A Great Experience

As I move into my more senior years, I am thinking more and more about sex. I am a male in his sixties and probably for the last ten years I have been fantasizing and masturbating about having sex with other men. It started out by looking at crossdresser porn and has moved to hardcore gay porn. I wonder sometimes if it is because of losing testosterone as one ages or just more natural tendencies starting to surface.
I joined Squirt in hopes of meeting someone that I would be able to live out my fantasy of being kissed and caressed to the point where I surrender completely. I dream of taking on what is traditionally the woman’s role in a sexual relationship. I want to be kissed. I want my breasts and nipples caressed. I want my ass slapped. All of these things make me very hot where I would want to surrender to further sexual advances. I would love to worship the cock of the man that really gets me turned on with my hands and mouth. I want to feel his cock buried deep within my bowels exploding his luscious cream inside me. I want to clean him off with my mouth after he is done fucking me.
I have met several men on Squirt that I have gotten together with. A couple have briefly played with my nipples and one has made out with me. I have gotten on my knees in front of them or crawled between their legs as they lay on their bed. A hard cock is a beautiful thing. I have caressed them in my hands. I have licked and sucked on their balls. I love kissing and licking their hard shafts. But to take it in my mouth is heaven. I have taken each one to completion swallowing their precious loads. Even after they have cum in my mouth, I still remain insatiable and continue to worship them until they have had enough.
This is the dream that plays over and over again in my mind.
There is a small gay bar in the town where I live. I have finally decided to take the next step in order to find the man that will take me to the sexual fulfillment that I am looking for. It is a Saturday evening about 10 pm. I walk in the dimly lit bar and spot a booth in the corner. As I am sipping on the double Jack Daniels I have ordered, I see that there is a small dance floor and several men dancing with each other. As I am finishing my first drink, the server brings me one saying it is from the gentleman at the end of the bar. I look at him and raise my glass as my way of saying thanks. He is a distinguished looking black man that appears to be in good shape. He leaves the bar and walks towards me asking if he can join me. I of course extend the offer to join me. He slides in the booth on the same side I am on. He told me that I looked like I was new here and seemed a little nervous. I told him that this was my first trip to a gay bar. He wondered what I was looking for so I briefly told him about my sexual desires. He told me that he had just lost his partner to cancer and was just getting back into looking for someone again. He asked me to dance to the slow song that was now playing. I told him that I had never danced with another man and wasn’t sure what to do. He grabbed my hand and led me to the small dance floor. He told me to put my arms around his neck as he put his around my waist. I could feel him pulling me close to him and as he did, I lay my head on his shoulder. His hands moved lower to start caressing my ass. I was in heaven! I could feel my cock getting hard. As the song ended, I moved back a little looking at him. He leaned in to kiss me. I opened my mouth to let his tongue in. My head was spinning.
I followed him back to his apartment. He closed the door and walked up behind me. He pulled me back tight into his crotch and starting kissing my neck. His hands moved up to my chest and started caressing my breasts. As I moaned, I pushed my ass back into his crotch. I wanted him to take me right then. I think he knew it as well as I took my hand and led me to his bedroom. He slowly kissed me while unbuttoning my shirt. He removed my pants and underwear and had me lay on the bed. He sat on the edge slowly moving his hands and fingers across my chest carefully avoiding contact with my nipples. He knew what he was doing. He would circle has fingers around my nipples. I was starting to push my chest out to meet his caress. As his fingers lightly raked across my nipples I let out a large moan and my hips started to move. As he paid more attention to my nipples my hard cock was twitching up and down and my ass was starting to open and shut. He asked me if this is what I was looking for when I decided to come to the bar that night. I gave him an emphatic yes. He started rolling my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and leaned in to kiss me. I was ready to let loose. My hips were moving up and down on the bed wanting to have something in my ass. My nipples were getting as hard as bb’s. He stopped kissing me to move down to take a nipple in his mouth. He bit on it slightly sending me over the edge. I was starting to beg him to fuck me. He stood up and slowly removed his clothes. This was my first look at his naked body. His cock was hard and larger than the ones I have had in my mouth before. He asked me if I wanted to play with it before he took me. I quickly got off the bed and on my knees in front of him. What a beautiful cock. I moved my hands up and down his shaft. I leaned forward to kiss the head. I started to swirl my tongue across the head of his cock. I heard him moan in pleasure. I licked his shaft down to his balls. I was caressing them in my hands. I leaned forward to kiss them, lick them and finally suck them into my mouth as I continued to stroke his shaft with my hand. I licked my way back to his head and gently took it into my mouth. He slowly started to fuck my face as my tongue worked the bottom side of his shaft and I sucked in the head as he pulled back. This was the best moment of my life. He finally asked where I would like his cum, in my mouth or ass. I told him quickly that I wanted him to fuck me. He smiled. He picked me up from my knees and lay me face down on the bed. He got a bottle of lube from the night stand and started to work it into my hole. I could feel his finger getting deeper inside me and I thrust myself back and forth on it. He removed his finger and started rubbing his cock up and down my crack. When the head of his cock moved across my hole, it sent electric waves throughout my body. He knew I was ready. I could feel the head of his cock pressing into my hole. I was thrusting my hips back to meet him. He slowly entered me. He would stop to allow me to open up. Slowly, slowly he moved in until he balls were resting on my ass. I could feel the end of his cock up against my prostate gland. I was close to orgasm. He started to slowly fuck me. I was moving back and forth to meet his thrusts. It became more and more intense. I couldn’t hold it anymore and experienced the largest orgasm I have ever had. He could feel me tighten and let up with my orgasm and starting fucking me harder. He finally buried himself deep within me and started to fill my ass with his cum.
As he laid in bed exhausted, I moved to that beautiful cock to clean him up with my tongue and mouth. What a wonderful taste. I could feel that he was starting to get aroused again. I caressed his balls as I worked his cock with my mouth. I was finally rewarded as he filled my mouth with the best tasting load I have ever had.
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2 years ago
wonderful!! I hope to live out mine soon.
2 years ago
Hot story...he was pretty lucky considering it was his first time in a gay bar.
2 years ago
Awesome story.
2 years ago
that wos a butifal storie