Adult Book Store Experience

There is an adult book store on my route home. It's in a nice up-scale area of town and the clientele are very up-scale, also. They have quite a few viewing booths; some are singles with glory holes.

Last night, the traffic was light and I was early in getting home, so I stopped by the store to see what action was taking place.

There were the usual customers, either going in and out of the g/h booths or waiting for one to become available. I slipped into the end one, which is my favorite (largest of the glory holes) and waited. Within moments the next booth was occupied, but the guy just sat there watching the holes on each side of his booth and not touching or exposing himself. I suspected that he might have been either very shy or a cop, so I left.

I spotted a nice looking young man cruising and made eye contact with him and followed him into a double booth. He immediately grabbed his crotch and started undoing his pants. Obviously, not a cop or he was one that wanted to play.

Anyway, he opens his fly, pulls out a nice sized partially hard cock and sits down. I followed his cock down and started sucking. He was freshly washed and smelled good. He started to put his hands on my head to f***e me further down onto his now hardening cock, but I've never been able to deep-throat and told him so. As I continued to suck and lick him, he reached around and started grabbing my ass. I was in heaven. Not many want to fuck, only get sucked and my ultimate goal is to get fucked.

I stood, undid and dropped my pants, pulled out my lube and coated my ass and his dick. I asked him if he was disease free. He indicated that he was and he looked like a person that did take care of himself, so I took a chance.

I started to bend over and braced myself. He was anxious to enter me and grabbed my hips and starting forcing his sizable cock into my hole before I was even fully turned around and ready.

There was some mild pain upon his cock being rammed up my hole, but I consider that an exquisite pain and didn't complain, other than to moan loud enough for him to hear me and know that I was enjoying it.

He wasn't rock hard, but as he pounded in and out of my ass, I could feel him swelling. After several minutes of hard pounding, he started to soften and slipped out. But, he immediately grabbed his cock, positioned it at my asshole and f***ed it back in and started pumping. I relaxed my ass to allow him to slide easily. He started firming up again and the performance was repeated. Twice more, after that, he softened, pushed it back in and got firm.

After 20 minutes of hard fucking, he finally softened completely and pulled out. I pulled my pants up, thanked him, told him I was a regular here and would look for him again and left for home.

I thought it was a shame that after all that effort he had not cum. I was wrong! When I got home I felt the need to take a crap and out pours a mixture of crap and cum. Over the course of the rest of the evening, I passed more of his cum. Apparently each time he got firm then soft that was a result of him cumming.

I am definitely going to watch for him again!
97% (37/1)
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1 year ago
very sexy
2 years ago
good story, I liked it
3 years ago
that was one great fuck thanks
4 years ago
god i love or of your story