Mowing The Lawn

It was a scorching day in Mid-July. I was outside, mowing my neighbor’s lawn to get some extra cash, considering I didn’t have a real job. I was drenched in sweat, and it wasn’t even noon yet. I took my shirt off to try and beat the heat, but to no avail. The sweat just continued to pour out of me like a waterfall. My neighbor, Jason, must have realized how much I was struggling with the heat, and he invited me inside for a cool drink and a rest. I gratefully accepted, and ditched the lawn mower for the cool air conditioning of his house.

I went in, and the rush of cool air over my body was the best feeling I had ever felt in the world. Take your strongest orgasm ever, and multiply it by about 7. That’s what it felt like. I wanted to just sit down and never leave. Jason came back in from the kitchen clutching two water bottles. He threw one to me, and I chugged it all down before he even got a chance to sit down. “Damn” he said, “You sure know how to chug!” we laughed, and sat in peaceful silence for a minute or so.

Then I started to look around the décor of his living room. There was a rainbow flag displayed above the fireplace, and the mantle was adorned with pictures of him and various other men at what looked to be a pride parade. Jason was gay. This excited me a little. Sure enough I turned to look at him, and he was undressing me with his bedroom eyes, even licking his lips a few times. I tried to show him I was interested, and gave him a little wink. He then asked me if I wanted to take a tour of the house. I gladly accepted, and set off to the second floor right behind him.

When we reached the top, he first showed me his bedroom. In it there was a nice King Sized bed and huge master bathroom. We then looked at each other, and held a stare which seemed to go on for eternity. Then he gradually started to walk towards me, and I did the same towards him. Soon we were almost touching, and I could feel his slow, deep breaths. Then he leaned in, and kissed me full on the mouth; a favor which I more than willingly returned.

We quickly became engrossed in one another, stuck in a passionate embrace, still kissing f***efully. His hands migrated to my ass, which he immediately started massaging. It felt awesome. My hands in turn went to his rapidly growing bulge, and I began to feel the outline of what seemed to be a huge, thick, cock. He let out a soft moan, which I could feel enter my mouth, and I sent one back. Then he turned me around, and pushed me onto the mattress.

Now he was on top of me, kissing every inch of my still sweat-drenched body he could reach. He began to fondle my nipples with his tongue, which drove me wild. I helped him take off my shorts and jock, and he worked his way down my chest and stomach, and he started to lick the head of my throbbing boner. That alone almost sent me over the edge, but I managed to contain myself. Finally I pushed him up, and began to undress him.

He had an excellent, athletic physique, with an 8-pack and pecs worthy of a god. Then I took off his pants to reveal his massive, uncut monster cock. Standing erect at least 9 inches, I could see it pulsing as I began to rub and kiss his body all over. He let out a guttural moan of pleasure as I turned him around and pushed him onto the bed. I quickly ditched my jockstrap. Now the both of us were totally naked, entwined in a passionate mass that seemed to be one person. We were so close to each other, I could feel his heart racing in his chest. Finally I worked my mouth down to his huge cock.

I peeled back his foreskin to reveal his mushroom shaped cock head. It was the perfect shape, and just as swollen as the rest of his cock. I began to tease it with my tongue, and he let out a loud moan, telling me I was doing my job right. I slowly started to work my way down his cock, talking more and more in each time, until I was taking the whole thing into my throat. He started to fuck my skull, slowly at first, but gradually speeding up, until my chin began to hurt from the f***e of his balls hitting it. He grabbed the back of my head and f***ed it down even farther on his cock. I began to gag, but I didn’t care. I wanted his cock as deep inside me as it would go.

This guy had some serious sexual stamina. He was giving me a good skull fucking for at least 20 minutes, and I could tell he was nowhere near cumming. Finally, I managed to break free of his grip around my head, just long enough to gasp these two words: fuck me. With that he turned me around, bent me over his bed, and began to rim my hungry hole. It was not my first fuck, but it had been quite a long time since the last, so my ass hole was very tight. “Mmmm what a tight man pussy. I almost feel bad about having to rip it open”, he said to me as he began to finger my ass. First one finger, then two, then three. I began to tense up in pain, but then he told me to relax. Something about the way he said it made me relax instantly, as though he had some kind of invisible power over me.

He grabbed some lube from under the bed, and applied a generous amount to both his cock and my ass. Very slowly, he started to tease my hole with his cock head. The pain was almost unbelievable as he slowly slid his entire massive manhood into my tight ass. I let out a scream of mixed agony and pleasure. Then I remembered when he told me to relax while he was fingering me. Even thinking about him saying it caused me to loosen, and the feeling in my ass went from pain to pure pleasure. He began to thrust, slowly at first, and then getting faster, until pretty soon he was fucking my ass just as hard as he had fucked my skull. I was screaming in pleasure, and I had even cum once without even touching myself, and was close to a second orgasm.

Feeling Jason inside me was a feeling of pure bliss. His raging boner constantly thrusting against my prostate f***ed me into orgasm after orgasm without even stroking. After what felt like an eternity, he unleashed his massive load inside of me. I could feel his cum sloshing around as he continued to thrust, but he was losing steam fast. It only took another 30 seconds before we were both passed out on his bed, a mess of cum and sweat, panting like we had just run a marathon.

Then I went outside to finish the lawn. I had insisted that the glorious sex was payment enough. As I left, he told me he looked forward to the next time his grass needed cutting. All I did was wink, then turn around and walk away, pushing my mower over to Randy’s house. He greeted me at the door in a leather thong, saying he was so horny from a party he had just gotten home from. I walked in the house, and undressed for what I could tell was going to be yet another steamy sex session.

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3 years ago
Hummmmmm. Fucking hot story.
3 years ago
‏ ‏way to go man it the hottest story i ever read in here and i came twice readin it
3 years ago
Well thid=s story was so hot tha=t iwas able ti jack off twice thasnks
3 years ago
im so looking forward to randy's house ;)
3 years ago
This story made me cum soo hard!
3 years ago
i want to be fucked like that! for my frist time
3 years ago
Love to hear more about the time at randys house..i love a bit of bondage writing
3 years ago
You have got stamina too!
3 years ago
fuck dude tell us about what happened at Randy's house ;) :P
3 years ago
mmmm hot, how was randy then