My new Friend

I was driving home last week during an extreme white-out blizzard. I work in the city but live in a very rural area about 45 miles from my job. I’m in media and had just finished an exhausting 16 hour day doing production work in a recording studio. Our building is a windowless concrete bunker where time stops while inside. I had no idea how bad the weather was until I stepped out the door into a wall of blowing snow and close to sub-zero temperature. The few cars in the parking lot were covered in at least a foot of wet, heavy snow. My car has a remote starter, I pushed the button and it instantly came to life as I began brushing the snow away from the driver’s door so I could get it open. After a few minutes of work I was able to get inside, push the button to turn on the seat heater and get my snow brush to clean the car off to get it drivable. Twenty minutes or so later I was making my way to the main highway through the deep snow on the deserted streets.

The plows and salt trucks were out on the highway with a line of vehicles backed up behind them moving along at an extremely frustrating 20 mph in the near blinding snowstorm. After about an hour I made it to the exit I usually take and quite cautiously crept down the icy, snow covered ramp to the two-lane county highway that gets me most of the way home. The plows hadn’t been there yet and the driving was treacherous. Having grown up in the area roads conditions like this were nothing new or intimidating, I made my way along as best I could until I reached the last turnoff that takes me to the road I live on. This is a rural back lane more than a road that few people use and the blowing snow had piled large drifts across the road. After a few miles that seemed to take hours I spotted a pair of tail-lights at an odd angle in a place they shouldn’t have been on the right side of where the shoulder is when not buried under a foot of snow. I turned on my emergency flashers and stopped to see what was going on. There was a small car nearly buried in the snow in the culvert that’s alongside the road. The engine was running and the lights were on but there was no way the doors could be opened due to the depth it was stuck. I debated for a few seconds calling 911 but in these conditions it would be hours before anybody could get out here.

I waded in chest-deep snow to the driver’s side of the car and tapped on the fogged window. It came down slowly and the face of a scared 20-something male appeared. I could smell alcohol and marijuana smoke coming from the inside of the car. “Are you OK?” I asked. The driver stammered a bit trying to compose himself enough to say something. “I’m not the police so relax. I live down the road and stopped to see what I can do to help you. Turn off your lights and engine then climb out the window” I calmly told him. He did as instructed as best he could and made it out of the car. He wasn’t dressed for the weather and was a pitiful sight. “Follow me to my car and we’ll figure out what to do” I said as I began trudging back to my warm waiting car. He followed and got in the front passengers seat as I got back behind the wheel. “Do you live around here?” I asked. He told me he’d been at a party nearby but had gotten lost then drove off the road when he couldn’t see due to the snow. “I can call a tow truck but it’ll be hours before it gets here. Can your friends come get you if I call them?” I asked him. He told me he didn’t have a number, he’d followed some other people out before the storm began. Against my better judgment I decided to take him to my house then call for a tow.

“I’m Eric, what’s your name?” I asked him. “Ryan Anderson” was his soft, meek response. “You know you really fucked up Ryan. If the police didn’t find you and bust you for the d**gs and alcohol you could have frozen to death if your car had run out of gas” I admonished him. “Well I thank you for stopping mister. I forgot my cell phone at the party so I couldn’t call anybody” was his reply. We finally got to my house; I pushed the automatic garage door opener then crept through the snow in my driveway into the nice warm garage. I didn’t want this stranger in my house because there were too many valuable things inside and I let very few people into my private domain. “I’ll call for a tow truck for you now but you’re going to have to wait out here until it comes. My dogs aren’t friendly to strangers and they bite. You’re safe out here and it’s warm. There’s a couch you can do whatever you want on while you wait” I told him just before I called for the tow.

“Thanks so much, how can I ever repay you?” he asked as his hand brushed my right knee. He let it rest there for a few moments then gave me crotch a feel. I got the idea of what he had in mind and my cock sprang to life. We both got out of my car and went to the old couch I have in the garage. He sat down; I dropped my pants and stood in front of him. He took my now swollen cock in hand and slowly stroked it before pulling me to him and sucking all of it into his mouth in one move. He sucked hard and slow with one hand fondling my balls, he was a very good cocksucker. I put a hand on top of his head and began guiding it back and forth as I thrust my hips in rhythm. I was near cumming when he backed off my cock and asked me if I’d like to fuck him. I had lube in the house but no condoms. I told him this and he said he didn’t mind bareback if I was clean. I was back in a few minutes with a bottle of lube, a towel and something to drink. Ryan had taken off his pants and was bent over with his hands on the couch ready to be fucked. I lubed up his tight hole and my cock then slowly pressed my swollen cockhead into his puckered ass-pussy. He gasped as I popped past the ring and sank balls-deep into him. I put my hands on his hips and slowly began pumping in and out from full in to just about all the way out. “Fuck me, fuck me hard and fast!” he pleaded. I picked up my pace until I was pistoning furiously. He clenched his ass-cheeks tight against my cock as I began to shoot my first blast deep into his bowels. “Mmmmmmmmm, fill me with your nice hot cum daddy. Shoot it all into me” he whimpered. I shot hard three times then pulled out. He got on his knees and cleaned my cock off with sweet, soft attention.

He did such a good job I reasoned he needed some cock attention himself. “Sit down on the couch with your legs spread” I told him. I got on my knees and began stroking his nice 8” clean shaft. I licked the mushroom head then slowly took his sweet meat as far down my throat as I could get it. He began thrusting up into my mouth as I sucked hard, enjoying my mouth being used as his fuckhole. I grasped his smooth balls as he fucked my mouth faster and faster. I felt his cock begin to twitch and took it as far as I could just as the first jet of hot cum blasted down my throat. He moaned, put both hands on top of my head and shot twice more. I swallowed hard then raised my head up to lick the last few drops from the head of his cock. Just as I finished the doorbell rang. He wiped off, we both hurriedly dressed then I went to the front door. It was the towing company and they needed his car keys. He left with them and left me with a big smile.
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1 year ago
Great work, thanks..
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1 year ago
I need to break down on your road ,but lets hold off on the tow truck for a while
1 year ago
got me hot
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