Nailed while being watched by wife

"Crossdresser a plus! Wife wants to watch you service husband." That is what the ad said and even though I didn’t think I had a chance I answered anyway. See it was Friday night and I was supposed to have met a Squirt member on Thursday, but they never showed so I was super horny. I was just about to give up when I got an email from them saying they were interested and it included their phone number. After I settled my nerves I called. Voicemail darn, but I left a message that I would be showering and shaving myself smooth. I said I would try again after. While I was showering they texted me and said they were at Club Q. Since it was a gay club my fear that they were gay bashers subsided and we agreed I would meet them there. I gathered up my gurl things got dressed with a demi-bra with matching panties underneath my man clothes. When I got to the club I texted that I was there. Since we were supposed to meet in the parking lot I waited and tried to not look like a moron in front of the club as the minutes ticked away. I was sure they got cold feet, but again I was horny so I decided to wait a bit longer for them to reply.

Good choice, because they did and asked if I wanted to join them for a drink. I agreed and they gave me their location. When I saw them in the corner my cock immediately jumped to attention, because they were a very hot couple. He was a rugged man with strong manly features. His salt and pepper hair and honest smile sealed the deal for me. I looked at her and she was also sporting long flowing salt and pepper hair with the most alluring eyes. I could tell she had a nice body that was being hidden by her conservative clothes and I knew it was going to a fun night even though she was not on the menu. We made small talk as we got to know each other and with each passing moment I felt more at ease. This was good since they wanted to drive me to their place, so my strange vehicle was not outside. After a while we headed out to their place to play. My mind was filled with many dirty thoughts and the trip went by quickly.

When we arrived we smoked some pot to calm our nerves and talked more. I finally decided to show them some of my clothes I brought to get the ball rolling. As I was showing off some of my things, I remembered that I had on my sexy bra so I removed my shirt to reveal it. They both liked it and in a short time I had one my girl watch, girl glasses, short dirty blonde wig and my sexy matching bra and panties. That’s when the fun began as I found myself being told to get between his legs to service him. I felt a tinge of nervousness and then I grabbed his cock to begin servicing. I immediately knew I made the right decision to answer the ad because his cock was wonderful and immediately had me drooling. It was hard and continued to grow to fill my mouth and hand. It was very think and about 8” long. I struggled to swallow the whole thing as my cock leaked lots of pre-cum in my panties. I finally got it all the way down and felt his manhood gagging me. I was in heaven and from his moaning figured he was too. I took a quick break from his cock and looked up to see his wife watching us. Her sexy bedroom eyes and knowing smile just made me even more horny.

After a while he had me lay on the floor in the 69 position him on top. I was sure I could feel my cock now leaking pre-cum like I was peeing as I stared up at is wonderful cock that would now be easier to deep throat, than when I was kneeling between his legs. Before I finished my thought his mouth had enveloped my cock and taken my 6” cock all the way. He was an expert cock sucker and I had to distract myself with his cock in my throat to keep from cumming. While it was deep in my throat I thought about how I said he could fuck me and was like I can’t take him or he will tear me open.

I felt him start fingering my ass as I continued to work over his nice thick cock. Next thing I know he had me lay on my side and he started pushing his condom covered cock into my ass. With very little lube other than what I had applied to his cock with my mouth it was going slow. I wanted to ask for lube but was trying to remain submissive and I also didn’t want him to stop it felt so good. I also looked up at his wife who was still watching now with her pants unbuttoned. This made me even hotter and I pushed my ass onto his cock to tell him I wanted more or his cock in me, He pumped my ass for a long time and finally he had to stop because he was exhausted. He had made me cum from his fucking and I still wanted more.

I was pretty sure he didn’t cum yet and as I was having that thought he told me to get back between his legs to service his cock some more. It was limp and still almost as big as my hard cock…mmmmmm, slurp mmmffff it is so good having his cock in my mouth. As I worked on his cock he reached under my bra and pinched and twisted my nips. At that point I was once again in heaven. I tried my best moves, as I worked over his cock and asked him for his cum. I so wanted his load down my throat or all over my face. I loved every minute as I licked and sucked his now even bigger cock. It was so thick now it was gagging me before I got it all the way in. I finally managed to get it all the way down and he grabbed my head while he pumped my throat. I wanted to scream with pleasure it felt so good to be totally filled with cock. Once again he had me move. This time on all fours and again I felt my pre-cum leaking as I took the position-.

I felt him enter me again and thought I am his. I was determined to take more this time and pushed back on his cock hungrily. He pumped my ass until we were both exhausted. I had never felt so full and I still don’t think he managed to get his whole dick in. I was totally spent and he could tell so he told me to lay between his legs my panty covered cock right next to his. He sent his wife for lube as I wondered what was next. I noticed when she returned that she had changed and realized I was right she did have a nice body.

He then lubed us up and proceeded to give me a nice hand and cock to cock job. As I was lying on the floor I tried to rub his cock too, but it was time to cum so I concentrated on the amazing feeling he was making. He continued his masterful rubbing as I laid there looking up at both him and his wife until I came with a huge load. He continued stroking both our cocks, now using my cum for lube too. I felt my cock start to get hard again as he stroked and wished he would punish my balls some while he stroked us. I got my wish as he remembered I said I liked my balls hit. It was wonderful and I came again as I felt his cum landing on me.

What an amazing night, I thought as I sat there in an intense sex glow. They drove me back to my vehicle and I drove home in a daze. As soon as I got home and revealed my cum stained panties my cock leapt to attention and I had to cum again. That made 5 cums for the night and yet I still couldn’t quiet my cock.

The next day all I thought about was my encounter the night before. I remained hard and in a fog most of the next day. I am very grateful to my new playmates and I hope that we have many more sessions. I always thought I would never have a story worthy of Cocktales, but now I have one and also know that sex only gets better as you get to know your partner.
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3 years ago
Sounds like you hit the jackpot with this couple. Lucky you!
3 years ago
you horny little slut