First Blow Job

I had 3 older b*****rs growing up. I can remember them jacking off to the occasional playboy magazine and bragging about having their dicks sucked by a couple of chicks on our block. I didn't realize my attraction to men then and always beat off to the same pics my b*****rs did. Then one day I got to see some hard core porn mags full of men and women having sex, the men with big hard dicks and women with looks of ecstasy on their faces. It seemed like those men had special powers that extended through their cocks. I was fascinated!

I found myself a little embarrassed as I looked through them with the guy who brought them over. “Where did you get these?” I asked excitedly. “Found them in the dumpster behind Haley’s Market” he said proudly, “and I think there are more, but I couldn’t reach them by myself.”

“Let’s go” was all I needed to say as we headed up the road. We managed to dig a few more out from under some boxes that had been thrown on top. Some were too wet and nasty to salvage, and some looked like they had had all of the good pictures torn out of them. We split them up and headed back home proud of the haul we had just retrieved.

I started looking at them all the time and they consumed my thoughts for weeks. The women looked good, but the men and cocks, they where incredible! I longed for more pictures of men and realized I needed more. I remembered the fascination I used to get when I’d peak in on one of my b*****rs as I watched him jack off, and I realized how much I wanted to feel another man’s cock in my hands and mouth.

It was the last day of school so my friend came over to camp out in the back yard. He brought over his magazines to celebrate. Late that night we broke them out and started stroking together. We were both nervous and excited and not much was said at first. He broke the silence, “This blonde has such nice lips. I bet they’d feel nice wrapped around my cock”.

I wasn't sure if he could read my mind or if I was giving off some sort of vibe, so I just let him talk, all the while agreeing with him. “Man look at the ass on this one.” I said.

I wasn’t really looking at the magazines but I didn’t want him to know it. About five minutes into listening to him go on my mind was thinking of nothing but his smooth flat belly and his beautiful long cock, so I complimented him on his erection to see what his response would be. “Damn, you’re head is so big.”

“Yeah,” he said “this is my big stick.” As he shined the light on it so it cast an enormous shadow on the tent walls. We both laughed, and I told him to stop or someone would see what we were up to.

All horned up now, he started to run his finger over the head, and it got shinny in the light. I didn’t leak at all when I stroked so I was surprised, “did you cum already?”

“No, it just does that. I shoot a ton when I cum, but it leaks all the time. Do you like it?” He was pretty horny and bold by now and started showing it off to me. My heart was racing and I didn’t want him to know just how much I did. Shaking it and sitting up now he said, “Man I am so horny! Wish the Jenkins twins were here to take care of us.”

I smiled and said “Hell you can have ‘em both, I mean they’ve got pretty faces but damn, their asses are huge.”

“It’s not their asses I want. I hear they can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, god that would feel so good right now. Wouldn’t it?” I looked down at my magazine not answering. “And besides, I like big asses.” He said stroking long and slow, making his cock seem bigger by pushing his balls down and squeezing. He paused for a second and then said, “Well, why don’t you suck it for me?”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. My face felt like it was on fire and my heart beat was echoing in my ears. I could feel my dick throb with every beat! I wanted to scream out “GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE IT TO ME!” but instead I smiled and looked down at the magazine again. I shined the light close to the page so he wouldn’t see the excitement all over my face.

“Come on” he said, “I am so-oh horny!” whining now “and I’ve never had a blow job before.” I could see him move a little closer out of the corner of my eye. Bargaining he said “I’ll do you if you do me!” Up on his knees now, he moved his cock closer to me, and he noticed that I didn’t move away. As a matter of fact I leaned in a little closer.

He had his flashlight shining right down on me, so I reached up to shield my eyes accidentally bumping his cock with my hand.

My heart skipped. “Damn man you are horny!” I whispered out loud. My flashlight now shone on his beautiful cock only a few inches from my face and he saw how fixated I was on it.

“Mmm” he moaned, “do that again.”

I just stared at it. He could see sweat building up on my forehead. “Come on, just a little bit.”

I reached up and cupped his balls. He leaned a little closer as my hand gripped his hard meat. “Yeah - mmm - yeah”, with a softer deeper tone in his voice this time. He knew he had my attention. “Come on suck it. You can do it. I just need to feel something warm and wet.”

