First Time By Transsexual

When I was 21, I spent a summer in a southern city doing a service project. I was engaged to a girl and excited about marriage, but I was also extremely curious about the male body. I was one of those k**s that masturbated constantly, and almost always about sex with a man or a transsexual. The summer before my senior year, I was down in this southern city living completely on my own for the first time. Since I was doing a service project, I only got one night a week off. I wasn't sure what to do with that night since I didn't know anyone, so I decided to get d***k. Several times, I just went to one of the local strip joints. But what I always wanted to do was to go to the local gay bar. I went twice, but usually late at night and only for a beer before I chickened out and went back to my place and beat off.

Finally, with about 3 weeks left in the summer, I decided to go straight to the gay bar. It turned out that the gay bar had a cross dresser show for entertainment. I was excited by this thought, as at the time I was infatuated with cocks but wasn't sure how I felt about the male body. I bought my ticket for the show and drank beer at the bar while I waited for them to let us go upstairs to watch the show. While waiting, a very attractive man came up to me and engaged me in conversation. It wasn't long before I was interested in exploring his body, but by that time it was time for the show.

The show was fairly typical of these types of shows, and extremely fun. Most of the people were beautiful and I fantasized about having sex with them. After the show, my boy and I went to the main bar to wait for the entertainers to come back down. I told my new friend that I wanted to meet a few of them, and he said that would be fine. When the entertainers came down, I introduced myself, and they directed me to one beautiful lady in particular. We talked for a while and then we started to grab each other and feel each other’s bodies. My new guy friend left, and I was left with the entertainer. I didn't mind, as I was extremely turned on. We started making out and I started to feel her ass. She told me that there would be one more show, and that she would pay for my remaining drinks. I allowed this to happen, and went up to watch the next show when the time came. I stared at my new lady with complete enchantment, and she clearly looked at me multiple times during the show - because she was the MC- I knew I would be with her that night if I so wanted.

After the show, she told me I should drive back to her place, and so I followed her. I had never been with a man up to this point, so I was shaking in fear and ecstasy. I followed her up to her apartment, and then we sat on the couch at her place. We talked, and then I leaned in an kissed her. The excitement was immediate. I started to feel her all over, and was quickly feeling her inner thigh through her jeans. I grabbed her cock and caressed it through the jeans. It was at this moment that I knew there was no turning back. We went to her room where all of our clothes came off. I went to my knees as started to suck her beautiful cock and to play with her soft balls. I was in pure joy. She then had me stand up and threw me on the bed. She had a fully hard cock, standing about 8" long, and she told me she wanted to fuck me. There was nothing I wanted more. She pulled out some KY jelly and started to lube my ass with her fingers. She made sure I was happy with this path, and when I assured her, she slammed her cock into me. It was pure joy, as I lay on my back, watching this beautiful TV slam into my ass. She pumped hard and put one hand on my cock, which she continued to pump. She pounded me hard and I enjoyed every second of it. I moaned for all I was worth and I let her play with my cock and pound my ass. I stared into her eyes and started to cum. Seconds later, she started to come, and I loved the feeling of her throbbing cock and knowing she was breeding me and making me her little pregnant slut.

After we were done, we showered together. I was still extremely horny. When we finished showering, I got down on my knees and started giving her head. We had sex again and I got her to cum only 15 minutes after the first time. I licked up every drop of it. We then cuddled and I have rarely been happier.

I went back another time that summer to her place and we had sex, and again it was awesome. I will never forget that time. She had me roll onto my stomach and place a pillow under my hips. She laid prone on my back and I felt her total weight on me, pushing me onto the mattress. I was trapped and she was deep inside of me, owning me and making me her total cum dump. I felt her cum and could not control myself and came also. I was in love then and her total sex slave.
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2 years ago
Hot TS and exciting..!!
3 years ago
Loved your hot story! I'd love to band your hot ass!
3 years ago
Yes thats how i feel when i'm getting my ass pussy fucked