Great Summer Camp

Several years ago when I was in my teens I worked at a summer camp in the Adirondacks. It was pretty rustic with tents on wooden platforms for campers, pit latrines in campsites, a central dining hall, three sports fields, lots of pine trees and a lake for boating and sailing. Although a pool had recently been added with an attached shower house, changing area, and “modern” bathrooms, there was an old shower house in the woods.

At eighteen I was questioning my sexuality, masturbated regularly, and had even engaged in mutual masturbation a couple times with friends during backyard sl**povers, but could only imagine how it might feel to have my dick sucked. No one was bold enough to suggest it and the last thing you wanted was for the guys you hung around with to think you were gay.

The old shower house at camp had a boiler room, a changing area and probably a dozen shower heads, and except for the boiler room was enclosed but open to the sky. It wasn’t unusual for several of the younger staff to take off and shower before turning in for the night. The shower house was off in the woods and wasn’t all that close or centrally located.

I always tried to get the same shower. The shower head was missing and the water came out in a stream instead of a spray. During previous trips to the shower house, we hadn’t really lingered all that much. We were kept busy throughout the day and weren’t done until 9:00-10:00 each evening.

One evening four of us took off for the showers. Gary and Scott shared one staff lean-to, while Tim and I shared another. As we were stripping and heading into the showers there was the usual banter and goofing around. We turned on the showers and adjusted the water to as hot as we could take it, soon creating clouds of steam that drifted above us and into the night.

Most nights I just concentrated on what I was doing; lathered, rinsed, got out and put on clean underwear and socks, and the sweats I wore to and from the showers. I wasn’t always the first out of the shower, but I wasn’t last either. Everyone pretty much washed up, got out, dried off, got dressed, and back we went to our bunks and sl**p. This night turned out to be very different.

I had just finished shampooing, and was facing the shower rinsing the shampoo from my hair. I backed up half a step and that’s when it happened. The f***eful stream of water from the shower came down and struck the base of my penis. The stream of water striking that area where groin became penis aroused me and I knew that if I didn’t get out of the shower my soon to be erect penis would be obvious to the other three guys.

As I started to reach for the water valves with one hand and tried covering my dick with the other hand, Gary laughed and said to the others, “Hey! Guess who just got dick-slapped by his shower!” The other two laughed and Scott said, “Don’t leave. It will go away if you don’t think about it.” Tim smiled and started soaping up, lathering his entire torso.

Then Gary said, “Now look what you started” and pointed to his stiffening dick. Scott laughed again and said, “There’s only one cure for that” and I noticed his dick beginning to stiffen as well. Tim stepped over and started soaping my back, then turned me around and lathered my chest; slowly working his hands and soapy lather down my stomach and between my legs. I looked over and saw that Gary and Scott were lathering each other as well and then to my surprise they leaned in towards each other and kissed!

Tim quietly said, “They’re really in to each other, but I’d like to know you better, more intimately, if you want.”

He started lathering and fondling my balls and slowly stroked my cock which was now fully erect. Then he took my hand, placed the soap in it, moved my hand to his pubic hair and had me lather him as well. I heard someone moaning and looked over to see Scott on his knees with his face between Gary’s legs.

Tim said, “They’ll be here until the hot water is gone” and then continued, “Let’s finish rinsing off and go back to our bunks. We can get to know each other better there and it’s a little more private. I’m sure you want to cum as much as I do, and I really want to suck your cock.” I was glad he suggested it and agreed to return to the privacy of our lean-to.

When we arrived back at our lean-to, Tim closed and fastened the canvas curtain across the front and we hung our towels to dry. There were two bunk beds, one on either side of the entry. We used the top bunks for storing our gear. Having been on camp staff before, Tim had blankets, sheets, and pillows, while I had a blanket and a sl**ping bag. He turned on a small battery powered lamp that provided dim lighting and turned to me with a shy smile.

“Sit on my bed with me”, he said. After taking off our sneakers and socks we sat cross-legged on the bed, our heads brushing the underside of the top bunk. He reached over, drew my face towards his and started to gently kiss my lips. I surprised myself by responding with my tongue sliding out and parting his lips. I suddenly realized that I desired this and my cock twitched and was straining against my shorts.

We broke from the kiss and Tim pulled my sweatshirt up, over my head and off. Before I could help he had his sweatshirt off. We simultaneously swiveled our legs over the bed and slid out of our sweats and underwear. He pulled back the sheet and blanket and we wriggled under them together, his hands drawing me into an embrace, his lips seeking mine.

As we kissed, our hands began gently exploring each other, pulling the blankets down to our waists. My body quivered as his fingers found a nipple and I couldn’t quite suppress a small moan of delight. His lips left mine and his tongue traced a path across my chin, down my neck and chest until he reached the nipple. Tim circled my nipple slowly with his tongue, and then took it between his lips, gently pulling at it, sucking on it, and nipping at it with his teeth. After a minute or so on the one nipple he switched to the other. My brain was swimming with pleasure.

Tim’s hand stroked the inside of my thigh and played with my balls, then found my cock. His hand circled my shaft and milked it down until a spot of pre-cum glistened on the tip. His lips left my nipple and worked their way down my stomach. He slid his body further down the bed pushing the blanket away, shifted his position to between my legs, lifted his face and licked the tip of my dick, gathering the pre-cum on the tip of his tongue. Tim’s tongue circled his lips using my pre-cum like lip gloss.

