My First Time I was Fucked

It was our corporate national manager’s meeting and we never knew who we would be sharing our living quarters with. The company rented condos and mixed us up on purpose so that we would mingle with other manager’s from around the country. Each manager had a private bedroom and bathroom but we shared the common spaces such as living room and kitchen.

I shared the condo with three other men. Gary was from Indiana and spent every spare moment talking about Jesus. Monte was from Dallas, Texas. He was pretty full of himself and bragged constantly about his personal corporate “profit center”. Andrew was from Baltimore, Maryland. He was quiet and thoughtful. I liked him immediately.

It was the second night of the meetings. My three roommates had gone to various functions. I decided to hang out at the condo and get some rest. I swam in crystal clear pool for awhile and lounged in the warm Florida breezes. It was great to have the pool area completely to myself.

It was just after 10 o’clock when I went into the condo to get something to drink. I was standing in front of the sink in the kitchen. Like most condos in Florida, it had an open floor plan and from the kitchen I could look over the counter and see the living room, the dining room and out the big glass doors to the pool area.

The common area by the pool was virtually deserted so it was easy to notice Andrew coming toward the big glass doors that led into the condo. When he entered the living area I could not help but notice he was not steady on his feet.

He saw me standing behind the counter and smiled saying, “Where’s the troops, bud? They leave you all alone?”

I nodded.

He sat on the other side of the counter and asked if there was any beer in the refrigerator. I grabbed a cold bottle from the refrigerator and slid it to him.

We talked for several minutes. I was still in my swimming trunks and I noticed that he was spending more time looking at my bare chest than at my face. He finally made a comment about my physique and asked me about my work out regime. That was a giveaway and I knew he was interested. I felt a rush between my legs as my cock began to grow with excitement.

When Andrew had finished his beer, he came around the counter into the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and grabbed another cold bottle. He opened it and took a long drink before leaning on the counter next to me.

“I have a feeling about you.” He said.

“Tell me what you are feeling and I will tell you if you are right.” I replied.

He did not answer. Instead he placed his hand on my ass and squeezed by butt cheek. I smiled and nodded.

Andrew looked around the kitchen. He quickly surmised that we could only be seen from the waist up from the living room or from the pool area. It was also obvious that no one would be able to approach our entrance without us seeing them. He took a couple of steps to the right and switched off the kitchen lights. The condo was instantly bathed in darkness. We could see out but no one could see in.

Andrew unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He was not hard yet but even in the darkened kitchen I could see that he had an impressive shaft hanging out of his fly.

I moved toward him. He grabbed me around the waist and pulled me hard against him. He kissed me deeply and our tongues danced for several minutes. As we kissed he shoved his hands inside the back of my swimming trunks and kneaded my ass. He ran his hands up and down the crack of my ass. It felt incredible.

Then I knelt in front of him. I took the semi-soft prick into my mouth. He smelled kinky and musky from his night out. I loved the way his sweat mixed with his other natural scents creating an exotic and hypnotic cocktail.

His cock became fully erect very quickly. The shaft was smooth with a lovely upward bend that made it feel great against the roof of my mouth. The head was well defined and aroused me as the sexy ridge passed over my lips. I ran my tongue up and down the piss slit and tasted his sexy pre-cum.

I began to get nervous about sucking his cock in such a conspicuous place. I stood and said, “Let’s go into my bedroom.”

“No.” he said. “We can’t explain being in your bedroom.”

Once again he pulled me too him and f***ed his tongue deeply into my mouth. Once again his hands traveled inside my swimming trunks. He ran his hands around the waistband of my trunks and pulled downward. The cool air of the room felt good on my bare butt.

He kissed down my chest until he was eye level with my cock. I watched as he took the length of it deeply into his mouth. His mouth was very warm and extremely wet. I loved the sensation. I felt my cock slip from his mouth as he began to kiss around my balls, working sideways until he was behind me. He was still kneeling and he ran his tongue up and down the crack of my ass. I instinctively leaned forward allowing him complete access to my asshole. He rimmed my asshole and then f***ed his tongue in and out. It felt so incredible that I thought I would pass out. He spent several minutes lubricating my asshole with his warm spit. I loved it.
Once Andrew was convinced that my asshole was properly lubricated and stretched, he stood behind me, dropped his trousers and directed his cock toward my sensitive rosebud. He tried several times to penetrate my virgin asshole but was unsuccessful.

“Just a minute” I said.

Leaving my swimming trunks in a mound on the kitchen floor I walked naked into my bedroom and grabbed a jar of lube from my bag. I squirted a huge amount into my asshole and applied an equally generous amount between my cheeks.

I returned to the kitchen to find Andrew standing in the same spot where I had left him, slowly stroking his thick cock. I turned around and leaned on the counter, pushing my ass upward toward him. Once again he directed his cock toward my asshole and this time he succeeded in penetrating my tight asshole.

The feeling took my breath away and I gasped loudly as he pushed forward, driving the entire length of his cock inside of me.

He grabbed my hips and balanced himself, forcing his cock deeper and deeper with each hard thrust. Many times I had imagined how it would feel to have a stiff cock inside my ass. I had envisioned how it would feel at the moment of penetration. But my imagination fell short of the perfect combination of pleasure and pain.

We made loud wet noises with each thrust as his sweaty groin splashed against my sweat-covered cheeks. The loud “flop, flop, flop” mixed with my soft moans and his grunting.

When he came, there was little warning. Looking back on it, I am glad that I didn’t know he was going to fill my asshole with his spunk because I probably would have f***ed his cock out at the critical moment. But, instead I felt the friction subside slightly and I knew he was pumping his load into me.

I had been an aggressive cock sucker for a very long time. When I met Andrew I was very experienced and was quite expert when it came to forcing hot cum from a stiff cock with my mouth. I had grown to love the sensation of that warm, silky spunk flowing down my throat. But, I had never had a hard cock in my ass until that night.

I knew immediately that it would not be the last time.
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2 years ago
Wow went and got my dildcked my asspussy can jacked off with your action
Jayo and fu
2 years ago
I fantasize about just such an evening
2 years ago
Still remember my first time!!! It has been a very long time since I have felt a hard dick in my ass...Would love to find someone to slide his hard dick deep into my ass. Giving me a good long, hard, and deep fucking. Then to feel his dick swell, and his hot cum unloading into my ass!!! The feeling when his dick is throbbing and he is cuming in my ass is amazing........Need it now!
2 years ago
Very real. Very hot. Very similar to my forst time. Thanks for posting your story.
2 years ago
yeah babe!
2 years ago
Great Job!
2 years ago
Good story, the first time getting fucked is always great
2 years ago
A terrific story, well written and received
2 years ago
very hot, thx
2 years ago
Nice one!
2 years ago
Very good hot story
2 years ago
Hot story, been on a few business trips, and retreats, love the sauna action. Will have to write that one up soon
2 years ago
Terrific story, I envy you. I've sucked many but still a virgin arse.