Dad Fucks His Boy

Dad's strong, masculine body rests almost on top of mine. His right arm and right leg d**** over me, pulling me into his embrace. I can feel the warmth and weight of Dad's body and the whisper of his breath as he sl**ps. I drift off to sl**p in Dad's protective and nurturing arms.

When I wake, I feel the thick head of Dad's cock sliding into my hole. I gasp as Dad's head stretches my hole, filling my ass with pleasure and desire. Dad pushes his thick cock fully into my ass. Dad holds his cock there, deep in his boy’s ass, allowing me to savor the feel of such a wonderful Dad. Slowly, Dad pumps my hole with long even strokes. He finds that sweet spot.

I moan with pleasure, the pleasure that Dad bestows upon me.

“You’re a good boy. Dad loves fucking his boy,” Dad breathes. “Such a tight little ass, boy.”

I moan with pleasure at the compliment and Dad’s cock fucking my ass. Dad knows me better than anyone, and knows that it is my goal to please him.

Dad wraps his arms around me, pulling me closer still. Dad’s pumping becomes more aggressive, faster, but not hurried. Dad fucks his dick into my ass harder, now, bottoming out with each stroke.

“You’re such a good boy. I am proud of you boy,” Dad says.

“Thank you, Dad,” I moan.

Dad continues to fuck me, pushing me to limits I have never been, to places I never dreamed I could go. Dad continues to compliment and instruct his boy.

I pump my hips back to meet Dad’s thrusts, as Dad instructs.

“Good, boy,” Dad says. “Now, faster. Ride my cock faster, boy.”

I ride Dad’s cock faster, my breaths are short and rapid. Dad’s cock fills me completely.

I moan louder, as my ass crashes down on Dad’s thick cock. I can feel Dad’s balls, held tight by a cock ring, slap my own as I ride Dad’s cock.

My cock is so hard that it aches; it feels like it is going to explode, not with cum, but just explode like a bomb.

Dad grasps my hips and pulls me back to his thick Daddy cock. The hair on Dad’s inner thighs tangle with those on my legs as Dad wraps himself around me. I feel the hair on his chest as it brushes my back with each stroke, and the hair around his cock and tight balls tickles my ass.

“Oh, Dad,” I moan. “You’re going to make me cum.”

“Hold it, boy,” Dad commands.

I hold it.

Dad continues to pull me back to him as I ride his cock.

”That’s it, boy, ride it. Ride Dad’s cock.”

I ride it.

“That’s hot boy. Dad’s thick cock fucking my boy’s tight hole; Dad’s boy riding that thick Daddy dick. You’re such a good boy.”
I revel in Dad’s compliment. I moan with pleasure and pride that Dad chose me, taught me, continues to teach me to be his boy, Dad’s boy.

Dad’s grip on my waist becomes stronger, tighter. Dad pulls me to him with his strong Daddy arms, faster and harder.

”Dad’s gonna cum for you, boy,” Dad states. “Dad’s gonna breed that boy ass. You want my load, boy.”

“Yes!” I gasp. “Yes, Dad, I want Dad’s load. Breed my ass, Dad; breed me!” I am almost shouting.

Dad plunges deep into my hole, holding his breath.

“Mumph, Mumph, Mumph,” Dad grunts. Dad continues to hold his boy on his cock as Dad shoots more volleys into my ass, grunting with each.

Dad fills my hole with cum. Dad lowers himself to rest on his boy’s back; Dad’s strong chest and chest hair rest on his boys back. Dad’s pubic hair mats against his boy’s ass as Dad’s tight nuts nestle between his boys legs. Cum and sweat drip from Dad’s balls on mine. Still, my cock feels like it is going to explode.

“That’s such a good boy,” Dad whispers in my ear.

“Thank you, Dad,” I groan. “May I, please, cum, Sir?” I beg. “Please, sir.”

“You want to cum, boy?” Dad asks. “Show Dad how much you want to cum.”

“Please, Dad, may I cum?” I plead. I feel tears sting my eyes, my nose runs. “Please, sir, please, allow me to cum,” I sob. My breathing is labored and choked. Tears stream down my face and I can no longer breath thru my nose. “Dad, please.”

I feel Dad’s breath on my neck and shoulder.

“You can cum now, boy,” Dad instructs. Dad wraps his arms around his boy’s chest and squeezes.

I cum in torrents. I do not touch myself. The pleasure and security of my Dad holding me in his strong embrace is enough. His authority and affection command my thoughts and actions like no other man could.

”ARGH!” I grunt as my boy cum races thru my boy dick and floods the sheets. “Fuck, Dad! OOOH fuck!”

With each spurt, I feel the thickness and length of Dad’s cock, still encased in my hole, surrounded by Daddy’s seed, as my hole convulses around it.

The torrent continues.

“Yeah, yeah! Oh, Dad! Dad! EEERRRRGGGGHHHH!” as the last oozes from the head of my boy dick. I am spent, exhausted.

Dad continues to rest on top of me, his cock remains in my ass. My arms cross my chest, forming an "X", my left hand at my right shoulder; my right hand at my left shoulder. Dad's arms are wrapped around his boy; Dad's right hand gripping my right wrist; Dad's left hand griping my left wrist. I drift into a peaceful, contented sl**p, knowing that I am wrapped in Dad's arms as tightly as Dad's cock is wrapped in Dad's boy's ass.
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1 month ago
Love it when I have to hold back from cumming,then the release,Wooooooow.xxxxxxx
6 months ago
An experience that every boy should have......
7 months ago
hot tale
8 months ago
very hot
9 months ago
woooof ! hot ass story..
10 months ago
Wow, hot story
1 year ago
this made my boy weener hard, and my hole itchy!
1 year ago
I love this story!!!
I love to please dady!
1 year ago
Dad here. Hot story.
1 year ago
Call me Dad.
2 years ago
very hot
2 years ago
Fuckin hot I must say
3 years ago
Wow, that's off the chart hot!
3 years ago
Fucking hot, aaahhh dad & son fuck stories. mmmm