A New Life

Growing up in a small country town, I just knew I had to get out of there as soon as I could. Today was my 18th birthday and I was moving out of home to the big city. I could not stay another year in that town. I felt suffocated and out of place.

I was 6'2" tall, 95kgs of ripped muscle and loved football and swimming. I had made some friends through sports and with a few of the guys, had organised to rent a house near the beach and the 5 of us would be roommates.

It was looking to be a good year ahead. I was really looking forward to my private room at the back of the new house. I had fought to get the room with its own private entrance as I knew I would be bringing people home that my roommates may not want to know about. I could still access the main part of the house, the house that would be filled with hot 18 y/o studs with amazing bodies. It was like a dream come true...

I really wanted to explore my new found freedom, have the the ability to act out the feelings I had always had but did do anything about. I had gotten close on a school camp once but the teacher walked in and ruined it. I always held back, my home was a small town, I was on the sports teams and I couldn't take the chance of anyone finding out about me. It would have ruined my life.

I finished packing up my car & said my farewells, I would miss my f****y a lot but I knew I had to make a change. I hit the road and felt a rush of excitement, exhilaration and relief like I had never felt before. I had 4hrs to go before I would arrive at my new home by the beach, so I turned up the radio and sang along.

About 3 bottles of water and 2hrs later I really need to take a piss, so I pulled into a roadside truck stop and went to the restroom. I stood at the urinal and unleashed a huge stream of piss. I was off in my own world and didn't notice that a guy had came in and started taking a piss right beside me. I was shaking off the last drop and looked down to button my jeans up and I know I shouldn't have but I snuck a look at the guy.

He was about 22 y/o, 6'4 tall and lean, wearing only board shorts. His sandy blonde hair was all messy and he had a few days of stubble. As my eyes wondered down, I noticed he did not have a tan line and then I saw my first cock. It was about 5" soft, thick and juicy. He had clipped his pubes, so I got to see his manhood in all its glory. It was magnificent and I started to get hard. Now I'm not small in the cock department, so concealing my 8" of stiffening cock was difficult.

I tried to button myself up quickly and headed to the basin to wash my hands when I heard him ask if I had the time. I checked my watch and told him it was 2:30pm while staring at the water coming from the tap. He had walked up to the basin now and he had a smile on his face. His cock was still out of his shorts and it was growing harder by the second. He told me he saw me staring at this cock while I buttoned up and noticed the bulge in my pants. He said his name was Tom and asked if I was in a rush to leave.

I didn't know what to say, I had been busted looking at his cock and now he was hard as a rock, standing right next to me at a restroom basin asking me if I had to leave. I swallowed hard, told him I was on my way to my new house and had a few hours left to drive and asked him why he wanted to know.

While stroking his now thick 9" cock and smiling at me, he said he had a kombi outside and knew of a quiet place. I said something unintelligible and nodded my head as he took my hand and placed it on his stiff shaft. It felt so good and hard in my hand. A little bit of precum was leaking from the tip as I stroked him back and forth, watching his foreskin slip over and back off his cock head. Tom leaned in and kissed me on the lips and said we better take this to the Kombi as there were more cars pulling into the rest stop and he didn't want to get caught.

As we left the restroom, he told me to follow him in my car and we headed off to the quiet spot he had mentioned. I stroked my cock through my jeans, imagining what I was about to get up to. I was so excited I had made a precum patch in my jocks and it was soaking through my jeans. We drove along the highway then took a side road and went up a windy dirt track to the top of a hill surrounded by trees and vines. As we reached the top there was enough room for a few cars, a picnic table and the most amazing view down to the city. Luckily the lookout was deserted and we parked next to each other.

Tom got out of the kombi, opened up the side door and went inside. I walked over and noticed he had a mattress set up and from where he was laying we could see the road in, the city and the coastline. He asked me to join him on the mattress and I sat next to him. He noticed I was a little shy and asked if I had been with guys before. I told him I had been with girls but never had the opportunity to see what I liked about guys.

