How I was turned

I was Turned
I was a married, white male. Straight. Had no gay experience. Been married for about 15 years, had 4 k**s and enjoyed sex. I was not faithful, but I had no other girlfriends. I used hookers for sex, so I would not get involved.

One night I went out looking for a prostitute to fuck and met this hot looking girl with very short shorts and a halter. She also had a nice six-pack. She was very athletic looking. She was a short black girl in her early twenties. I was 35 at the time. I wanted to take her to a motel and fuck her and leave. She wanted to go to her place so I can pay her more money and not pay for the motel room.

We arrived at her place and when we got in, she started to kiss me. She drove her tongue into my mouth and I was in heaven. I have never been tongue fucked like that in my life. She was aggressive and dominating. After getting me hard, she led me into her bedroom. She had a big wall mirror on her sliding closet door and when she pushed me on her bed I could see that I would be able to watch us fucking.

She took off my pants and went down on my cock. It was hard and throbbing and I came in seconds. She did not stop, but began sucking again and made me cum another time. I was really relaxed. She then turned and we began to French Kiss again, only this time I tasted my cum. It was the first time I ever tasted cum. Salty, warm, slimy, I almost revolted, but she would not let me go. I knew I was in her control. When I got hard again, she turned and went down on me again.

I felt like I came about a dozen times as she worked on my cock. I was drained and all I felt like doing was sl**ping. She turned, we kissed and then she said it was her turn to get off. I thought she expected me to fuck her and told her I was done. I could not get hard again if I had to.

She then got up off the bed and started to strip. She had great tits and then she took off her short shorts and panties and I was shocked. She had a big black cock. I was kissing a guy. I never kissed a guy before. I never let a guy go down on me either.

She then laid on top of me and we started kissing again. I did not care where this was going, I was so tired and relaxed. She turned me over, lubed my ass and laid prone on my back. I laid there and felt her enter me. She was slow and deliberate, I tried to get up once and she f***ed me back onto my stomach and I could feel how powerfully strong she was. She wispered in my ear that it was her turn and she kept getting deeper into me.

I was hers. She had me where she wanted me and she knew it. I watched her muscles work in the mirror as she began to fuck me nice and slow. Then she stopped moving and I could see by the expression in her face, she was breeding me, nice and deep. I was owned.

I came back about once a week to let her fuck me. Then one day I heard she got arrested and I never saw her again. I spent my nights out looking for other transsexuals to fuck me. Found out that most could not get it hard, so I started to fuck them and became a top.

That was how I was turned to enjoying cock.

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3 years ago
Very Good, but i must admit i love to be fucked deep and hard by a lovely tranny.
3 years ago
Got me all hothad to jack off when i finished your story thasnks
4 years ago
Great story!!!
4 years ago
Now thats what i'm talking about getting fuck in the ass by a shemale or guy it fantastic thanks