A Great Massage

I was in NYC on my first business trip to the big city and my hormones were raging. I decided I was going to treat myself to a big city massage and was hoping for some big city surprises. I have a very stressful job and was told a good massage can really relax you. I always keep in good shape: I’m 5'10", 165 pounds, a tight bod, and I thought I could really use the relaxation they said a massage could give.

I arrived at the spa early for my 2:00 appointment to allow time to shake my nerves, take a shower and relax in the steam room. After my steam I checked with the front desk and was told Alex would be my masseur, and was told that I should wait for him downstairs in the massage room area. As I was still a little early, I thought I would hit the shower one last time if for no other reason than to check out who was in there. Unfortunately I was alone so I chose the showerhead closest to the hall so I could scope out any cute guys passing by.

As I was rinsing off, I saw this gorgeous dark-skinned guy walk by, strutting through the locker room with sunglasses on like he owned the place. He may as well have owned the place he had such a commanding presence. I stepped into the hallway just in time to see his firm bubble butt turn the corner into the men’s room. Although my instincts were telling me to follow him, I thought I should head downstairs for my massage. I wrapped my towel around my waist and headed downstairs, taking a seat in the lounge just under the stairs.

I looked up when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and saw that wonderful bubble butt I had seen in the shower. Much to my surprise the guy turned and walked right up to me and introduced himself as Alex, and told me he was my masseur. My head was instantly reeling at the thought of this hot guy rubbing his hands all over me.

He led me to the massage room, which was very small: just big enough for the massage table and a little room for him to walk around. As soon as I got into the room, it hit me: am I supposed to keep my towel on for the massage or take it off? Alex must have sensed my hesitation because he told me to drop my towel in the corner and get under the sheet already on the table, telling me he had to step out and change but would be right back. I lay on my stomach and pulled the sheet up over my waist, and placed my face in this hole at the end of the table.

A few minutes later Alex returned, dimmed the lights and turned on soft music. Because my face was turned down I really couldn't see him, but I could still sense his powerful presence. He politely asked if I was comfortable and I felt his warm hand on the back of my thigh. He ran his fingers over the sheet up over my tightened ass cheek and up my back. He then placed some warm oil on my back and stood at the very top of the table. Through my little face hole I could just make out the jean shorts he had changed into, and especially noticed the hefty bulge in his pants. Just I was straining to make out the line his cock made in his shorts, he lifted my head and placed a towel in the hole telling me it would be more comfortable that way. Being unable to see, I closed my eyes and relaxed.

He began massaging my shoulders and slowly worked his way down my back. He took long strokes that started at my neck and traveled down my back, each one venturing a little further south. When he reached the sheet he gently slid it back and forth with his strokes until I could feel the cool air brushing the top of my ass. His strokes became harder and steadier and he began to go further down to include my butt in the massage. I could feel his crotch pressing on my head each time he ran his long strokes down toward my butt, and began to moan softly each time his strong hands rounded my ass. With my encouraging moans, he began to press deeper into my firm butt and I responded by gently lifting my hips to meet his groping hands.

This ecstasy continued for several minutes and I got so caught up in the moment that I didn't even realize he was completely pressing his growing crotch into the top of my head. I lifted my head off the towel and looked up. My gaze was met with his bulging package desperately needing release. He stopped stroking my back with one hand and reached to unbutton his shorts. I licked my lips u*********sly and waited for my prize: he pulled out a massive uncut cock that had to be 8 or 9 inches already. I opened my mouth immediately and let him press his throbbing cock down my throat.

He kept massaging my back and butt while he shoved his hard cock into my mouth. It tasted so good and the combination of sucking this gorgeous guy's cock and having him knead my butt sent my already raging hard-on into overdrive. My cock was pressing so hard into the table I had to get up onto my knees to relieve the pressure on my cock.

Once I was on my knees, he kept his hands firmly on my ass, pressing me onto to his engorged cock. As our rhythm got faster, I could tell he was close and I was determined not to stop. He kept thrusting me onto his cock by pulling my ass and I kept moaning my encouragement. Finally he clutched my ass and pushed his cock deep into my mouth, shooting load after load of his hot cum down my throat. I lapped up every drop of his sweet cum and, after a few orgasmic shudders, he loosened the grip on my ass, but didn't stop the massage. With his cock still in my mouth, he pressed me back down onto my flat stomach, forcing my hard cock back onto the table. He then slid his cock out of my mouth and walked to the side of the table. With my face down I couldn't see what he was doing, but he always kept one hand on my back or ass.

Suddenly I felt his other hand reach under me and take my stiff cock into his greased hand. He began to stroke me slowly and I was so worked up by that point I was sure I would cum in no time. Just as I was getting close I started to moan again and he stopped jerking me off. I felt the well-lubed hand he was jerking me with travel back up to my ass. He easily slid his forefinger into my ass and I let out another moan.

Without any further hesitation I felt him jump onto the table, straddle me, and plunge his still-hard cock deep into my ass. After the first shudder of pain it felt so hot and good. He just left his cock up my ass for a few moments and then began fucking me slowly. I knew I wouldn't last long and told him I needed to cum. He kept squatting over me and fucking my tight ass, and reached one hand under my stomach pulling me slightly off the table. He slid his other hand around my other side and began jerking me off in rhythm to his fucking. Within seconds I let out a loud "Ugh" and spewed my cum all over the massage table. I could feel my ass fill with his warm juice at the same time.

After collapsing back onto the table and into my cum, Alex climbed off the table and continued on with the massage as if nothing had happened.
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2 years ago
Now THAT'S a happy ending!
2 years ago
Gotta Love a good Massage.....
2 years ago
GREAT!!! Where the fuck did u get that massage?
2 years ago
GREAT story..thanks for sharing..
2 years ago
fuck that feels awesome, Im so ready for my massage now