A Rainy Night With a Cherry

I had driven my truck for about an hour down a Florida freeway and then the rain became so heavy that cars began to pull off to the side until it got easier to see. I took the first exit I could find and found a large parking lot. I went to the back of the abandoned building and found a two-story garage for employees of the building. The building was empty and I was the only one here.

I had escaped the torrential rain and pulled into the darkest corner and finally stopped my windshield wipers that had been working in overdrive. I parked my truck and cracked my windows as I heard the rain continue to fall. I realized I would be here for a while so I decided to get comfortable. I unsnapped my board shorts and pulled out my cock. I played with my balls and eventually started to fully stroke my hard meat. My cock could get excited in a snowstorm as well. I just had to think about my cock and it would get hard for me.

I turned off the radio so I could hear the rain and closed my eyes as I fantasized about every guy I had seen that morning. There was a hot guy at the Starbucks. Another one was in the rest room at the breakfast diner I stopped in earlier. I had found a truck stop and met some hot truckers. There was a hot guy at the gas station pumping gas and our eyes connected a few times. There was the guy I almost hit on his bike just now as I was getting into this parking lot.

My cock was excited and hard as I played the day’s scenes so fresh in my mind. I stroked and stroked and that’s when I heard a noise. It was the biker that I almost hit earlier and he was now ten feet from me and soaked. He took off his helmet and I stared at his body that was in incredible shape. His skin-tight biking clothes were probably a light mint green but I saw a darker wetter green that accentuated his physique and hugged his muscled body. I watched as he looked out of the garage and into the torrents of rain and his bubble butt was gorgeous and wet. He started to take his soaked shirt off and as he did he turned toward me while his shirt was over his head. I quickly glanced at a nicely worked out torso and what seemed to be a large wet sausage in the skintight compression shorts. I watched this guy as if he was porn and then I got lost into my own cock as I figured he would see me. I obviously jacked on my hard meat and then I looked over and there was his wet face plastered against the passenger door as he watched my show.

I smiled and he did back to me. I lowered the window even more and he started to talk.
“Sure is wet today!” he said. My cock leaked gobs of pre-cum and he watched it splatter my torso.

I smiled at him as I let go of my hard meat and placed both hands on the wheel.
“Sure is man”

“I followed you here when you dodged me and realized you were getting out of the rain”
“Sorry about that man, I didn’t see you at first” I said.

“You mind if I get in and wait with you?” he asked.
“Sure, but leave the wet clothes outside, ok?” I asked.

He opened the door and then went to the engine and layed out his shirt over the hood and then I saw the shorts up there and then he jumped into my cabin with only his shoes on.
He was a hot young college student that loved to ride his bike all over the place.

His name was Matt and he was 18 and had a bit of dark fuzz down his belly button into a very bushy natural pubic region. His cock was at full attention as he settled in and looked over to me. My board shorts were around my ankles as I slowly stroked my cock that was encased in my dense hairy forest. My legs and chest and arms were a lot hairier that this k**. He commented on how he dug a hairy older dude. I was only 28 at the time.

Our hands stroked our respective cocks and then we switched cocks. His cock felt great in my stroking palm. His hand felt great on my throbbing cock. For a while we just stroked each other and watched and listened to the rain. I looked over at Matt as he watched us play and leaned in and he met me in a hot kiss. Our tongues melted together and he moaned as I explored his mouth with my hungry tongue.

We pulled apart and I went down to his nipples and he held the back of my head as I licked and sucked on his quarter sized nips. I realized he was shivering and he was still a bit wet from the rain. I quickly turned the heat on for a moment to get him dry and then had him lay down across the bench. I layed on top of him and we kissed again.

As the heat hit us and kept us warm I moved down and licked his belly button and followed his hairy trail into his pubes and then began to suck his throbbing eight-inch cock. He moaned loudly as I sucked on his tool and it wasn’t long before he said he was close.

I pulled off of him and he leaned down and slowly took my cock head into his sweet young lips and held it in his mouth and licked at my piss slit and then slowly he started to suck in more of my cock. I then realized that this guy was new to this. He really didn’t know how good man play could be so I decided to teach him thru actions.

I have always found a newbie to be best taught thru copying my actions. Matt got a real grasp on sucking my meat and eventually had me on the edge as he learned his new craft. I had to pull him off after a while because I had gotten really close. I then went down and played and tugged and sucked in his balls and he copied me with that lesson. Then I turned him over and licked and fucked his sweet young butt with my probing tongue. He moaned a lot and when it was my turn he had no hesitation to lick my butt. I then realized that Matt was eager to learn and asked him about fucking. He said he was up for it but we should probably go somewhere easier to do it.

