What An Experience

My first look at him happened as I was walking towards Ham fields. I had just gotten off of the bus and was walking down Ham Street towards the hunting ground.

As I looked for traffic before crossing the road he appeared around the corner on a mountain bike. He was stripped to the waist, wearing only a tight pair of shorts and a pair of trainers. The sweat from his exertions was trickling down his bronzed abdomen. His hairless chest gleamed in the hot sun, the deeper brown of his nipples drew my eye and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. He had a nice six-pack abs.

Abso-fucking-lutely stunning.

I couldn’t tell if he even glanced at me as he was wearing a stylish pair of shades, hiding his eyes from my view. He turned onto the grass of the field and headed towards the cruising ground.

By the time I got to the edge of the field he was almost at the far side and I then saw him cycle up the incline and disappear along the path.

I crossed the field and up the same incline, further along the path I took a left. Tucked away from the main cruising areas is a little spot that I usually go to so as to ditch my traveling clothes and change into my cruising gear. My favorite dark blue shorts with the Velcro fly, and a T-shirt.

I found my way to my spot and as I neared noticed the mountain bike of my stud leaning and locked against a tree. So he wasn’t far away. I decided to spread my towel on the grass and sit and smoke a spliff in the sunshine. I was nicely mellowed, having smoked a couple earlier in the afternoon and, unusually for me, I sat naked on my towel. I rubbed some cream into the skin of my ball sac and cock and slipped my favorite metal cock ring on. I stroked my dick for a few moments so I was half hard when I heard someone approaching.

I looked up to see stud standing in front of me, stark naked! Well almost. He still wore the shades, his trainers and also a leather cock ring. He looked like a young Brad Pitt. I smiled at him.

“Suck it” he said, moving forward so his dick was about an inch from my face. I altered my position so I was kneeling in front of him and used one hand to guide his dick into my mouth. He gave out a gentle moan as his shaft slid into my mouth. His cock was about 7 or 8 inches in length and not too fat so I coped with it easily. His balls hung low and I played with them with my free hand. They were shaved and as hairless as the rest of him.

As he face fucked me his left hand was stroking his chest and squeezing his nipples. His right hand reached down and did the same to my hairy tits. As he rolled one of my nipples between his finger and thumb I began to shake. He’d got the pressure just right. I squirmed with delight and attacked his cock with my mouth. Taking him fully into my throat one minute, nibbling on the head the next.
He moved his hand to my other nipple and caressed and tweaked. I moaned and shook with the orgasm that was to be the first of many.

“Stand up” he said in a deep gruff voice, almost a command.

I did so and he bent forward and kissed the bell end of my shaft. Then he stood back up and turned me around. He stood behind me, his rock hard dick pressing between my butt cheeks. His strong arms wrapped around me and again he caressed and tweaked my nipples. Again I shuddered and moaned as he kissed my neck. Then he knelt down and spread my cheeks and began to rim me. I bent slightly forward and he pulled my cheeks further apart and buried his face. Again I shuddered and moaned as his tongue licked my hole. I spread my legs and bent further forward. His tongue went deeper. I moaned some more.

He stopped his rimming and stood up

“Back in a minute” he said and disappeared back along the path. Only to return, a few seconds later, with a small bag.

“I had this hidden in some bushes” he said “let’s take a break and share a joint”.

He produced and lit a joint. He also pulled a bottle of poppers, a couple of condoms and some lube from the bag.

We sat smoking, caressing each other, kissing French, cheeks, arms.

“Let’s fuck” he said. I didn’t disagree.

I took a hit from the poppers and he applied some lube to my hole working it into me, first with one finger then two. I took another hit from the bottle and as he pulled a condom over his shaft and lubed himself up I turned around on my towel and assumed the doggy position.

“Let’s start this way round” I said.

He knelt behind me and I felt the tip of his shaft find the right spot. He pushed in, gently and lovingly giving me time to adjust to the pole in my hole!

He picked up the pace. I took another hit of the poppers and passed him the bottle. He inhaled then started to pound my hole with long deep strokes. We continued in this position for a while then he said

“I need a piss, and I want to do it in you”

“OK” I replied

He withdrew his cock from my butt and pulled off the condom,

“On your back” he said

I turned over and lay on my back. He lifted my legs up and positioned his cock at my hole again. I managed another hit from the poppers and he pushed his cock into my ass. Within seconds I felt the warmth of his piss filling my gut. I couldn’t stop myself and began to piss too. I used my hand to direct my flow, over me, over him as he continued to fuck me.

“I’m gonna cum!” he cried out and fucked me harder and deeper. I began wanking my own cock as he moaned and groaned to climax in me. A few seconds later I too began to moan and I shot my load over my belly.

He pulled his cock from my butt.

“Hold that in for as long as you can” he said “I know a sub who will love rimming it out of you”

He took his mobile from his bag and made a call.

“You at Ham yet?” he asked “Good, up the top by the fence, you know where. I’ve got a treat for you...”
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2 years ago
HOT fucking!
2 years ago
sounds like a yummy treat
2 years ago
WOW, loved it and hope there's a seguel!
2 years ago
2 years ago
very hot
2 years ago
Not usually into gay stuff but that was good :D