Tom was rubbing his cock smiling, he licked his lips and asked if it was ok if we took our clothes off. I said sure, trying to sound casual about it and he grabbed his shorts by the waistband and ripped them off. His cock was still rock hard, a glorious 9" and very thick. The precum glistened in the sunlight. I had finally gotten all my clothes off when I felt him pull me towards him. We kissed passionately and I felt his tongue play with mine. His hands slowly made their way across my body and down to my ever hardening cock.

Tom pushed me onto my back and made his way down to suck my cock. He licked the tip, trailing his cock round the head and then in 1 quick motion, he swallowed the shaft to the base. I gasped and moaned, no one had ever sucked my cock with this much expertise before. He worked his way up and down my cock, slurping away, swirling his tongue over my knob. He sure knew how to make me leak precum.

Tom grabbed my balls with one hand and lightly tickled and pulled on them which caused me to throw my head back and growl like a wild b**st. I reached for his cock, to stroke it or get him to move it closer so I could suck it but he said no. He wanted my first guy time to be all about me, he wanted to make me remember this forever.

I watched his mouth slide up and down on my cock, his left hand playing with my balls as his right hand was behind him. I couldn't see what he was doing but he seemed to be enjoying it so I laid back and enjoyed the blow job. Tom got to his knees while sucking me and put something in his mouth. I felt something slide down over my cock and then I saw the condom wrapper next to the opened lube packet. I realized he had been lubing his ass while sucking me and fingering himself getting ready to take my cock.

He asked me to follow him out of the kombi and we went to the picnic table where Tom sat me down and straddled my lap facing me. He expertly grabbed my cock and slowly lowered himself onto my cock, staring at my face wanting to see how I liked my first time in a tight ass. I was in heaven, his ass was so tight, wet and warm. It felt like soft hot velvet had wrapped itself around my cock and was milking me for all its worth. Tom started to ride me more and more as his ass got used to my cock. He had his feet pinning my hands alongside my legs and was raising himself up and down off and onto my cock, taking my full 8" length inside him.

He threw his head back, grabbed my shoulders and started to ride me rougher. He said my cock was bashing against his prostate and it felt so good he wasn't going to last long till he would cum. My hands were hurting, his riding got more rough and he was slamming himself down on my cock, my balls slapping his ass as he rode he hard. His cock started to grow, swelling and getting thicker as he starting moaning louder and shouting out he was going to cum.

I couldn't take it any longer and pulled my hands from under his feet. I lifted Tom up and laid him down on the picnic table with my cock still inside him and started to fuck him harder than I knew possible. I grabbed hold of his cock and jerked it while I rammed my cock in and out of his hole as rough and hard as I could.

Tom started to shake, his cock started to explode and his ass clenched around my cock, milking me for all my worth. My balls tightened and I felt myself almost about to blow just as Tom squealed and panted for me to keep fucking him hard. 1, 2, 3 huge ropes of cum flew from Tom's cock, covering his lightly furred chest, neck and onto his chin. I was pounding him like a mad man when I started to cum. I pulled my cock out, ripped off the condom and sprayed my cum all over Tom's ass, balls and cock.

I had never cum like this before and instantly knew I was finally having sex the way I was intended to, with boys. Tom and I were so exhausted as I fell onto of him. It was now 4:30pm & we had been at it for a while so we cleaned up and cracked open a few beers from Tom's Kombi. We sat back naked on the park bench and swapped addresses and numbers while we drank our beers. It was lucky that Tom only lived 15 mins from my new house so we headed off down the highway together, stopping every hour so he could suck me off and swallow my hot loads.

In 1 day, I had turned 18, I had moved out of home, I had the best sex of my life. I had found a hot willing guy that wanted to play who lived close to my new house. Little did I know that I would spend 4yrs with Tom, learning all there is to know about man-on-man sex...

It was definitely going to be a good year...
80% (10/3)
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2 years ago
Well Done....
More of these two......
3 years ago
3 years ago
like the story, tingly balls time
3 years ago
Great story, would love to read more about them. Thanks for writing!
3 years ago
Very hot, especially like the bit about shooting over his ass, cock and balls!