One Night Stand

While cruising Gay Web Sites one night last week, I skimmed through the messages just to see if anything tweaked my interest.

“Visiting Palm Springs Hotel Tuesday, ISO hot bottoms.”

Well, you never know with these types of things. Instead of posting on the message page, I sent him an e-mail with my stats and I released by private pics to him. He responded he would be in town on Tuesday. A lawyer, he would be in court until about four and then would be looking for some hot ass.

We made arrangements to meet in the hotel bar for 5 o'clock. I arrived about 4:30 and ordered a drink to calm my nerves. I couldn't believe how nervous I was. You would swear it was my first time. When this vision of beauty walked in, I knew right away it was him. Recognizing me from my pics, he came right over and sat down. I was hot for him immediately. The waitress came over to offer him a cocktail and he declined saying we had to get going. I downed what was left of my drink and we were out the door.

We rode the elevator to his floor in relative silence. As the door to his room closed behind us, he bent down and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. As we broke, “Wow” was all I could say. Brent was 6 foot three to my 5 foot eight. I looked him over real good. The best I could come up with was that he was just tall, dark and handsome. About 5 years my junior, our night had just begun. Man, was he hot!

Brent came close to me. I slid my hand past his waist and cupped his hardening basket. He returned the favor and rubbed my cock and balls through my pants. I dropped to my knees, unzipped his pants, reached in and freed his throbbing cock and began to lick it. I sucked on his balls and then took his knob into my mouth, running my tongue over it while lightly playing with his low danglers. I looked up at him for reassurance that he approved. The approval was evident on his face. I swallowed his entire length and got the sense his knees were about to buckle.

We moved to the bed and got undressed. As we stood naked, staring at each other, I was overwhelmed with a shyness that I have no idea where it came from. Sensing something, Brent gently pushed me onto the bed. Hovering over my now throbbing cock, he gently rolled back my foreskin. With his mouth just inches from my knob, he gently blew warm air on the underside of my knob, almost as if he was trying to dry it off. Then he took me into his mouth and sucked. While he bobbed up and down on my cock, never quite taking me all the way, his fingers ran lightly up and down my inner thighs. He slid his hand under my balls in search of my crack. As he ran his fingers over my hole, I grabbed my legs and pulled them towards my chest, exposing my ass to him.

Brent leaned into my crack and flicked his tongue over my pucker. As I moaned passionately, he teased me incessantly, nibbling on the outer lips of my hole and along the insides of my ass cheeks. He flicked his tongue over my pucker several more times and then blew warm breath into my opening. I arched my back to meet his face. He plunged his tongue deep into me. I grabbed his head and pulled him into me as I writhed underneath him. He buried his face in my hole, licking and sucking me for all he was worth. I begged him for his cock.

“Oh Brent, I want your cock so badly,” I whimpered.

“Tell me you want me to fill you,” He teased.

“I want it, I want it, please, please,” I cried.

He positioned himself at my entrance. I could feel the heat of his throbbing cock between my ass cheeks. He grabbed the lube from the nightstand and pouring some on his fingers, he slid them deep into me. With three fingers up my moistened slit, he leaned forward and sucked on my nipples, tweaking one while sucking on the other until they were both rock hard.

He placed his knob at my opening and as he started to push in, I had some mobility and I pushed myself back onto him, devouring his full length in an instant. I had his cock buried in my ass up to his pubes. He started to thrust in and out of me. His cock filled me completely and I could feel every nuance as he pounded my hole. When he pushed all the way in, I could just feel the tip of his knob as it poked through into my second chamber. He felt so good inside me.

As he rammed his cock deep into me, I arched my body up to meet his. I wrapped my legs around him and my arms around his neck, pulling him close. Our lips mashed together and my hardened nipples poked into him as he rode me.

Straightening back up, Brent's tempo increased substantially and I could sense he was close. He was pounding me furiously. I grabbed my own throbbing cock which was almost in my face from the position I was in, and started stroking it in time to his pounding. His cock started to throb deep inside me just about the same time my own cock erupted, squirting a huge load into my own face. Brent shot his wad in several pulsing streams, filling my ass. He collapsed on top of me and licked my cum off my face. Then he kissed me, sharing my own tasty cream with me.

While his first load came quickly, there were several more to come. We sucked and fucked for hours. I pulled out of the downtown parking lot, just past midnight, totally sated, and full of cum. When I got home and in bed, my cock was rock hard again and it wasn't going to go away. I pumped off another load as I recalled the events of our evening of love making. I finally drifted off to sl**p. Brent promised to give me a call when he is back next month. I can't wait to hear from him.
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2 years ago
And what happened at the next visit?
3 years ago
Hot story,
3 years ago
Great story! would love to read what happened the next time
3 years ago
Sounds like a wonderful time. Hot story :)