I let go.

“No,” he said disappointed. “Hold it some more! Come on. It wants you to hold it.” Like it had a mind of its own.

I reached out.

My cock was dancing to the beat of my heart as I stared at this beautiful specimen. I had fantasized about sucking a cock so many times, and had even built a makeshift dildo out of a condom to practice on. But this time it was real and right in front of me. His smell was intoxicating, and my head was swimming with excitement. I couldn’t believe that my chance was staring me in the eye, beckoning to me.

“Come on, yeah, squeeze a little harder,” he whispered

He was as nervous as I was and he got quiet when I moved in close. There was a bead of pre-cum on the end. I stuck out my tongue and slowly moved down on it. He breathed deeply and moaned. That first taste is still one of my hottest memories.

I couldn’t hide my lust any longer. I was all over his cock so fast I think it scared him. I had gotten my gag reflexes under control by practicing with my dildo and had run my lips way down his shaft moving my tongue across his shaft in a side to side motion. Something I had learned about from one of the stories in the magazines. He was moaning loud so I asked him to lay back and be quiet. He pulled his tee shirt out of the corner and balled it up and put it in his mouth.

I had positioned myself slightly off to the side and my feet were pressing against the sides of the small tent making it shake to the rhythm of my grinding hips. I didn't know what my cock was rubbing against but it felt so good! With his cock in my mouth, and my hips grinding away I shot a huge load that felt like it lasted for 2 minutes! I was worried that I had clamped down on his cock too hard, but he didn’t seem to mind.

By this time he was breathing heavy and grunting and tightening and grinding his hips too. I panicked and pulled up to see his eyes half rolled back in his head. Astounded that I had stopped, he looked at me like he was going to kick my ass, “Oh shit no man get back on it!” he yelled. “No don’t stop, suck that cock. Suck that cock!”

He quickly got so loud I was afraid he was going to wake up my parents whose bedroom window was only a few dozen feet from our tent. I quickly jumped back to it just to keep him quiet. He put his hands on the back of my head, not too hard but hard enough for me to know he didn't want me to move again! He was getting so close and his cock was so hard. He started convulsing and shaking filling my mouth up with a nice salty sweet cream that tasted like heaven. I didn't want him suspecting anything so I didn't swallow, although I wished I had.

As I sat up, I feigned being upset that he shot off in my mouth. He shined the flashlight at my crotch and saw a big pool of cum about 8" in diameter all over his sl**ping bag. He got mad as hell about it, “Shit, this is my b*****r’s bag” he yelled. “What the hell can I tell him what that is?” I started to laugh.

I think he acted mad so he wouldn’t have to fulfill his side of the bargain, but I didn’t care. I had gotten all I needed.

We both got quiet as we cleaned ourselves and the bag. It was a little uncomfortable for a few minutes. He didn’t even say “thank you” and I was afraid that if I thanked him, he’d tell everybody on the block that I was gay. The subject finally changed to music and girls again. And we laid back down on our sl**ping bags.

Exhausted and feeling embarrassed we both turned the flashlights off and rolled over. My eyes didn’t close and I didn't sl**p much. I’d listen for his breathing to see if he was asl**p, and hoping that he would invite me to reach over and feel his cock again. His breathing never fell into a rhythm so he must have stayed up the whole night too.

But there was no gesture or mention of it again the rest of the night or ever. We’d run into each other around the neighborhood, but always acted like it never happened.

I must have masturbated a thousand times remembering our time together that night.

First times are magical memories, and this one is that for me.
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2 years ago
reminds me of my first teen blow job by another teen. Gary and i agreed you do me and I'll do you. We both finally agreed to do each other at the same time so nobody could back out. it was heaven
2 years ago
2 years ago
mmm being young...those were the days
2 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
Fucking great story, thanks for sharing. It gets me thinking of first times, and also all the places where we found magazines. You have given me lots to write about soon. Thanks again for sharing
3 years ago
brings back fond memories...
3 years ago
This is a beautiful story. had similar experience when I was about same age but not as successful results.
3 years ago
Nice story..
3 years ago
Awesome! :)
3 years ago
wow thats amazing ;)
3 years ago
Is this a true story though lol it's too hott to be true xD