne if you will, and nothing else. I quickly took my shorts off and without hesitation he pushed me over, bending me at the waist, hands against the throne. It was dark, I couldn't see his cock as he applied lube to my hole, but the outline was impressive. Without a single moment of hesitation his cock was positioned between my ass cheeks, letting me feel as the head slipped inside, forcing me open a little at a time.

He was huge, bigger than I had felt in a long time. He didn't take much time to warm me up before he was pounding himself deep inside of me. He showed me hole no mercy as he kept thrusting his cock into my warm and welcome asshole. Before long he was reaching around me as he continued to work me inside out. I felt his hand on my cock, stroking me with each thrust; I could barely handle the pleasure. Before long I could feel myself getting ready to cum, I asked him to slow down, I didn't want to cum, I wanted to feel him keep fucking me until he was ready. But he didn't want to stop; he kept the motion until I shot my load all over the chair.

Usually when I cum I get really sensitive, inside and out, to the point I can’t take much more. But I wasn't going to stop him as he kept me bent over the throne. But as a little time passed I knew I needed a break, he was just too much for me to take. So he quickly got dressed and left me in the booth to clean myself up.

I could barely walk as I made my way to the restroom to clean up a little more, my ass felt like he was still inside of me. My hole was throbbing, little spasms of pleasure as it pulsed with every heartbeat. I needed to sit down and soon. Once I made it to the front lobby I sat on the padded bench for a little bit, enjoying the pulsing of my sphincter as it tried to grab my shorts and suck them up inside of me.

After a little time had passed I was thinking it might be time to go cruise for a little more action, but before I could get up, here he was, in the lobby, sitting down at one of the benches, giving me the eye. I guess it was my lucky day, without a word we went into the back again, but this time I motioned him towards one of the sling rooms.

No sooner had my shorts cum off that I felt his already hard cock knocking at my already open door. He took a few thrusts with me bent over the sling before telling me to get in. I love the way I feel in a sling, my legs in the air, my ass exposed and ready to be used. All that I was missing was a cock for my mouth (I will save that for another story).

I could feel him pushing himself deeper and deeper inside of me as he would swing me away from him. I thought his cock felt big as he was fucking me doggie style before, being in the sling made him feel huge. This man was not only fucking my brains out but making me his bitch while he did it. I wanted to feel him cum, I want to feel his cock as he got ready to shoot himself deep inside of me. As he got closer he started playing with my cock again, his cock swelling and throbbing, moving in and out of my already swollen hole. I knew he was getting ready to cum, and from the way he was stroking me he wanted me to cum with him. Each thrust made his cock swell even more until I could feel him pulsing inside of me, his cum coating my insides with sticky sweet man juice. At that moment I felt my own cum start to shoot all over my exposed stomach, a few drops even hitting me in the face.

As quickly as we both had cum he pulled out of me, put his pants on, and was gone, the sling room door slamming as he left. I could feel his cum oozing out of me, as I lifted myself out of the sling, cum sliding down my legs. I quickly cleaned up and got out of there before I was pinned down by another cock.
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1 year ago
Good stuff. Well written.
1 year ago
Very Hot story and it is something I can relate to. There was a gay bath house in Denver, Co that every once in a while would put a sling up in a room that had a window so that men wandering the halls could watch. They also had a small spotlight which showed the man in the sling very clearly. When I felt super horny I would go to that bath house and after getting naked would put my self in that sling. Quite often I would end up with a man fucking my ass and my mouth at the same time and have men standing outside just watching and waiting their turn. When I left the bath house I would no longer be horny but I would be a little sore.
1 year ago
very hot