An Experience in the Woods

I was just a boy. I had turned 18 just the week before but I was small, thin and looked all of 16 due to my smooth hairless body.

I had heard stories of truckers and "Homos" using the secluded wooded area off the interstate to meet for sex...I had always wanted to see if it was true.

Well that one summer night I had done enough thinking about it and ventured out to the woods. I parked my car a fair distance away. I was afraid someone would recognize my car. It was pretty dark and I could see quite a few cars were parked already. Wearing just a tank top and cut off shorts I nervously walked into the woods.

I saw a masculine truck driver type sitting on a rock formation smoking a cigarette. When I looked closer I could see he had his zipper down and his semi hard cock was exposed. I felt a rush of desire come over me as we made eye contact and he motioned for me to come over. I did. He grabbed me with his strong hands and pulled me close into him. He nuzzled into my neck and kissed my neck and ear.

I was shaking with desire and anticipation. I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. The sweet slippery precum made his cock whisk right by my lips. I love the taste of precum so I gently massaged his balls and shaft as I slowly sucked his cock so I could get every drop of it. It wasn't log before I could feel his body tense and I felt the hot burst of cum explode in my mouth. I jerked his cock and sucked furiously and didn't spill a drop as I hungrily drank his cum. With his knees shaking he stumbled as he got up and patted my shoulder. He walked away into the darkness.

Just then I heard a voice behind me. "That was hot...are you ready for more?" Without turning around I shook my head yes. I was now on all fours arching my back like a dog in heat. I was so horny from sucking that strangers cock that my own cock was bursting to get out and my asshole needed to be filled. I undid my shorts and pulled them down. My summer tan must have looked good in the moonlight because the stranger got down and lustily began to kiss, knead and lick my ass. I could feel him shaking with pent up sexual energy. His wet warm tongue felt so good as he licked up and down my ass crack and balls. I couldn't take it any longer so I reached back and guided his throbbing cock into my wet moist hungry ass. His cock was thick and I shuddered and let out a moan as he entered me. :"Be gentle" I moaned as be began to slowly fuck my sweet smooth ass. It felt so good after a summer of dildo's that I was surprised I could take it so deep. After a few minutes he stopped and turned me over onto my back and lifted my legs onto his shoulders and slipped his cock into me again. It felt awesome as I could finally see him.

He was an older man, probably 50 or more, but ruggedly handsome. He reminded me of a lot of men I'd see at church with their wives on Sunday morning. I was in heaven as he fucked me. He was playing with my cock as he plunged in and out of my hole. Soon I was shaking and moaning and could feel the most intense orgasm I'd ever felt in my short 18 years coming on. I felt him tense and pull my hips into his as he came between my legs, He pulled out and dove head first into my crotch and put my cock into his mouth just as I shot my load all over his lips. He licked it all up, bent forward and kissed me passionately on the mouth. I had never had a better time in my life. He stood up and said...we should meet here again sometime.

That was almost 30 years ago and my wife still doesn't understand how a city k** like me developed such a love for the outdoors!
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