A Great Trip With a Young Guy

It was a Sunday, I was on business travel in a medium size mid-west town. I was driving on the interstate, near the edge of town, had to go to pick up a couple of things that were waiting for me on-hold at a FedEx-Kinkos near the airport, but didn't have anything to do the rest of that afternoon. Just as I started over the overpass, I saw him -- young guy probably 20 to 22 or so with two backpacks and a bag. He had his thumb out, and I made a quick decision to pull over on the shoulder of the on-ramp at the bottom of the overpass. It took him 3-4 minutes to get to where I was and I got a good look at him in the rear-view mirror.

I am 49, 5'11", with blond hair starting to bald, and blue eyes. A bit on the chubby side, so I don't get sex nearly as much as I used to. He was on the skinny side, maybe 5'8" or so, light brown hair and he was wearing a pair of fairly tight blue jeans that were a bit to large -- but I could tell that he had a nice size package. He opened the passenger door, and I noticed his piercing green eyes. They were very sexy on his young face -- would have been on a girl too. I told him to put his things in the back of the rented SUV that I was driving,

He got in and we started driving, he had lost his job and was going back to his home town, about 80 miles away. I told him that I'd take him a ways, since I didn't have anything to do and it was nice to have someone to talk to on a lonely business trip.

As we talked, I found out that he had been engaged, but had broken off the engagement. I told him that I'd been divorced, and he asked why a nice guy like me had gotten divorced. I said that my wife had found out about me cheating on a business trip. He asked some more questions, and I finally told him that it was a 3 some with a guy and his girlfriend. He seemed genuinely curious -- wanting to know what a 3 some was like, and I told him about fucking the girl. He asked what the guy was doing, and I told him the truth -- the guy was fucking me as I was fucking his girlfriend.

He looked at me, and then said that sounded like a lot of fun. Surprised, I looked over at him and he smiled and said that he sometimes had put on women’s panties -- and he liked it. The tires made a sound and I looked up to see that I was starting off the road onto the shoulder -- I was a little shocked, because he sounded very masculine and seemed to be completely straight.

It turned out that his fiancé had caught him wearing panties and even though he was straight, she didn't want to have anything to do with him. He said that he had never done anything with a guy, but that my story had definitely had an effect on him. I looked down and saw the unmistakable outline of a fairly erect cock running down the leg of his jeans.

He had on a tight short tee shirt, and had stretched a couple of times so I had seen that his stomach had no hair on it, and I looked again at his face and he was clean shaven and had long eyelashes to go with his beautiful green eyes. I couldn't help thinking that he probably would be passable as a girl if he were dressed in the right clothes. So, I told him that. He looked over at me with those eyes of his and asked me if I would like to see him that way. I said that I would.

He said that he had a few pairs of sexy panties that he could change into and give me a little show. He said that he had always done it in private, but that he had always wanted to try showing off for someone.

By that time we were more than 2/3 of the way to his destination, and he said that he knew of a kind of private area near a stream on a dirt farm road where we could probably not see anyone else. Then he climbed over the seat into the back and started rummaging around in his backpack. After a few minutes, he said to take the next exit and then proceeded to direct me from the back of the SUV to a quiet, very deserted parking area down a dirt road and as he had described, next to a stream. He said to park and come around and get into the back of the SUV.

When I raised the back open, I was amazed to see him with just panties and socks on. He patted the carpet next to him and I climbed in, closed the back, and sat down. He was smooth above the waist and almost looked like a hot young girl, but without any breasts. I reached over to touch his stomach and he flinched -- saying that he wasn't gay and had never been with a man. I saw his semi hard cock through the silky panties, and said that it looked like he might be just a little bit curious since his cock was getting hard.

He looked into my eyes with his piercing green eyes and said that he was turned on when I described being fucked while fucking the girl in the 3 some and he was wondering what it felt like to fuck a guy. Then he asked if I would be willing to let him try fucking me. I was a little surprised, since he was the one wearing panties -- but he was young and sexy like I like my partners, and so I said that I would.

I also noticed that unlike his upper body, his legs were very hairy -- something I really like in a guy who fucks me. Just something about hairy legs rubbing against mine when I'm on my stomach and he's humping his erection deep inside me turns me on. So, I now had a nice erection that was clearly showing in my corduroy pants -- since I don't wear underwear.

