First Time Fucked

At the end of my teen years I was into getting high and d***k like most teenagers. I had done some 'innocent' playing with friends, kind of experimenting, I guess. One friend tricked me into taking a face full of jizz once. He was jacking off and got me to do it for him, promising he wouldn't shoot on me. He lied, but that is not what this is about.

We were at his house partying one night. His mother was a little progressive, I guess. She would rather we got messed up there where it was safe than get busted. She even had a friend of hers over partying with us. He was in his mid 30's, about twice my age. At the end of the evening we were thoroughly toasted. We pulled out the sofa in the living room to crash, 2 or 3 in the morning.

I was just laying there in the dark with my head spinning trying to get to sl**p. I felt some movement on the bed and didn't think anything of it. Then I felt a hand on my hip. I just laid there frozen, I didn't know what to do. The hand started moving up and down my body. I was skinny, 6' and maybe 140lbs., but had wrestled in high school. But still I laid there and pretended I was sl**ping, not knowing what was going to happen. The hand moved up and down working under my shorts and bit by bit moving them down off my hips.

Then the bed shuddered a little as he got up on his knees so he could pull them down over my ankles. He then laid back down behind me and moved in closer. Then I could feel his hard cock against my back. He started working it up and down and reached around and grabbed my cock. He started gently pulling on it, getting rougher as he moved his cock in longer strokes up and down my back.

Then he reached back behind me to grasp his joint and started rubbing it between my ass cheeks. I lay there petrified, in more ways than one. No one had ever been there before and I was afraid it would really hurt. He didn't use any lube or anything. He just started working his cock up against my asshole and started to apply pressure. When the head had gotten purchase he reached around and grabbed my cock again like a handle and started to slowly push. He wasn't really large but being my first time it hurt. When I started to make a little noise he reached up with his other hand and put it over my mouth.

He continued to push until he was in as far as he could go. Then he slowly began to pull out, but not all the way. Then back in, out, in, out. The pain started to subside and a feeling I had never felt before started to grow. Here I was basically being ****d in my best friends living room an older man that I had only met that night and I was getting into it.

I would later seek him out to relive the experience.
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2 years ago
Could have been much more detailed from your other posts..... C-
3 years ago
mmmm good start, very promising all round
3 years ago
Nice, I love it. Room for improvement, ofcourse.
3 years ago
Give us more please.
3 years ago
a promising story, but... sorry, a large room to improve