With a satisfied “mmmmmm”, he parted his lips and descended on my shaft. The moist warmth of his mouth and lips, and the feeling of his tongue stroking my glans and shaft, had me softly moaning, biting my bottom lip, and arching my back. After a few minutes he allowed my cock to pop out of his mouth then slid his body up along mine until our dicks were pressed together.

I rolled over until Tim was on his back. With no thought to foreplay, I slid down between his legs. I nestled my nose into his pubic hair and inhaled his scent. I reached out with my tongue, lapping at his shaft and around to his balls – which I noticed were smooth, without any hair. I lifted my head up and inserted his cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue across the head and the oozing pre-cum that had appeared. I didn’t really have any clue about what I should be doing, was afraid of fumbling, but figured what the hell and went with what felt right.

That was the right thing to do and soon Tim was breathing heavily. He used slow thrusts to push his cock further into my mouth until it was all the way in and I realized I was taking him in my throat. I almost gagged, but was able to keep the reflex under control as I slowly bobbed up and down on his shaft, pausing every now and then to lick and lap at his shaft and scrotum.

I don’t know how long this went on for. It could have been fifteen or twenty minutes, maybe longer. Tim started to breathe faster and I felt his hips tense. His cock seemed to swell in my mouth and I felt him pull out as the first jet of his cum hit me in the face. I swiftly positioned my face as a second stream of cum erupted from his shaft and into my mouth. Taking his cock back into my mouth a third and fourth spasm of cum filled it, and finally a fifth and much weaker pulse completed his ejaculation. I slowly sucked his rapidly diminishing erection as cum leaked past my lips.

Tim reached down and dragged me up until he was able to plant his lips on mine. He licked his cum from my lips then wiped my face with his finger, drawing cum across my face to my lips, which I greedily opened and to suck on his finger. Tim kissed me again, inserting his tongue in my mouth, sharing the taste of his orgasm.

He then slid down between my legs and started kissing and licking the underside of my scrotum. Pre-cum - which was something new for me, it had never appeared from my member in such quantity – was dribbling from my cock. Every now and then Tim would drag his thumb across the head of my dick and smear the pre-cum around.

Finally Tim worked his way up my shaft. His lips seemed to wrap around my cock as he took it into his mouth. The feeling was incredible, like warm velvet wrapped around my entire dick. He worked my cock with his entire mouth, with his lips, tongue and even his teeth every now and then.

After what seemed like an eternity I started to feel that familiar tingle that precedes an ejaculation under my scrotum at the base of my erection . My body began to quiver and my hips started thrusting on their own volition. I clamped down on my ejaculation, my head thrashing from side to side, and another quiet moan escaped from my lips. With the finger and thumb of one hand grasping my dick and holding it up as he sucked, Tim reached up with the other hand and pinched one of my nipples.

As an electric-like shock coursed through my body, I could no longer hold back. I arched my back as my cock seemed to swell to bursting and what fely like a rope of cum spurted out. Tim pulled his lips from the head of my dick as a half-dozen quick spurts of cum followed splattering across his face. Three weaker spurts followed and then a final spurt oozed out as my cock twitched several times before beginning to relax.

Tim looked up at me in the dim light, a smile on his face as cum slid from his cheeks to his chin. As he leaned forward cum dripped from his chin to land on my stomach and chest. We kissed deeply, his tongue pushing cum from his mouth to mine while pressing his cum splattered face to mine.

His hand found my not-quite limp dick, still slick with cum and saliva, and began stroking and squeezing the shaft. While I felt spent and drained, my dick started to pulse and thicken. Tim let go of my dick, wiped cum from his face and mine, and with his cum-slick hand continued to stroke my now hard-again dick. It was rare for me to be able to masturbate twice within an hour, and here Tim had me back in action only a couple minutes after ejaculating!

He bent over my dick and used his mouth to clean my cock. This time the tingling feeling of an impending ejaculation developed within minutes. My dick swelled and three quick, deep spurts that seemed to start from deep between my legs pulsed from my balls and through my shaft into his mouth as he took my cock deep into his throat.

After sucking me clean, my dick limp and unresponsive, Tim slid up until we were lying side by side. He reached down and pulled the blankets over us. We propped our heads on a hand and looked at each other, both of us smiling. In the dim light I could see traces of cum on Tim’s face, drying in his eyebrows and bangs. He saw the appraising look and whispered, “sl**p with me tonight, in my bed. We’ll get up early and hit the showers . . . alone. You need to wash cum from your hair and face too.” After talking quietly for a few minutes he rolled onto his side and asked me to snuggle in. Within minutes we were both in a half-doze; that satisfied, post-sex, almost slumber.

Later as I spooned Tim with my cum-slick stomach sticking to him and my cheek on his shoulder, I felt very complete. I placed my hand on his hip and it slid down and brushed his dick. It gave a twitch, Tim moaned a quiet moan, and my dick nestled between his legs gave a twitch. I wondered just how much sl**p we would actually get that night or the rest of the summer.
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5 months ago
another excellent story, thanks
2 years ago
Dmn Nice.
Need more with Scott and Greg....
2 years ago
That was very hot. I remember my summer camps and this story was almost word for word of what had happened to me. I loved sucking cock back then. He had a 12 inch cock and loved making him cum
3 years ago
Wonderful story, so hot had me hard all through it
3 years ago
Fucking awesome - more please
3 years ago
Holy shit that was hot!!!
3 years ago
great story, wish my summer camps were like that
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
Great story, very hot!