Sewing My Oats

These are my sexual adventures in California when I was still in my 20s and thought it was important to label myself as either gay or straight. I was officially single, but there was a woman in the wings who wanted to make a go of it. This seemed like the perfect time to spend six weeks on the road alone to discover which way the wind would blow me.

I left the Northeast in my Jeep and travelled down to New Orleans and then across Texas. The land was huge and beautiful. My exhibitionist tendencies were starting to gear up. I made it a habit to pull off the interstate every day at lunchtime to sun myself. I was seeking an even nudist’s tan. I don’t believe anyone saw me lying under the interstate bridges or on the fringes of the rest stops.

Weeks had gone by and I settled into a good routine in San Diego. I had a solid workout at the gym in the morning followed by a swim. I had a healthy lunch and took a nap. I went to the nudist section of Black’s Beach to work on my tan for the afternoon. After dinner I went for a swim at the hotel. This routine continued for 2 weeks except for one day when I visited the zoo.

I was starting to be happy with the way my body was looking. Other people were beginning to pay attention to me as well. The investment in time seemed to be paying off.

I had finished my morning swim after pumping weights and I was feeling pretty tired. I was sitting in the outdoor Jacuzzi talking with another club member when I felt a fish bite me on the head of my pecker. “What the FUCK?” I was alarmed at what might be in the water under all the bubbles. As I looked around, I saw a guy in the middle of the hot tub with a grin on his face. I was puzzled. Did he just pinch me? Could his arm possibly be that long?

It took me a moment to gain my composure. When I went to return to my conversation I found my friend gone. The guy with the lobster claws introduced himself as Trevor and told me he had been watching me for the past week. Was this guy a stalker? Did it matter to me? Wasn’t I working out to get attention? I had many questions to answer.

Trevor continued to recount the times he had seen me at the gym. He was able to describe the clothes I was wearing on each day. “Your ass looks amazing in the blue shorts”, he commented. “I could see right up your pant leg while you were doing your ab crunches on Wednesday”, he said with a grin. He was not unattractive with a tall build and strawberry-blonde hair, but I had enough of the hot tub so I wished him a good day and left for the locker room.
There were probably seven other guys in the locker room at various stages of undress. I just love locker rooms. All of the casual undressing, the parade to the shower, and the post-shower pat-down. I like the toweling off of a guy’s balls. Be the end the guy’s package looks majestic and proud. But my all-time favorite locker room activity is when a guy pulls the towel from his waist to dry off his hair. With a vigorous motion, his balls do a little dance. And since his eyes are usually covered, I can fall into dream land for a few seconds.

I was enjoying the scenery but knew I had better drop my swimsuit and start showering before my cock got too excited. With my towel in hand I ran into Trevor again on his way to the showers. I was skeptical of his perfect timing. Had he been watching me taking inventory of the locker room hotties?

We had joined another older man in the group shower area. I started lathering the soap on my body. When I reached to soap up the crack in my ass, the bar fell. Trevor gave a quick laugh. It seemed like a pretty cliché move so I started laughing too. When I bent over to pick it up I made sure to bend from the waist and to point my butt in Trevor’s direction. I was surprised he wasn’t taking in the sight, but when the other man left, he filled me in. He said, “Listen, I’m a member here and I don’t want to get kicked out.”

As far as I was concerned, Trevor was a pervert and he didn’t get much sympathy from me. I left the shower for the dry sauna. I wrapped my towel around me and joined another man on the top bench. Within two minutes, Trevor walked in the door and positioned himself directly opposite me sitting naked on top of his folded towel on the floor.

This seemed like an odd position to choose, but I realized that Trevor could see right up my towel to inspect the goods. I just shook my head. I decided to play with Trevor. I separated my legs enough to let my balls fall down between my legs and with a nudge my shaft flopped down to fall on my white towel. Trevor’s eyes seemed to grow wider.

There was none of the normal chatter in the room. It seemed uncomfortable to me. Trevor was shifting his eyes between my lap, the guy next to me, and the ceiling whenever the other guy looked his way. I started noticing that Trevor was pulling his knees towards his chest to conceal something. I could see between his ankles that his cock was getting bigger. This had an immediate effect on me and my cock went hard under my towel. Because I was sitting, you could only see a slight impression of my dick head pressing at the roof of my towel. Now Trevor was mesmerized by my lap and his erection looked imminent.

I don’t know if the guy next to me could see what was going on, but it was time for him to leave. Trevor also left with his towel and I decided to visit the wet sauna. When I left the room I could see that Trevor hit the shower again.

