Truck Stop

I pulled off the major highway that ran though my city into the highway rest stop. The rest stop outside of town had been a place that was well known to be very active at night with men looking for fun with other men. Trucks would stop through for "road head" and local married guys would discreetly hook up and explore their wilder side in anonymity.

The place was typically dark, and could be dirty and filled with bugs if the weather was hot but it never seemed to be too nasty to keep the men away.

I had discovered it on an online cruise forum and verified its level of activity and because my job had me on the road a lot, I stopped by fairly routinely.

This night, the parking lot light was burned out or broken. This made for a lot of cruising in the parking lot as well. Guys passed by cars slowly, scoping out who was sitting in them. Some guys stroked right there in their front seat trying to attract someone over.

I walked steadily into the bathroom where most of the action tended to start. The stalls were busy as were the urinals. i waited in mocking anticipation of using a toilet. Eventually a urinal opened up so I took the minimal opportunity to let my aching cock out of my jeans it had been trying to bust for the past hour.

I stood there quietly letting myself relax a bit. i could here all sorts of movement in the stalls and could only imagine the horny action going on in there. I let my head lean back a bit and closed my eyes.

That was when I felt the hand gently grasp around my throbbing cock and slowly give it a couple of strokes. I looked down and saw the hand and looked next to me. An older man stood there with his cock out smiling at me. He looked to be in his 60's, still fit and a silver fox by all measures. I have always had a bit of a weakness for a good older guy so I turned and let him continue.

"That's a nice piece you got boy. What else you got?" He said in a low volume. Then he headed out the door of the bathroom. I figured he would want to go out to the trees and grass around the car park for some outdoor fun and I was game since it was so dark. I discreetly followed and he led me to his vehicle. He had one of those smaller camper/trucks. Sort of an RV for 2. He went in the side door and I followed.

No lights came on and we sat there in darkness for a while. He moved closer and I realized he had his cock out again already. I was about to ask him what he was into but got my answer when I felt his hand tugging at the back of my head. I allowed him to lower me to his lap and got my hands on him. Silver Fox indeed! He had a solid 9 inch cock that was very thick and impressive. He had either been riding the blue pill express or had zero need for it as he was rock hard.

I gave his head a couple of swirls from my tongue and heard him moan a bit. His hand pulled me down a bit harder and my mouth took his meat in slowly. I kept his cock wet with my mouth and moved him progressively deeper with each stroke I gave him. I heard his breath intensify. The thick beefy veins on his cock throbbed in my mouth and I felt every twitch from him on my tongue as I let him ride my mouth. He bucked his hips into my head sliding his big dick down my throat. I stuck my tongue far out to allow him to get the depth he desired. His grunts and groans told me he appreciated the effort.

"Boy you know how to use your mouth like a good little whore don't you?" He whispered.

I continued engulfing his shaft with my mouth and throat when I felt his hand grab my hair and pull me back.

"I want to see if you really take it like a whore boy" and with that he turned me around pulling my gym shorts down.

I was bent over a bench in his camper and he pulled my hips to him. I felt him rubbing lube on my ass and I braced for his impact. I was not really used to fucking and he was very thick. The thought of it all frightened me a bit but I was too wound up to stop him.

I felt him press the head of his cock against my ass ring. He slid himself a bit into me hard and direct. It did hurt. He kept rubbing in more lube along with his cock and eventually he started pumping into me. I had a brief moment of concern when I felt all those wonderful veins throbbing on my ass ring. He had barebacked me. My concern soon faded the deeper he plunged into me. He kept himself moving very deliberately, almost a show of strength in and out of my ass. He took several long deep thrusts into me and I realized, he was setting himself up to bottom out in my ass. He added more and more lube and eventually his pace quickened. I felt his hips slamming against my ass as me pumped himself into me.

"Nice fucking whore. You ass feels so good. You make such a good little bitch".

I felt like an absolute cock slut taking his monster cock to the hilt and loving it. My cock dangled rock hard under me and i felt an amazing tingling sensation beneath my balls. I was amazed! This guy was going to make me cum like a slut from getting fucked! The tingled intensified and eventually swelled up my cock harder and bigger than I had ever experienced before. I exploded hot cum all over my gym shorts and his camper as he drove his cock up my ass at an almost primitive pace, slamming me hard.

"Yeah that's a good little cunt cum yourself, now here's one for you!"

With that I felt a hot gush inside of me and knew he had blasted. He pumped several more times pulling my shoulders back and slamming my ass as hard as he could as deep as he could filling me up with his warm gooey seed. It was a sensation I had not felt in years and certainly not this intense. I was glad I didn't freak out and let him bareback me like a whore.

He held himself in me for as long as he could until his cock eventually slid out on its own from going sift. Small amounts of his cum were still leaking from me as he let me out of the camper and I walked back to my car.

I noticed when I drove away he had out of state license plates but I was sure hopeful I would see him again some night.

99% (48/1)
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8 months ago
This the rest stop on 93 by exit 1?
1 year ago
that was a great story
2 years ago
Greatnstory super action would love todo that myself
2 years ago
Great story, nice to get it unexpectedly. Very nice
3 years ago
The kind of experiene one never forgets and revisits a hundred times in a jack fantasy. Fantastic story teller.
3 years ago
Yes Yes Yes that was fantastic incredable ijust jacked off three times thanks you re fantastic
3 years ago
I adored it
3 years ago
3 years ago
What a great story, made for such an incredible read. Loved it!