Got My New Bed

My boss was spring cleaning at work yesterday and donating a bunch of old furniture. Seeing she had a sofabed she was about to donate, I told her, "I could actually use that."
"That's great," she said, taking pity on my poor ass, knowing I needed to furnish my new apartment on the little bit of money she paid me. "I'll have the guys deliver it to your apartment- if ya want."
"REALLY? That'd be GREAT. When-?"
"Tomorrow? It's a light day."
"Okay. GREAT. THANKS." I was surprised by her generosity.

I wasn't a whole lot of help getting the sofa bed up the two flights of stairs. Don and Rico, our buff delivery guys, were capable and happy to handle it all on their own. Don, in his mid 40s, was 6 foot 4, white, bald, blonde goatee, and the man I always asked for help whenever I needed anything heavy lifted at work. Rico in his late 20s, was 6 foot 1, Latino, with perfectly buzzed black hair. Don was all man, alpha male, with a very pretty girlfriend. He'd showed me her picture at work and loved bragging about how he fucked her viciously, calling her whore, while he made her call him Big Daddy. Rico was masculine with a great body, cute, but a little too well-groomed and fashion trendy for my tastes. I suspected he might be bisexual. Don was handsome in a super masculine, macho, straight, bodybuilder way. Rico was muscular, but Don was a power horse- born a stallion- strong, tall, and one I'd secretly fantasized about fucking me more than once.

I led them into the apartment and directed them to put the sofa bed along the wall across from the windows that looked out on 4th Avenue. They sat it down and went immediately over to the two large windows to check out the view.
"You sure gotta nice view," Don said, as they turned back towards me.
"So this is a studio?" Rico asked, noting that it was only one room.
"Yeah." I answered. "That's why I needed the sofa bed- to save space."
"You sure yer gonna be comfortable?" Don asked, obviously not able to see his giant self ever sl**ping on a sofa bed.
"I sure hope so," I said smiling, appreciating his concern.
"Why don't you try it out," Rico suggested. He went over and pulled the two seat cushions off.
"Yeah," Don agreed, smiling. "If it isn't any good, we'll take it back and drop it off at Goodwill."

I pulled the bed out and lay down on the bare mattress. "It's comfortable," I said, sitting back up.
"Maybe alone," Rico said, snickering, "but you can't ever have SEX on it."
I giggled and bounced up and down. "It's fine." When Rico nodded with disbelief, I laid back down. "I don't feel any bars poking me in the back," I said, as I wiggled around and bounced up and down some more to test the 3-inch mattress out.
"Let me see," he said, chuckling as he laid down next to me.
"I gotta get a picture of this," Don said, laughing. He pulled out his cell phone and snapped a picture of us.

"Yer right," Rico said, after bouncing up and down next to me. "I don't feel it either. But wait till your boyfriend gets on top of you- you'll feel it THEN- I'm sure."
"BOYFRIEND?" I asked, twisting my face and nodding.
Don laughed. "It's okay Mike. We know yer gay. We don't care."
"Here," Rico said, as he turned and climbed on top of me, "I'll get on top of you so you can see if you feel the bar. Just to test-"
"This is GREAT," Don said, laughing as he snapped more pictures of us with his cell phone.
I chuckled and nodded my head back and forth with disbelief, as Rico bounced up and down on me. "Feel it yet?" he asked, laughing.

I nodded and laughed, enjoying the moment a little too much. "Now- get off of me," I said, pretending to be annoyed.
"Get off," Don said, chuckling nervously, obviously not wanting to see Rico get carried away and do something crazy. I was concerned, having heard rumors about Rico crossing the line and flirting with customers. I'd assumed he'd probably even had sex with a few of them.
"You wanna suck my cock don't you?" Rico asked, grabbing his crotch and smiling.
I looked at him with big eyes of disbelief. I wanted to shake my head no, but I didn't. He winked and I shook my head ever so little- up and down.
"I knew it," he said, as he scooted up onto my chest. "I've seen how you've been looking at me at work."
"Don't do that," Don said, as Rico unzipped.
"You want me to stop?" Rico asked me.
I shook my head no and licked my lips.
"Just shut up and take pictures," Rico said, looking over his shoulder at Don, as he pulled out his thick brown meat and laid it on my face.
"This is SICK," Don said, as if he couldn't believe it and didn't want to be there.
Rico repositioned himself and stuck his silky 9 inch cock into my mouth.
"I ain't never seen a guy suck another guy's cock before," Don said, with a note of curiosity as he moved over to the right side of the bed to get a closer look and take more pictures.
"He's doing a good job," Rico said, smiling at Don as he grabbed my head in his hands and pulled it more upright so he could get more of his cock inside.

