What a Party

A few years ago I’d found a website for sex parties in San Francisco, the stories were amazing to read and the pictures were insane. A fuck fest of guys, sucking dick, fucking and getting fucked. I’ve always fantasized about getting gangbanged, having guys waiting to use me gets me hard instantly. I love getting dominated, and the more guys doing it the better.
So I emailed the website for more information on their parties and told them I was going to be in California during the summer and wanted to bottom for them. After exchanging pictures and my details they were keen to have me at one of their parties. I wanted to go there now, the thought of waiting 4 months before I could join them was horrible, I’m so impatient but I stuck it out and before you know it I was on my way to California.
I spent some time in LA with friends and then headed up to San Francisco on my own. After settling into my hotel I checked my emails and had a message from the party saying how they were looking forward to using my ass. Hot.
The day of the party arrived; I went for a run, did some tanning by the pool and prepped myself for a long session of getting gangbanged. That evening with the address in my hand I headed to the apartment where the party was taking place, I’d had a couple of beers before hand to relax myself and by the time I got there my heart was pounding with excitement and a little nerves. Alex was the host and greeted me at the door. There were 2 bedrooms, and a large open plan lounge and kitchen area.
“We’re gona have you here in the lounge as the main attraction”, Alex said whilst smiling at me.
“Sounds great to me”, I replied. “Shall I strip off now?”
“Yeah sure, guys will be arriving in the next 20 minutes or so”
I took off all my clothes and Alex left them in a drawer in one of the bedrooms. On the lounge floor was a small mattress covered in cushions and a sheet, I guessed this was my stage. A whole collection of types of lube were on the floor nearby, with cuffs, blindfolds and gags. I lay down on my front on the mattress and waited for my first guy. I could hear knocking at the door and a series of guys poured in over the following 15 minutes. Before long clothes were on the floor and about 30 men were naked in this one apartment.
I lifted myself up onto my hands and knees and saw a guy stood in front of me with his big dick hanging in front of my face, I took it in my mouth and began to suck on it, licking long and hard, taking it all inside. Then I felt a guy kneel down on the mattress and start rimming my ass, his tongue was warm and wet, lubing up my ass and relaxing my hole. His hands were cold on my ass as he stuck his tongue in me. He spat into his hand and rubbed it on his cock, he slid is middle finger inside my ass and fingered in his spit. Again he spat, this time on my ass and fingered it inside my hole again. Rubbing his dick in his hand he slapped it against my ass, then began to slide it inside me.
With one guys dick in my mouth and another guy easing his cock into my ass I loved it. He gently slid his raw cock up my hole, pulling my cheeks apart, easing me open. By this time there must have been 10 guys stood watching, rubbing their dicks in their hands, seeing me get spit roasted and patiently waiting for their turn to fuck me.
The guy fucking my ass started to give me a good hard pounding, his hands were pressed down hard on my waist as he fucked my tight hole. He slapped my ass hard with his hand and I moaned with a mouth full of dick.
“You fucking like that you dirty little whore?” the guy fucking me asked.
“Yeah fuck my ass hard” I mumbled to him with a cock in my mouth
He slammed his dick into my ass, fucking my raw little hole, his balls were slapping against my butt and he continued pounding me hard. He grabbed my hair and slapped my ass harder, smacking me hard with his hand. He pulled my head back by my hair and the other guys dick fell out of my mouth, then he pushed my face down into the mattress holding his hand hard on top of my head forcing me to the floor.
“Yeah. Take my dick up your ass you little slut. You like my big dick inside you?”
He nailed me to the floor, my ass sticking up in the air with my face pressed down. Fucking my ass hard I felt him get faster, with harder thrust until he shot his load deep inside me. Moaning loudly as he came in my ass, stuffing every last bit of his cum up my hole. He pulled his dick out of my used hole and stood up.
“Who’s fucking this bitch next?” he asked the guys stood around.
The next guy got down on the mattress, wiped the other guys cum from my hole onto his finger and slid it inside me. He spat in his hand and rubbed it on his dick, then shoved it hard into my ass. He didn’t go slow, he started fucking me hard straight away.
Two guys came round the front and shoved their dicks in my face, I started sucking both guys off, taking a dick in my ass hard and sucking two cocks at once. One of the guys then came a shot his load all over my face, the remaining cum I licked off his cock as it dribbled out.
The guy fucking me copied the previous guy and started smacking my ass hard. Gripping onto my waist with both hands, slamming his big dick inside me, he slid his dick in and out of my hole, teasing me, pulling out slowly then thrusting hard inside right down to the base of his dick. One of the guys jerking of nearby came over my back, followed by the second guy in front cumming in my mouth. I swallowed. Getting fucked hard, the guy behind pulled his dick out of my ass and shot his load all over my back, then stuffed his cock back up my hole to finish me off. He got up.
“Next guy” he said.
Fresh cum still dribbling out of my ass the next guy got down on the floor and slid his dick straight inside me. Fucking me hard and dumping his load up my ass, then the next guy, and another guy, working my hole open with their dicks, using my ass and filling my butt with their loads like the cum slut I am.
The tenth guy got down on the floor, I leaned forward and put my face to the mattress and he held me down on the floor as he slid his dick inside me. With one of his hands on my ass and the other on my back holding me down he pounded my cum filled hole. There were guys stood all around watching me get abused and fucked like a little boy slut, taking their dicks in my ass one after the other, dumping their loads inside of me and then leaving.
He continued fucking me, with other guys cum coming out of my hole, barely enough room for another big load he shot his hot cum up inside of me and it all started dribbling out.
“Yeah take that load up your ass boy” he said to me.
Still holding me down on the bed he slapped my ass and pulled his dick out.
I lay there, breathing heavily, on my front with my ass in the air and my face buried in the mattress. I pushed the cum out of my ass and felt it dribbling down my inner thigh. I had been well used and truly abused.
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2 years ago
Hot Story......
3 years ago
I would love to be a gangbang bottom.
3 years ago
fucking hot.
3 years ago
Great story! Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
3 years ago
I love this story and I would absolutely love to do the same thing! Thanks for posting this one. It makes me extremely hot to be watched while I am being fucked.

I am a slut for 3 married guys here locally. Each one comes over at noon about once a week and fucks me bareback, which I love! I have always wanted to be fucked bareback by several guys....one right after the other....with their cum as lube. I told each one about what i wanted and all 3 agreed. Earlier this week they all three showed up and I sucked them all for a bit and then they bent me over a table, pulled my panties down and took turns fucking me and each one shot big loads of cum in my asshole. I loved it and they liked it to. From now on, they will come over together!

3 years ago
Hot. Why can't I find parties like that by me.
3 years ago
my cock got hard
3 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmmm more please