Dominated and Used

This is an unusual story. It's not really wrestling. It's more of a ****...female r****g male, of course.

I've taken up yoga. After years of intense sports, regimented running, and triathlons, yoga seemed like something wholesome for my body. And my mind.

My favorite yoga class is taught by Kim. I like the class's focus on breathing, on the slow, mindful connection of body and spirit, on the gentleness and nourishment we can give ourselves. I also like Kim.

She's amazingly young...maybe twenty-four, twenty-five at the most. She's small...possibly 5'1". Her thin body seems to be more the work of a comic-book artist, able to bend into positions and support itself in beautiful, graceful ways. She is lean and lithe, and her yoga attire leaves little to the imagination; she may as well just color herself with earth-toned pastel chalk as wear clothing at all. Being young and hip, she tends to wear dark nail polish...not quite black, but more a deep brown with traces of purple...strangely erotic. Her eyes are big and brown and soulful.

Kim always ends class with a relaxation period. We lie in corpse pose and anchor ourselves to the earth. My eyes closed, the lights dimmed, I often find myself in an incredibly centered place in my mind. Ok, perhaps that sounds new-agey, but it's really quite enriching and powerful.

One evening, during this relaxation session, I felt a touch on my shoulders. Then a push. Without opening my eyes, I realized that Kim was standing over me, and gently forcing my shoulders toward the mat. Her gentle push became more f***eful, until she must have had all her one-hundred pounds driving straight down into my shoulders. The effect was tremendous: I felt very anchored to the earth. This seemed especially metaphysical, as though I had achieved some kind of oneness with the earth...with Kim's help.

I didn't ask Kim about this after class, and she didn't mention anything. I assumed it was a typical yoga teacher assist. A few classes later, a similar thing happened. Again, during the relaxation period at the end, I felt her touch. This time, she was focusing just one one arm. I felt one of her small, elfin hands on my wrist, gripping it surprisingly tightly given her diminutive size, and her other hand on my upper bicep. She pulled my arm out, almost painfully, then planted it firmly to the mat. Again, she must have put all her weight into felt like every bit of her mass was driving my arm into the ground. I almost groaned out loud but caught myself. Then she did the same thing to my other arm. The whole time my eyes were closed, my head facing straight up, my body still. When she was finished I felt as though both my arms had been staked to the ground...and yet, again, I felt supremely centered, at one with the earth.

And, at some point while she was working with me, my penis rose up. Kim had driven my arms and shoulders into the ground and, somehow, f***ed my manhood to awaken and arise like a flower searching for the sun. (Sorry for the goofy simile, but that's the way it felt.)

Again, Kim mentioned nothing after class. I hoped she hadn't seen my erection.

For the next few classes I eagerly awaited the final relaxation period. But for a couple classes Kim didn't come around to me. Then, one night, as I lay silently in corpse pose, connecting with my body, falling deep into my thoughts, I felt Kim again.

I could tell she was standing over me, one foot on either side of my chest. At first she pushed down on my shoulders, hard, the way she had the first night. Then, softly but firmly, she sat on my chest, her thin small bottom driving straight into my sternum. In one motion her knees rocked forward onto my shoulders just above my armpits. I nearly yelped in surprise but one of Kim's small hands deftly covered my mouth. She pressed my head down, HARD. I was afraid to open my eyes. Instinctively I started to lift a one arm but Kim used her free hand to drive me f***efully back to the mat while at the same time increasing the pressure on my mouth. Her thin hand seemed as though it were made of silken steel.

For a few moments we stayed in this position, Kim perched atop my still, prone form. The back edge of her hand rested against my nostrils, and she seemed to realize that she was controlling the amount of air I could draw in through my nose. She cut off all but the smallest trace, so I could barely breathe. Again I began to lift my arms, which were free above the elbow, as if to grasp her hand, but she responded with an increased surge in pressure to my mouth and nose, and I let my arms fall flat again.

Strangely, this position of captivity beneath Kim became quite relaxing. Kim was controlling my breathing, and keeping me planted on the ground.

I sensed a slight motion. Kim was adjusting her body, twisting her torso.

Then Kim pressed down with extra f***e on my mouth a split second before I felt her other hand wrap itself around my scrotum. I was wearing thin nylon shorts so it wasn't hard for her to find my manhood. Her small fingers quickly isolated my balls and rolled them around. I, of course, flinched my legs, but a sharp squeeze warned me to keep still. Kim slid her hand up to my penis, and pulled it, kneaded it, quickly into erection. Her small hand was almost painfully tight around my shaft, covered in my thin, loose shorts. I would have gasped but her other hand continued to smother me. One, two, three strokes--and I ejaculated inside my shorts, my body shuddering so hard that I felt her body rock atop me.

Kim quickly rotated back forward and leaned her full weight over my chest. My eyes were still closed. My mouth was wet and warm underneath her palm where I'd been trying in vain to breathe. She leaned forward, until I could feel her warm, sweet breath on my cheek. She whispered, so softly that I could barely hear, so as not to be overheard by the other yoga class participants..."Goodnight." Her one hand had maintained the iron seal over my mouth the entire time; now she used the thumb and forefinger of her other hand to pinch my nose shut entirely, cutting of the small trickle of oxygen she'd been allowing me.

When I awoke the lights were on. Other participants in the class were putting away their mats and equipment; a few had already left. A woman noticed that I was stirring. "Yeah, I get really relaxed sometimes, too," she said.

This time Kim did say something about my experience. As I was leaving the building, not sure what to think about the evening's events, Kim stood at the door. She held it for me, smiling. As I walked past, uncertain of how to respond to her, she spoke, softly but with great assurance:

"I own you. I totally own you."
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1 year ago
wow! she can own me and maybe the other woman together.
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Awesome.. that would be fantastic....