My Apartment

I have an apartment I use to meet men and other transsexual girls for kinky sex. It is a place where I can be liberated and not worry about being caught outdoors or having to rush a blowjob or hurry a nice anal session.

I like mature guys who appreciate a transsexual girl and who like using me, so I arranged to meet Gary from Squirt who had contacted me expressing an interest in fucking me. He sounded very imaginative and kinky which is what I like and he was up for most things. Gary liked to wear undies now and then as well but he was coming as a guy and we would see what would happened.

He arrived on time and I made him a drink. He was feeling me up, lifting my skirt and stroking my pussy through my knickers as I stood beside him. I could see the bulge in his trousers and I was getting very moist. I sat beside him and we kissed for several minutes stroking each other. I unzipped his flies and pulled out his tool and massaged the creamy head. We carried on kissing and I then lowered myself to his cock and took the firm hot shaft between my lips. He was uncut which I like and I rolled his skin back and forth, probing my tongue under and around his bulbous cock head. Gary then asked if he could be excused as he needed a pee. I said stay here and pee into my mouth if you want babe. He looked at me and tried to push some of his pee out but he was too hard. I took his hand and went to the toilet with him. I held his cock and kissed him hard and waited for his pee to come, eventually it flowed and we watched it together leaving in a hot stream from the end of his dick. As the flow subsided I knelt down and I took the last little streams into my mouth.

We went to the bedroom and lay on the big double bed. Gary continued kissing me and now only in his briefs he got on top of me and hooked my legs over his shoulders. I was very wet and ready. I took my panties down. He got on top and slid firmly right inside me. He was thick and long and I felt the pain of his knob hitting the entrance to my bowel. He was going to fuck me hard and I knew it. I just held on, lifted my legs and spread them as wide as possible and let him hammer my pussy to pieces. It hurt and I was very sore but I wanted to please him so much. I loved every groan and thrust he made. He called me by the dirtiest names you could imagine and threatened to make me pregnant. He threatened to seed me and own me and make me his woman right there and then. I came straight away I just exploded all over my basque and stockings as he told me he was denying his wife this load and that it would be mine instead. He warned me that he would one day seed me fully and own me and I cried with the dreadful pleasure of it all. One day he would seed me and plug me and leave me on the bed tied and then return at night to re seed me and plug me again. He knew how to make me explode and that the dirty thoughts were the best thoughts.

When he finally came after my hole was smashed and stretched to bits, he thundered his seed into me. I felt every single drop hit my womb. I imagined being impregnated by this strong man and waves of pleasure rushed through me. He fell on top of me his cock still buried in my hole. He smelt of sweat and maleness and I adored it. I whispered in his ear, sit on my face with your hot sticky ass let me taste it. He raised himself up, turned around and lowered his hairy hole right over my mouth. It tasted hot sweaty and thick with raw man and I started to get damp again. I licked sucked and probed with my tongue. I swallowed eagerly and licked his arse desperately.

We lay next to each other and kissed and promised to arrange another meeting. Before he showered I asked him for his pee cock again and he kindly obliged, We showered together and kissed and then he left after another drink. We have met since and had some more great sex. I am always looking to meet men like Gary, mature, horny, kinky and up for fun. I also like it when guys dress sometimes as well and we play lesbian games. Gary brings his wife's knickers to wear sometimes and we speak of the spunk he has saved for me whilst his wife has to masturbate. I adore this.

If you enjoyed my sex apartment true story and might want to visit me and be in a story with me, I would love to hear from you. Let me know if my story made you jerk off and if you came thinking about fucking me. I would really like that.
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