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A nice Blow Job

I had found a chat site through a porn website. Originally I had had no intention of hooking up with any one. I was a Junior in High School, had never had any experience at all, but was really curious. One day, however I started chatting with this one guy. He was 40, bi and turned me on right away. Telling me how he wanted to suck my cock. I immediately got hard and began to rub my head from underneath my underwear to his words. The only problem was that he had no picture. I decided to go out on a limb.

We decided to meet in a public place, right down on Mill Avenue. I was anxious and had walked there from my house. He had told me not to wear any underwear cause he thought that was hot. I stood there on the sidewalk, my 7 inch cock showing through my jeans. Every inch of me was tense. Finally I saw the truck he had described pull up. He got out and was tall and muscular. Clean cut. My member swelled up even more ad I timidly started to talk to him. He told me to get in and he would give me a ride home. Instantly I was disappointed, thinking he wasn't interested. He pulled up to my housing area and pulled under a shady tree. The windows on his truck were tinted and no one could look in. He then looked at me and smiled and asked if I still wanted to do this. Without saying anything I slid to the back seat and he did the same.

I was rock hard now and he took off my shirt. We took turns removing each others clothing until he was in his underwear and I was only in my jeans. He removed my belt and unzipped me. My cock sprung out and he smiled to see that I didn't have any underwear on. He was surprised at how big I was and grabbed me firmly. It felt amazing! Another man's hand on my cock. I threw my head back in pleasure and he slowly leaned down to kiss my dick. He licked me from my balls up my shaft and swallowed me whole. He wasn't messing around! He swallowed all 7 inches and wrung my cock out with his hand. I reached to pull down his underwear and his cock was erect. I leaned over to suck him off to return the favor.I wasn't nearly as experienced but I tried to mimic his movement and technique. My hips began to move up and down and that turned him on even more "Fuck my face" he whispered. All his attention was on me. This dude was a cum slut which turned me on even more. He shoved my cock down even further and I came so hard, my cock pulsating and shooting warm cum down his throat. My body twitching uncontrollably and I lifted my ass off the seat. He sucked every last drop from me until I was soft again. We both helped each other dress and as I got out of the truck he said "Next time maybe you can fuck me".
Posted by kbking70 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Very hot!!