First Time on a Bus

For the past few months I’ve been lucky enough to get a ride home from work most days. This past Monday morning though was different and I forgot how crowded the bus was now that University was back in session. I got on and took one of the last seats at the back of the bus only a few stops before it began to over fill with young students on their way to class. I must say this year’s crop was as good looking as ever. (At least as far as I could see when the inside lights came on during the stops). There were lots of bright eyed fresh faces eager to soak up knowledge before they made their way in the world. As the bus continued to fill stop after stop it was standing room only and I had a crotch level view of several nice looking young men. Of course once the bus started moving and the lights went off the show was over.

I did know though that there was one particularly good looking young Asian standing directly in front of me – close to 6' maybe 155 (hard to tell for sure with his bulky winter coat), coffee coloured skin tone and one of those angular faces that Asians are blessed with and a small button nose. He was talking on his phone – probably to a friend and not really paying attention (I thought) to his surroundings. The bus lurched and all of a sudden the crotch I had seconds earlier been ogling was now pressed right into my face. I didn’t make any attempt to move – neither did the owner.

When the bus stopped again and the lights came on he stayed where he was. Without pulling away I took a quick peek up his slim torso and he was staring straight ahead as if unaware to the proximity of his most private possession perched where it was. I noticed a firming of the bulge – it was noticeably larger and getting more defined. The next time the lights came on I could clearly see his cock head was molded to the thin material of his casual slacks. The lights went back off and I nuzzled my face back into place with no resistance what so ever if anything he was pressing into me now.

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth (I later learned the term ‘horse’ was very apt) I took in the aroma of freshly showered boy with a hint of soap. Stop after stop the lights came on momentarily and that bulge grew from a mound to a full blown hard dick snaking its way down his left pant leg. This lad was large and from what I could tell thick and cut. Since he seemed to be enjoying my mouthing of his fleshy hidden treasure I continued each and every time the darkness returned and the bus continued to nearing its destination.

All too soon his stop approached; the lights came on and the bus began to unload. He looked down at me, smiled and winked then whispered just loud enough for me to hear, “thanks, I hope to see you again soon.” I didn’t get the chance to tell him I was off the next two days so wouldn’t be on the bus the next morning.

Thursday night came and I found out my regular ride was again off work sick. It dawned on me that I had to take the bus in the morning and memories of my last trip flooded my mind – it was all I could think about all night. Before leaving work I quickly scrawled my cell phone number on a piece of paper in hopes of being able to slip it to him if I was so lucky to see him again. The hours seemed to crawl along. When work was finally over I stepped out into bitingly a cold windy morning with 6 inches of freshly fallen snow. Winter had reared its ugly head in the 8 hours I had been at work. It was still pitch black out as the sun wouldn’t be rising for at least another hour, with the moon still shining and the parking lot lit by the lot lights I resigned myself to taking the bus home with the hope of seeing my bus friend once again. I made my way across the parking lot in time to catch the waiting ride.

Again taking one of the last seats near the back of the bus I sat in darkness as the bus began to move along its winding route. I couldn’t really tell when ‘he’ got on the bus last time as it was a total surprise. Every time the bus stopped I looked for him and on the second stop he got on. I can see him looking around like he is searching for something (or someone – me?). As soon as he spots me sitting there he smiles and makes a bee line so that he is standing right in front of me again........but this time he has a long winter coat on and I can’t see his crotch – damn! He is close enough that I can smell him but; that coat makes it impossible for anything else.

The bus begins to move again, the lights go out I hear a zipper slowly being pulled down......he is opening his coat. I take a chance and reach out with my hand.......his pants zip is already open.......and his cock is out and not soft at all kind of semi but that changes quickly as he is soon fully hard. I look around to see if anyone can see what is going on – I can’t see two inches in front of my nose so I don’t think anyone is onto what is being played out on the crowded bus. I can’t believe it, here I am in public with my hand around a fully hard throbbing young dick; what’s a guy to do? As the good cock sucking hound I am I start stroking him and he is gently rocking closer and closer all under the shield of darkness so I open my mouth and my tongue instinctively darts out and I touches his wet spongy cock head. I swear I heard a soft moan.

His prick slipped right into my mouth inch after glorious inch with what seemed like no end; I didn’t have to actually suck his cock the motion of the bus did all I needed but my magic tongue still went to work. Each time the bus neared a stop I let him slip from my mouth and his coat fell back and covered up his nakedness. We had a real nice rhythm going and as far as I thought, nobody knew what was going on at that point I doubt I could stop even if all the lights were on and everyone was watching. (Can anyone say exhibitionist?)

Every time the lights came on I looked up into his smiling glazed over eyes staring straight ahead as if nothing was out of normal. Stop after stop this went on......about 6 miles maybe more but I knew his stop was close again more importantly I knew he was getting close to cumming (a guy knows). I used every trick I knew to get my reward. Just before the lights of the campus came into view he came hard and filled my mouth (his free hand went to the back of my head and held me there pumping ropes of jism down my hungry throat). But he had to straighten himself up soon and let me go just as the lights came on and we had time to let his coat cover him up again. I don’t know what he had for breakfast but he tasted so sweet. He zipped up his coat.......and the next stop was his .......I showed him the piece of paper with my cell # on and slipped it into his coat pocket. Almost as soon as the bus pulled away after he got off (the bus) he sent me a text with the simple words ‘thank you’! I sent him a ‘you’re welcome and thank you.......then said......why not skip a few classes next week and follow me home.

He sent back another message .......SURE ......C U ON THE BUS ON TUESDAY! (smiley face)

Tuesday has come and gone and I now have the story of a stray that followed me home from the bus to tell. That’s the part where the ‘horse’ talk from earlier really comes into play. And by the way – he wasn’t alone it seems someone else knew what was going on.
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2 years ago
bus stories are my fav...
2 years ago
Wow, that was fucking hot!!
2 years ago
Great story! Hope part 2 cums soon!
2 years ago
Wow. Hot story got me wanking here in work. Part 2 soon mmmmm
2 years ago
Great story... looking forward to next instalment :)
2 years ago
New friends are great to meat/suck! Thanks!
2 years ago
Excellent story. Thanks.
2 years ago
great story, cant wait for more to cum
2 years ago
very hot,had me stroking my cock,more soon i hope
2 years ago
More coming?
2 years ago
got me hot
2 years ago
great fucking story! i can't wait for the next installment :P