I pulled off my shirt and pants and lay on my back on the carpet and told him that if he was going to fuck me, he would have to make out with me first. So, he layed part way on top of me, one of my legs between his and one of his legs between mine. He hesitated, so I put my hand on the back of his neck and pulled him down -- looking into his eyes as our lips met. Again he hesitated, but I could feel his rock hard cock in those nice silky panties humping slightly against my leg and I knew that he wanted this. Our lips met and I slowly parted his with the tip of my tongue. Then I felt the tip of his tongue as it met mine. When it did, I felt his cock jump and I could feel a wet spot on the panties against my leg where he was starting to leak pre-cum.

I'm versatile, but there's something about a virile young guy with a rock hard cock that makes me want to get fucked. His warm body against mine, his hairy legs just barely moving against mine as he humped his panty clad erection against my thigh. I was definitely getting in the mood for him to take me. Just then, he slid his tongue deep into my mouth and slid it in and out in a fucking motion. I knew that he was ready for his first man to man sex.

I looked in his eyes and still saw that sweet young innocent boy, but there was a fire burning behind them of pure a****l lust. He wanted me -- wanted his hard cock to be buried deep in a warm place and he didn't much care if it was a girls cunt or my tight hot ass. He wanted to fuck, bad.

I had been hoping to find a nice park with some jogging trails -- often a good place to meet other gay and bi guys. So, I had put a couple of condoms and a small bottle of lube in my pants pocket, before I had left my motel room that day. So, I was prepared and my cock was rock hard, so I knew that I wanted this. I rolled over on top of him and slowly slid my tongue down his chest and stomach. I could smell the pre-cum that was slowly soaking a growing wet spot on his panties.

I used my fingers to pull down the waist band and expose his hard cock. It was not too big around -- perfect for me since I had only been fucked three times. But it was nice and long, with just a slight curve, and he was uncut -- another turn-on for me. The tip was exposed, but mostly still covered by the foreskin. I reached out my tongue and touched the tip and tasted, for the first time, his pre-cum. It was typical boy -- tasted clean with just a hint of chlorine like taste -- just like it smelled.

He moaned as my warm wet mouth started to slide over the head and push back the foreskin. His smooth hard slippery cock just slipped in and his hips involuntarily moved up to follow it into my mouth and throat. Just a fairly small amount of light brown pubic hair tickled my nose, and I felt a medium sized set of nice warm balls lightly against my chin.

After a couple of minutes of enjoying his hard cock and the taste of his pre-cum, and he started to breath fast and I knew that he was going to cum if I didn't stop. I wanted to feel him cum with his cock deep inside my ass, so, I pulled off and turned around so my knees were on either side of his head. I handed him the bottle of lube and told him to get me ready for him to fuck me.

I lightly teased the tip of his cock with my tongue and felt his wet lubed finger probing my ass. With a little instruction, he got lots of lube and three fingers inside me after a while. His cock was at attention with my tongue teasing it -- sliding up and down the shaft, licking his balls, and sometimes teasing the head.

I told him to keep his fingers inside me as I moved over so he could get up on his knees. I warned him that I was very tight and that he would have to take me slowly. I felt his fingers pull out and the tip of his hard cock lightly probing my ass crack -- he had no idea exactly where to put it, so I reached under and guided his throbbing erection to my waiting hole.

He slid in fairly quickly about half way, but he had done a good job preparing me and it didn't hurt at all. Always before the entry had hurt and the fucking had been a bit uncomfortable. I could feel his cock pulse and he moaned that this was the hottest and tightest place his cock had ever been. I told him to go ahead and slowly slide all the way inside me. When I felt those warm balls of his against mine, I knew that he was all the way in. I couldn’t believe how good it felt – not at all uncomfortable, and I could feel the warmth from his hard cock inside me. "Oh my god, you are so tight" he said, and I told him to enjoy his first man to man fuck, but to start out slowly.

He did, pulling about 1/2 way out then slowly sliding in -- it was so erotic to feel his balls against mine each time he slid inside me and I loved the texture of his hairy legs as he began to work his cock in and out of my hole. Again, I was amazed at how good this felt. I loved the feeling of a guy fucking me, but always before it had been like it was pulling my ass with each in and out thrust. This was very different – so smooth and sensual – no discomfort or pain at all. Then he leaned over with his chest on my back and began to lick and suck on my neck. I could feel his abs as he humped his cock deeper and deeper inside me and his hot breath was very noticeable on the back of my neck. He was a great lover -- not too rough, but enough to know that I was being fucked by a hot stallion.

