I great Blow Job

I was in my favorite position, a couple of pillows supporting me as I lay back on his low couch feeling my hard cock still locked in my pants. John stood in front of me, also working his big dick through the tight denim of his jeans. I could see his bulge growing as I eagerly anticipated my first sight of his uncut piece. A hot cock sucking video still played on the sixty inch wide screen behind him, the beers almost empty, the seal just broken on the fresh bottle of poppers beside me on the table.

We had met on Squirt and now here I was lying back on the couch in John’s living room, his need to have his balls drained meeting nicely with my need to suck a big thick cock and take a hot load. He was in his early fifties, about six feet tall and a muscular and fit 190 pounds. He had salt and pepper hair and piercing blue eyes but what interested me most was what he was rubbing through his pants.

My face was perfectly positioned at the level of his crotch so I was excited to have a front row seat as he reached down and unbuttoned his pants. Slowly he pulled the zipper down as my pulse increased. I always love this part, the actual reveal of the object of my lust. His growing package pushed out against the white cotton of his Calvins and finally burst out as he pulled the waist band down, his beautiful thick uncut cock leaping out at me. It wasn’t even completely hard and yet had to be over eight inches long. The big knob of a purple head peeked out from beneath his heavy foreskin. His cock seemed to dance almost sniffing the air as if seeking the hot wet mouth that would bring it so much pleasure.

“Is this what ya want?”

“Oh yeah!”

John pulled his pants down to below his knees allowing his big balls to hang free, full of the delicious load of cum that would be my reward. His cock swung free and I reached out to hold it. I love the feel of another man’s cock in my hand, the heft of it, the heat coming off it as I caress and stroke it, my mouth watered in anticipation. I tilted my head forward to feel his hard dick brush against my cheek and then opening my lips took his dick into my mouth. I savored the taste of his dick in my mouth as I pushed further down the shaft, bringing the thick head closer to the back of my throat. With one hand I felt his heavy balls, gently tugging on them and lifting them up to gauge their weight and fullness as my other hand worked my own zipper to free my hard cock. I love lying back with a head full of poppers, my mouth stuffed with a nice hard cock as I stroke my dick. Heaven…

I worked on John’s cock with my lips, tongue and mouth, exploring and enjoying every inch of his manhood while I jerked away on my hard and thick seven inch cut cock.

“That’s right. Work your dick while you suck my cock. I love to watch you jerk your meat while my big dick slides in and out of that hot mouth. Hmmmm… That’s sooo good!”

I pulled off for a moment to enjoy the sight of his monster cock, bobbing just inches from my face, glistening with a mix of my saliva and his pre-cum. Fuck he was hot and I was loving having that thick meat to play with and suck. I reached for the poppers and took a couple of deep hits. John took the bottle and helped himself to two lengthy snorts of the lusty jet fuel. Now it was time to get serious.

John grabbed my head and began fucking my face. Pre-cum was leaking out the piss slit as I sucked, trying to taste it before his thick dick pushed it down my throat and beyond my taste buds. The sweet nectar made me hornier and I increased the pace of my jerk on my own dick as John continued to work my mouth like a hot pussy. I looked up at him, his head was thrown back as his hips flexed back and forth, his cock pistoning in and out of my mouth and throat. He started to moan as his balls tightened. I was eager to take his load. His fingers laced tighter through my hair as I readied myself for what I hoped would be buckets of cum. I wasn’t disappointed. His fat cock jerked between my wet lips and a huge first shot of hot jizz filled my mouth. A second and third spurt continued to empty his bull nuts into my face, My mouth couldn’t contain it all. I love it when there’s so much cum that it drips down my throat and leaks out of my mouth, dripping down my chin and over my cheeks. He continued to pump me full of his seed and I worked my cock, building quickly towards my own orgasm as I relished in his huge load. Soon I too couldn’t hold back and with his cock now pulling out, trailing a long rope of cum and spittle I came, my own full load spurting in the air coating my hand and cock with fresh cum.

“Fuuuccckk!!!” I yelled, overcome with the mind blowing orgasm. John’s cum covered my face as mine dripped between my fingers, all over my dick and onto my balls, spilling over to coat the crotch of my jeans. I swallowed as much of his huge load as I could enjoying the salty taste as I smacked my lips. John reached down to my cock and balls, scooping up my load into his hand. He brought his sticky fingers up to his mouth and sucked back my cum as we both began to giggle with delight. Fuck I love sucking cock and eating a hot load of cum. Apparently so did John.
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2 years ago
Well DOne.
2 years ago
Now, that's my kind of story. There's nothing I like better, than to suck a man's dick, and eat his cummmmm-mighty tasty, and good.
3 years ago
made my cock hard
3 years ago
had me a boner then
3 years ago
Thanks, got me hard and ready!
3 years ago
Great Job, Very hot story!
3 years ago
Wow good stuff. I love a guy who sucks good cock . Wish it had been me filling your mouth
3 years ago
Nice! That was Hot!