Playing Hooky in Adult Book Store

I decided to play hooky from work one afternoon and stopped at an adult book store in a neighboring city. This book store had video screens but they weren’t in a booth. Instead there were 5 of them lined up against a wall with the screens facing the wall. I sat behind one and fed it some money and could watch either the screen or the store, they were both equally visible. This also meant that what I was watching was visible from some parts of the store as well as any one sitting at any of the other screens.

I was a little self-conscious watching gay flicks out in the open like that but I did notice one older gentleman kept walking near me and watching my screen. I would scroll through the selection of movies and as he watched I stopped at a gay video. He didn’t flinch, stood where he was and watched it with me. I eventually ran out of money and decided to leave. He left a little before me, heading out the back door to an alley and some parking spaces. Since I parked out there, I followed him a few minutes later.

I expected him to be in the parking area when I got there but he wasn’t. As I got to my car and started to get in, I saw him driving slowly down the alley staring and smiling at me. He was probably 10 years older than me, in reasonably good shape with a slightly balding head. I smiled back, got into my car and drove it out to the alley to exit the area. His car was where the alley exited to a surface street and I saw which way he was turning so I followed in my car. He drove to a near by park and parked on the curb. I did the same, a little ways from him and got out of my car. I walked up to his car, his window was down, and said hello. He returned the greeting and asked if I wanted to fool around. I said yes but he didn’t know where we could do it. I suggested some motels I knew that weren’t too far away and he followed me there.

I drove in to register while he pulled his car into the motel lot and waited for me to come out. I got my key and drove my car around to my room. I didn’t see him follow me but I went into my room anyway, hoping he had seen where I went in. He had and I soon heard a knock on the door. I opened it and smiled and he quickly came in and shut it behind him. Without saying a word, he pinned me against a wall and started planting kisses on my face. His lips were soon on my and his tongue was desperately trying to part them so it could slip into my mouth. I resisted at first, and then allowed him to part my lips and stick his tongue into my moist mouth. I kissed back, putting both of arms around his neck. This let him have access to my lower body with him quickly grabbing my cock through my pants. He tried to drag me over to the bed and I said no, not yet.

I sat him on a chair that was against the wall and went to the radio and put on some music. I then slowly sashayed towards him with a big smile on my face and slowly began to unbutton my shirt. I stopped in front of him and finished unbuttoning my shirt as my hips swayed to the music. He grabbed my hips and I stepped back and pushed him away. I slowly undid my belt and zipper, then turned around and slid my pants down, taking pains to push my ass towards him. As I slipped my feet from my pants, he grabbed my shorts and tried to peel them down, but I stopped him as I grabbed my pants and placed them on another chair nearby. I then straddled him and began kissing him on his face and neck. His hands were exploring my bare chest and legs and then my ass, slipping under my shorts. I got up again, turned around and slowly slipped my shorts down. This time he firmly grabbed my hips, pulled me towards him and began nibbling on my butt. One of his hands now slipped around to my hard cock and as he kissed and bit and licked my rear, his hand was massaging my cock and balls.

I broke away, turned around and began to unbutton his shirt. He stood up to make it easier and I soon had it off. He was in good shape for his age with only a slight pot. His chest was fairly hairy but not quite like a gorilla. I began to suck on his nipples and kissed my way down to his trousers. I quickly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants letting them drop to the floor. I then kneeled in front of him and pulled his shorts down as well, freeing his stiff prick. It was probably 5 or so inches long but nice and thick. I kissed the head and ran my tongue over and over it. Then kissed down the shaft while cupping his balls, when my mouth reached them, I gently sucked each one of them inside me. Now that we were both naked and hard, I got up and slowly walked over to the bed. He followed quickly and pushed me onto it, calling me a little cock teaser as he did. I rolled over and looked up at him with a smile and acknowledged what I was.

He f***efully pushed open my legs and knelt down between them. He slowly stroked my cock with one hand as his other gently squeezed and fondled my balls. Soon his head dropped down and engulfed my manhood and he began to suck on it in earnest. He became a pan possessed as he went up and down on me, trying to suck the jism from me, not wanting to wait for it to cum out under its own f***e. Knowing I would cum if I didn’t stop him, I stopped him and got him to lie on the bed beside me. His penis wasn’t quite as long as mine but it was quite a bit thicker and the head was huge. I planted kisses all over the tip and licked it then sucked it between my lips. I returned the favor he had just given me and began to move up and down on this beautiful thing. He started swelling such that he was almost too big to keep in my mouth. Then he grabbed my head and held it steady as he gave a powerful thrust with his hips so that his cock was touching the back of my throat, filling my mouth as he started pumping more and more of his love juice. It seemed that he kept pumping for five minutes or so, trying to push his prick farther and farther down my throat. I was gagging as his cock and cum filled my mouth.

He finally relaxed which gave me time to swirl his cock inside my mouth and suck on the head one last time. He jumped as I did this and asked me to stop, I did, but only after one or two more sucks on his ultra sensitive cockhead. I let him out of my mouth and slid myself up beside him with one hand playing with the hairs on his chest. We talked for a bit before we decided to take a shower to wash the sex off of us. We both got into the shower and took turns washing each others back and rear. As he did mine, his finger kept trying to lose itself in my hole. When it was my turn to wash his back, I made quick work of the back before squatting down to do a more thorough job on his butt. While down there, I wasted no time taking chunks of his ass in my teeth. To stop me, he twirled around and placed his cock where his butt had just been. I readily put it into my mouth but couldn’t bring more life into it at that time. We finished, toweled each other off and I helped him get dressed. He was all dressed and I was still naked, not wanting to lose the moment, but he had to go. I kissed him, walked him to the door and let him out. I then flopped on the bed and began to furiously jack myself off. I came a ton, splattering all over my belly and chest. I licked what was on my hand off, and scooped up some of the larger globs with my finger and sucked the finger clean.

I finally dressed, myself, and left the key on the dresser and walked out with a smile on my face. Unfortunately, I never got his number and have never seen him back at that bookstore.
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1 year ago
very sexy
3 years ago
Hot story!
3 years ago
Nice story but you guys should have done all that in the bookstore so everyone could watch.