Seeing Don's mood changing and the bulge in his jeans, I wrapped my right hand around the back of his left leg to infer that he could be next. He rolled his big blue eyes up at the old ceiling, then smiled at me and shook his head yes. A few minutes later, he pushed Rico off of me and moved me around on the bed to where my head was drooping over the side in-between his legs. I looked up at him with an open mouth as he unzipped, pulled out what appeared to be 11 huge inches of thick white cock and worked it into my mouth. I gagged on it as he slowly worked it in and out, going deeper and deeper into my throat.
"That's fuck'n HOT," Rico said, noting how I was deepthroating Don's cock. "Let's fuck him." He asked me if I had lube and I pointed at the medicine cabinet above the sink.

After removing his pants and underwear, Rico returned, removed my tennis shoes, jeans, and underwear. After tossing my legs up over his shoulders, he shoved his thick cock deep inside of me, making me gag and slightly bite Don's cock.
"Shit," Rico said, as he pulled back out of me. "He's fuck'n tight."
"My girl can't do THIS SHIT," Don said, as he shoved his cock all the way down my throat again and held it there to show Rico.
"FUCK," Rico said, shoving his cock deep inside of me again and filling me with his warm cum. "I'm precumming and about to explode. You wunna trade places?"
"Yeah sure."
Rico pulled out, leaving his liquid coating my insides.

Don fucked my throat for a few more minutes before pulling out.
"I'm about to shoot." Rico said, as he shoved his cock down my throat. "Swallow it whore."
Don took his pants and underwear off, and then returned to the other side of the bed. As he looked down at me, he frowned and scratched his head.
"What's wrong?" Rico asked, as his salty precum coated my throat.
"The position," Don answered, with a twisted expression. "I don't wunna look at THAT." He pointed at my cock.

After a minute, Rico pulled out and told Don, "Fuck him doggy style."
I rolled over and got up on my knees.
"Scoot this way," Don said, pulling me over to the edge of the bed. With my knees at the edge of the bed, he grabbed my ass cheeks, yanked my ass apart, and stabbed my hole with the fat tip of his cock.
I begged for more, as he poked his thick head in and out of me. "All the way," I said, trying to push my ass back against his shaft. "Fuck me."
"Beg for it," he said, holding my ass cheeks so tightly I was sure to bruise. My ass lips slurped as his giant head slipped in and out of me.
"Please- FUCK ME."
"What's my name?"
"That's not my name. WHAT'S MY NAME?"
"Big Daddy?" I looked back at him.
"You SLUT." He grabbed my hair, pushed me face down on the mattress, and fell on top of me, shoving himself all the way deep inside.
"OH YEAH. FUCK ME BIG DADDY." He bucked like a bull pounding all the way in and out. "Fuck me Big Daddy. FUCK ME."

Having the one I truly desired fucking my brains out, I spread my legs wide and nearly forgot about Rico who was left to rub his cock all alone, till Don grabbed me by the hair, yanked my head up and Rico shoved his cock back into my mouth.
"FUCK," Rico moaned, filling my mouth with his huge load. I swallowed his sweet, salty goo as quickly as I could, not wanting any of it to drip out of my mouth and onto my new mattress. There was so much of it, some backfired up into my nose.
"Is he swallowing it?" Don asked, as he tugged at my hair.
"He's fuck'n SWALLOWING ALL OF IT," Rico answered with delight.
"Oh SHIT-" Don said, moaning like a horse as his body started to tense up. He roared like a lion as he showered my guts with loads of hot sperm. As soon as he finished unloading inside of me, he crawled off and started getting dressed.

"We gotta get back," Rico said.
I rolled out of bed, grabbed my underwear and put them on, not carrying to even wipe myself dry.

We didn't speak again until I led them out of the apartment a few minutes later and down the hall. "Thanks guys," I said, smirking, while feeling their juices in my hole and stirring deep inside of me.
They chuckled.
"Don't mention it whore," Don said.
"Feel free to stop by anytime- now that you know where I live."
They raised their eyebrows at each other without responding and then slapped me on the ass as we continued towards the stairs.
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hot storie