Oh yeah, I am going to Fuck You

Michael’s profile described him as a versatile top. That, combined with his young age of 22 is why I just had to send him a message – just to see if he would respond. To my surprise, he did. When I told him I was a mid forties bottom, very oral and looking to get fucked, he asked me how long it would take me to get to his place. He lived across town, so we were looking at 35 to 40 minutes. Well, if you could drive me to work after, this might work, was his last message. I arrived on his doorstep 40 minutes later.

He let me into his apartment. Michael was a young looking 22. He had thick, dark hair, the bluest eyes and pale, white skin. At 5’10” and 215 lbs, he was a bit over weight as he had indicated on-line. He made up for that with his 8 inch, uncut cock. The moment he closed the door, we started rubbing each other’s baskets through our clothes. Michael leaned in and our lips met. I love to kiss. Our tongues swirled around one another’s as we continued to rub our stiffening cocks. Michael was tongue fucking my mouth as his hand found my belt. He undid my belt, struggling a bit with the buckle. I broke our kiss off so that the two of us could remove our pants.

As I stepped out of my pants, Michael hoisted my golf shirt over my head. Dropping it on top of my pants, he grabbed my boxer briefs and hauled them down to my knees. As Michael lowered himself to his knees, my stiff cock, now freed from the confines of my briefs, sprang towards his mouth. Michael took the head of my pulsing cock into his mouth. With his talented tongue, he rolled my ample foreskin back, exposing my sensitive knob to his oral talents. Michael went up and down the length of my shaft, all the way from my trimmed pubes to my piss slit with his mouth, tongue and throat. Watching him pleasure me, I ran my fingers through his thick head of hair. Michael, while still sucking me, looked up, wantonly gazing into my eyes.

I was getting weak in the knees from the pleasure Michael gave me. I gently palmed his cheeks and guided him to a standing position. I dropped to my knees in front of him. I pulled off his underwear, helping him to step out of them while my eyes feasted on his cock and balls. Taking his hard cock between my thumb and forefinger, I guided his cock head to the tip of my tongue. His cock had already produced a large pool of precum that I wanted to taste. I stuck my tongue into the tip of his foreskin and as I slowly retracted his skin, my tongue worked feverishly all over the tip of his knob so as not to lose any. He tasted so sweet. Once I had lapped up this early treat, I took his cock inch by beautiful inch as I sucked and swallowed my way to his curly pubic hair. Michael moaned as I reversed direction and worked my way back to his knob.

After about five minutes of me pleasuring Michael in the same way he had pleasured me, he grabbed my hands and pulled me to my feet.

“Why don’t you come in?” He laughed.

We were still in the foyer of the apartment. He led me into the living room where he had spread a comforter on the floor. As we sat on the blanket, I sensed he was a bit self conscious about his weight. I was completely naked. He was too, except for a polo shirt that covered him from his neck to the top of his pubic hair. I reached over and grabbed the shirt. Begrudgingly, he allowed me to peel it over his head. He did have a spare tire around his mid section and there was a bit of flab around his tits, but at 22, it wouldn’t be difficult to take off the extra pounds and be in top shape. He could lose 35 lbs and be lusted after by every guy in Edmonton.

We sat cross legged, facing each other. Michael took my raging cock in his hand and caressed it. He wasn’t jacking it, but he was sure making it feel good. As he bent down to take me again, I swung around signaling a 69. We took each other in that position, sucking cocks, balls, taints and even teasing each other’s asses. Michael had wet a finger and had penetrated me with it. He knew by my reaction that I enjoyed having my ass played with. I came off his cock at one point to ask him,

“Are you going to fuck me?”

“Oh, I ‘m going to fuck you alright.” He said “You’re going to know you were fucked today.”

We returned to our 69 position. This time though, Michael made every attempt to get his tongue on and in my ass. I was going to have to let his cock go for that. Begrudgingly, I let it pop out of my mouth and moved up so Michael was able to get his tongue to my ass. First, he teased me and just tongued me up my crack and licked all around my pucker. I wasn’t in a good position to push back on him in any kind of way. He was really enjoying making me squirm, making me want him to rim me.