I was alone and sat on the ceramic-tiled bench. The steam in the room gave me enough cover to lazily touch my body and stroked my cock. Trevor had started my motor and now I figured I would have to take matters into my own hands.

The door open and a bright light showed the silhouette of a tall man entering the room. I could hear him fumbling around but I had no clue what he was doing. Then I felt his hand on my knee and he sat right next to me. I couldn’t believe how forward these guys were. No one in my gym back home would be this direct. He still had his hand of my leg, but now it was on my thigh.

Just for a laugh, I decided to push the envelope and blurted out, “Shouldn’t you be on your knees?” My heart skipped a beat. I wasn’t sure what would happen next. There was a long pause and then the man said, “Yes, you’re right, sorry.” He assumed a position between knees. This was very new to me. I’d never spoken to anyone like this before, but I continued.

I abruptly asked, “What are you waiting for? Open your mouth and SUCK MY COCK. Isn’t that why you’re here?” I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth. It felt great. He didn’t utter a word. He went straight to work.

I’d been sucked off by about ten guys and maybe three women. This guy was sensational. Maybe it was the combination of the wetness from the steam bath and my new role as dominant. His lips started at the head of my cock and drew me into his mouth like a vacuum, perhaps a Wet Vac. I was just laying back and enjoying myself when the door opened again.

We both froze. We could not be seen from the doorway as long as the steam did not escape. Another tall man stood in the door frame. He was peering into the room, but not entering the room. The steam was flooding out of the room and I was getting nervous. Before our cover was totally blown, I yelled out with some authority, “Shut the door!”

The man entered the room and whispered, “Alex?”

Was this guy looking for me? Then I realized it was Trevor again. “Over here,”I said without enthusiasm. I told the guy at my feet to get back to work and he did.

Trevor sat next to me and said, “I see you met Robert. I sent him in here. He’s the best.”

I figured if it worked once, it might work again. I ordered Trevor to the floor. He paused and then assumed a position next to Robert. I opened my legs wider. As Trevor got comfortable, I slipped a foot between each of their legs, so when I lifted my toes, there balls would jump.

Robert and Trevor then took turns at slurping and sucking on my nuts. I asked Trevor, “Is this what you were looking for when you interrupted my conversation in the hot tub?” He replied with a mumble. He did not possess the cock sucking prowess of Robert, but I was willing to help him learn. I told Robert to suck on my balls while I gripped the back on Trevor’s head with both of my hands. My cock is big, but it’s not a monster like some I’ve seen on Squirt. I knew Trevor could take me if he really had the desire. I started slowly moving about four inches of my cock in and out of his mouth. He seemed to be enjoying this. Trevor was now humming on my ball sack, which has always felt good.

I was still moving slowly with Trevor, but I started pushing beyond the limits of his mouth and started invading his throat. I only dipped another inch into him and then retracted it until he was relaxed with the movement. When I felt he was ready, I slipped my cock out of his mouth, took a hold of his chin, and looked him in the eye. I asked slowly, “Are you ready for me to fuck your sweet mouth? Once we start, I won’t be stopping. You need to be committed. Do you really want to take all of me like a good cock sucker?” He simply said, “Yes,” and drew my cock into his mouth again.

Robert had begun to finger my hole which was the first time anyone other myself had worked on that body part. He was magical. He savored each ball rolling it around in his mouth like a Swedish meatball.

I drew Trevor’s head back into my lap with a higher velocity. I could feel the head of my cock growing bigger and I knew I was not far from blowing my load. Trevor was doing pretty well. He was breathing at the right times and was taking in at least six inches with every stroke. We rocked back and forth and back and forth. I asked Trevor if he was ready to feel all of me and he shook his head up and down. At least I thought he was saying yes. I began moving into hyper-gear and pushed my cock deeper and deeper inside of him. He was making grunting noises now as his nostrils brushed up against the base of my cock. I knew he was feeling uncomfortable, but I was almost finished. He asked for it after all. This pervert had been thinking about being in this position for at least a week. How many times had he watched me undress and shower? How many times had he heard me grunt as I struggled to complete a set with the barbell? Yeah, this man deserved to be fed the full length of my cock. My thoughts were swirling.

As I reached the tipping point, Robert took the finger which was playing with my ass and SHOVED it straight into me like a dagger. This was all I could take. I grabbed Trevor by the ears and impaled his head on my cock. I held him there as I exploded into his throat. I could feel the ridge of my penis expand to the dimensions of his throat. Finally, Trevor ejected me with great f***e as he gasped for air. I was worried about him, but he recovered and had a big smile of satisfaction on his face.
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Great story, very hot!