A Very Good Night

I sat on the edge of the bed waiting for his text. He told me he would let me know when he pulled into the parking lot so I could be ready. He wanted it to be completely anonymous. The room was mostly dark and I was to be blindfolded and on all fours, ass up and at the edge of the bed ready to be fucked. I LOVE anonymous sex. Sex clubs, video stores, cruising spots. The act of taking an unknown cock in my hungry cunt had my heart racing. I had no idea how old he is, age, or his race. All I knew about him as that he loved to fuck tranny pussy and fill it with cum.

My phone went off and I opened it quickly. "Here" was all it said. I went to my hotel room door and cracked it, turning the deadbolt so it blocked the door from closing again. Then I went back to the bed and assumed the requested position. I used my scarf as a blindfold. I tied it tightly so as to not let any light in. I hoped he liked the way I looked. Black and purple corset, black thigh-high hose, and black fuck me heels. On my hands and knees, back slightly arched, ass high and ready for dick.

I heard the door open and then close. He was quiet as he came over to the bed. I felt his hands rub over my smooth as cheeks and my lower back. I moaned in anticipation as he caressed my ass cheeks. He ran his fingers up and down my crack before stopping at my hole. He began working a finger into it. I had lubed it up already. I do like to fuck without lube sometimes but I didn't know if I was dealing with a monster cock or what so I went ahead and got it ready.

He slid a digit in and finger fucked me for a moment. I lowered my head and reached back to spread my ass cheeks. He worked in a couple more fingers before he was done. I was so ready to feel his cock take their place. I also wanted to know what he had for me. Was it a donkey cock? Or was it a mini me? I didn’t care I just wanted to be fucked and filled!

I felt his cock head probing between my cheeks looking for its spot. I reached back between my legs and helped guide him to what he wanted. I pushed the head right up against my waiting pussy. He didn't waste any time, grabbing me by my hips and going all in. I yelled out as he shoved himself in! "Oooooohhhhh!". He held it in me so I could feel him. I was guessing about 8* with nice thickness. He pulled about half-way out and then slammed back in. He began repeating that. Bam! Bam! Bam! He pounded my hole open wide. This is what I had wanted.

But he had plenty of moves. He pulled out so just the head was in and used it to work my pussy lips. Then he would go as deep as he could and lean all his weight on me, grinding his swollen cock inside of me. And while I sounded like the bitch in heat that I am, he was totally silent. He let his cock do all his talking.

He must have been a heavy precummer because my cunt was turning into a gooey mess. It felt soooo good! He was churning it into butter! And the man had stamina. He was like the Energizer bunny: he kept going, and going, and going. I especially loved when he was pulling completely out and then going back in to the bottom, pushing so hard it felt like he was trying to shove his cock up into my throat threw my ass!

It was a good half-hour of this dicktastic anal workout before he finally spoke. "I am gonna cum" he said in a calm manner.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!", I exclaimed. "Please cum in my pussy, baby!" He pounded harder and deeper than he had before. Working up his nut. I could feel his cock becoming a steel rod then wetness. Lots and lots of hot wetness filling me up. He never changed stroke or made sound as he gave me his load. Cum ran out my hole and I put my hand back between my legs to get some on my fingers. I slipped them into my mouth and tasted his sweet creamy jizz. Mmmmmmm, it was like candy to me.

He finally stopped fucking and just held himself deep inside of me. I worked my ass muscled tight in an attempt to milk every drop I could from his nuts. After a few moments of this he began to slowly withdraw his prick from its place in my twat. I reached around quickly to grab his shaft as it left me. I didn’t want to lose track of where that was because I wasn't done yet. All good sissy sluts should use their mouth to clean a cock when it is done fucking her and I am a very good sissy slut.

Still wearing the blindfold, I slipped off the bed and onto my knees. His cock was still in my hand and I guided it into my mouth. It was covered in cum and I didn't stop until I had gotten every bit of it in my mouth. I stayed on my knees as he pulled his cock away. I reached back and got some cum from my hole and put it in my mouth. He had very sweet jizz. I could hear him putting his pants back on and zipping them up. Then I heard the door open and close. He was gone.

I removed the blindfold and sighed. I was a happy whore with a pussy full of cum. I stood up and then fell back onto the bed. I reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out my dildo. It went easily into my gaping cum-filled hole. My clit was stiff and needed some attention so I played with until I came myself. Licking my own cum from my hand I was ready for a little sl**p. And after that, another adventure.
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1 year ago
What a awesome story!!! Sexy, and very hot...
1 year ago
great story!
1 year ago
would love to use that hole :)
1 year ago
You madm all over myself and now I got my dildo in myass too I'm going to cum again
Jaye mecu
1 year ago
I am hard and dripping...thx!!!
1 year ago
Sounds like a GREAT night to me
1 year ago
1 year ago
Good story. Wanna hear more. Very exciting.