I turned my head and asked him if he would like for me to turn over on my back so he could fuck me even deeper -- his loud moan was enough answer for me. He pulled out, and I quickly turned over, holding my legs at the back of my knees and wide apart -- opening myself up for him. I said "take me and make me yours with that nice hard tool," and he didn't waste any time entering me for the second time. My legs were now on his shoulders and he was starting to speed up. His abs working hard with each thrust, as he humped his nice hard cock deep inside me. Hitting my prostate with each deep plunge and driving me closer to the edge. My cock was pulsing with each thrust, our hot sweaty bodies against each other. It was so intimate and felt so good to have him inside me.

I reached up and drew his face to mine and our lips and tongues met in a warm wet kiss. I sucked on his tongue to let him know that I wanted him even deeper inside me and he responded with several deep hard strokes. My cock was as hard as it has ever been and I was on the verge -- the urgency growing inside me with each of his penetrations. His eyes were riveted on mine and I saw the hot a****l lust of a guy who is reaching his point of no return.

The warmth inside me was growing and I knew that I couldn't hold back. My legs were spread wide and his nice long rod was hitting just the right spot on my prostate with each downward plunge into my tight hot hole. I could tell that he wanted me as bad as he had ever wanted anyone -- he wanted so bad to cum. So did I.

It happened so suddenly that at first I didn't realize what had occurred. But the warm salty taste of my cum on my lips made me know that my body had reacted to his love making. I usually cum quite a bit, but almost never squirt more than a few inches up on my belly. But this was different, with each downward plunge of his solid erection, cum was shooting out of my hard cock all the way up to my forehead. He was making me cum with his deep thrusts inside me.

Just as I tasted my cum, he said that my ass was squeezing his cock and he was going to cum. His statement turned into a deep moan and then a repeated groaning which became louder with each deep plunge of his cock. Then I felt it -- his cock seemed to grow and he pushed it in all the way and held it there. I felt it pulse a huge contraction, and then again and again, over and over. My cock was still sending warm cum out all over between our stomachs, his sweaty chest was against mine and his tongue was thrust all the way deep into me, sliding sensuously next to mine. I could feel the power of his ejaculation deep inside me and feel his body convulse with each additional contraction of his hard cock, his pubic hair pushed hard against the underside of my balls as he tried to go even deeper inside me.

His pulsing cock was stimulating my prostate and my cock kept pulsing, even though I didn't have any more cum left. He felt so good inside me, I put my heels on his ass and pulled him even deeper inside me -- he answered with a long moan and pushed his hard cock as far as it would go. He kept pulsing in me for what seemed like a very long time and that kept triggering my own cock, but my reaction was rapidly diminishing. Finally he stopped and collapsed on top of me -- his still hard rod buried deep in my ass.

He opened his eyes and we continued to kiss, but in a gentle sensuous way. Occassionally, his cock would pulse and his body would jump and my ass would squeeze him involuntarily. Our hot sweaty skin on skin contact very erotic.

Then I felt it, when my ass squeezed down on his cock, liquid was coming out. I realized that I had not handed him the condom. It had not only been his first man on man fuck, it had been my first bareback fuck. Then I knew why it was so much better than the other times -- there was no condom between us and I had felt his smooth hot skin against the inside of my bare ass.

I said that we forgot to use the condom. He said that he had only had sex with his fiance, and that she had been a virgin when they started dating in high school, so he didn't think that he needed to wear one. I assured him that I had always before used condoms for anal sex, but not for oral sex. So, although I thought that I did not have anything, he should get himself tested. He said that he would.

After we cleaned up and got dressed, we got back in the car. I looked in the rear-view mirror so I could back up a little and clear a tree. I saw a young guy, hiding partially behind a tree. I could tell that he was jacking his cock and looked like he was just about ready to cum. He looked scared when he saw me looking at him in the big SUV side mirror, but I just smiled as I put the car in drive and started back down the road toward the interstate. I guess that spot wasn't completely deserted, after all.
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2 years ago
Icame all over myself will have to change my pantiesn
2 years ago
got me hard
2 years ago
"I'm versatile, but there's something about a virile young guy with a rock hard cock that makes me want to get fucked. His warm body against mine, his hairy legs just barely moving against mine as he humped his panty clad erection against my thigh."

Do I ever know, what you're saying in THAT sentence. You've just described my favorite position... and why it's my favorite position.
2 years ago
Damn ! thanks!
2 years ago
2 years ago
I want someone to do that to my foreskin.