“Please Michael, please.” I begged

That seemed to be all the encouragement he needed. He flipped me over on my hands and knees and attacked my hole. His tongue darted into my pucker. I pushed back as far as I could, straining to get more of his talented tongue inside me. He had his lips locked around my hole and as much tongue as he could, was working my tight ring and just beyond. I was bucking from the sensation as his tongue would dart in, circle around my ring and then retract, to be repeated over and over.

“Fuck me, Michael. Please. Fuck me!” I moaned.

Michael ignored my pleas. He wasn’t ready yet. He replaced his tongue with his finger. Adding another, then another, he spun them around inside my ring and over my prostate. I was ready to explode. Using three fingers, he finger fucked me. Hard. He drove them all the way from the tips, just inside my pucker until a portion of his hand disappeared from view, held out of my ass only by his thumb. I was pounding back on his hand to meet his thrusts. As amazing as it felt, I needed his cock. I needed to feel him all the way inside me. Sensing this, Michael removed his hand and positioned himself behind me. Putting the tip of his cock on my pucker, he pushed into me. My ass was so open by his rimming and fingering, that he entered me all the way to the base of his cock in one motion.

“Oh, … Fuck … Yeah!” I moaned.

Michael wasted no time. I wanted to get fucked. He was going to fuck me. He started pumping his cock in and out of me. He would withdraw all the way out so that his cock was just touching my pucker and then he would drive it all the way back in. But he was doing this quite rapidly. His 8 inch cock, though not overly thick, filled me totally. I felt each thrust as it made its way up my canal to the entrance to my bowel. Then I would savour the feeling of his knob as it scratched my inner itch on its way out of my canal. At one point, I stood straight up on my hands and knees and as Michael rode me, I just stayed motionless and let the sensations take over.

For a young man, Michael was an incredible fuck. He had done this before. He rocked in a circular motion for a while. Then he would pound straight in and out for a while. He grabbed my hips and thrust up into me and pushed me off. It was when he slapped my ass, then again and again, that I lost my load. The combination of his knob stimulating my prostate and scratching my inner itch in that unreachable place was just thrown over the top from the sting of his hand on my ass cheek. Without any warning, the cum was just shooting out of me. Stream after stream just jettisoned out of me with such an amazing f***e, I was into about my third squirt before even realizing I was cumming. My entire body was just one big spasm and I shook uncontrollably as my orgasm released itself throughout my being.

Michael hung on for dear life and rode the wave with me. He grabbed me around both hips. His hand found my balls and he massaged them as they delivered all the cream I had in me. All the while, he kept up his steady rhythm. In and out. In and out. He rode me like a rodeo champion. As I started to return to earth, I sensed that he was getting set for lift off. His pace had really quickened and he was starting to pant a bit. His cock was getting harder inside of me. Filling me completely. His thrusts were really fast now. He pounded and pounded. He pushed and pushed.

“Oh yeah!” he said as he continued pounding. “Oh, yeah! ... Here it comes.”

He no sooner got the words out when Michael pushed his cock all the way in. Holding me by the hips, his cock spasmed and I felt the first warm blast of his cum as it splashed off my inner wall, warming my insides. The first blast was followed by another, then another, as Michael emptied his balls in me. He just held onto me as his cock spasmed over and over, twitching as the last of his cream dribbled into me. Collapsing on top of me, his cock stayed hard for quite some time. I was content to just lie there, full of the cum that was held inside me by his cock. Finally, as he slowly withdrew, he gave me a much gentler slap on the ass.

“C’mon, let’s jump in the shower. I have to get to work.”

As we soaped each other up, I sucked his cock again for a few minutes in the shower. Michael scrubbed my balls and ass, gently fingering my hole, scooping out his own cum. The shower scene was quite playful and I looked forward to coming back and picking up where we left off. As we dried off and got dressed, Michael took a final taste of my cock before I tucked it away into my underwear.

“Next time, I want your load.” He said.

So there was going to be a next time. I just smiled inside while my cock twitched.
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2 years ago
Nice.... well done.
3 years ago
Wow had to jack off with you guys thanks