He told me about an employee entrance to the building and said there were still couches and stuff in the building. He said he worked there in the mailroom on his non school days until the business closed down about three weeks ago. I asked if there could be anyone there and since it was Sunday and the rain was this bad and we were the only ones in the garage, he doubted it. We got out and he threw his clothes on the floor of my truck and I dumped my board shorts as we got out naked and walked to the underground entrance. As we held hands, naked in the tunnel that led to the building, I got a bit excited. Matt lost my hand for a second and reached back and grabbed my hard cock and I followed him as he led me by my hard meat.

When we reached the employee door at the end of the tunnel Matt typed in a code and the door abruptly opened. We both smiled at each other and walked into a dark hallway. We realized that there was no chance of anyone being there by the darkness and quietness of the building. Matt went to a door and it was locked and then the next door and it was open.

As we walked into the darkness of the room, Matt opened a large curtain that gave us some light. Outside the rain pelted the windows and made them run with water and there were trees and shrubs all around the glass. Our privacy was still intact. This was an employee lounge and there were several couches and we pushed two together to make a bed. Matt went to a closet that was full of blankets and we spread them out over the two couches and then Matt jumped into the padded bed. I went over to the curtains and closed them a bit so the room was dark with a hint of light and then crawled into the pool of comfort with my new buddy.

We fell into each other’s arms and rolled around entangled in each other’s bodies. Matt was a sexy biker and he was really into his sexual exploration. I loved his body and licked and sucked and kissed this guy like crazy. Eventually Matt started sucking my big cock again and I turned so that I could suck his rock hard cock at the same time. We were deep in our suck-fest when a noise made us listen and Matt told me the heat was still running. Soon the room was warm as we pleasured our cocks into overdrive.

I did all kinds of things to Matt’s cock and he copied the actions on mine and we were fully deep throating our cocks when Matt’s cock tensed up and bloated and I knew he was close. I wanted to taste him at this point and kept up my tongue bath. He started to moan as my cock filled his mouth with a swelling action of it’s own. I then felt Matt jerk and he unloaded a giant load of cum into my mouth. I had to swallow fast to keep up as he exploded his creamy boys into my mouth and onto my tongue. He squirted so much into my mouth that I lost control of my own cock and squirted rope after rope into his mouth. He started to swallow my cream and moaned at the flavor on his tongue. He didn’t let go of my cock and I kept his in my mouth as we milked as much cream as possible out of each other.

We finally pulled off each other’s cocks and kissed with the remaining cum in our mouths. As we swirled the two loads together, we moaned at the intensity of the mixture. When we pulled our tongues and mouths apart, Matt breathed in deep like he had just run a marathon. I asked him if he liked it and he smiled and said, “Oh yeah!”

There was a sudden bright light and then another and then the loud clap of thunder. The storm had grown stronger which was good. Now there was less chance of any intruders into our private shelter.

I turned Matt over and opened his cheeks and darted my tongue into his lightly hairy pucker. He moaned as I ate him and his head bobbed about as he was extremely turned on with this particular activity. After a good tongue fucking, he switched and tried to lick my butt as well. He surprised me with his desire and didn’t waste time initially to “discover” my hole. He simply copied me and dove into my pucker with his tongue full f***e and he tasted my sweaty hole. He moaned at the smell and taste of my ass and really gave it a good long licking.

I flipped us over and Matt looked at me and softly said, “Fuck me Mike, I really wanna try it”

I smiled and had him get on all fours and then I spit a lot into his hole and on my hard cock. I luckily had so much pre-cum that I held my leaking cock at his back door and as I leaked onto it I slowly pushed the head inside. I held there as Matt got used to it and then with a large amount of my pre-cum inside his butt I began to push deeper.

I watched Matt as I speared it into his hole ever so slowly and when my pubes were tickling his pucker I was in him deep and I held there. As I molded my fuck stick deep inside, I asked Matt how he felt.

“Incredible!” he said.

I had learned that when I took my time to “mold” my cock into an ass that the pain is minimal and the pleasure of being deep inside is awesome. I slowly began to pull back and push in and then after a couple minutes of this, Matt turned to me and said, “Fuck me, Mike!”

I began to let loose and I fucked his sweet cherry ass harder and harder and he loved every stroke that filled him. His pucker grabbed my cock and gave me a nice tight ride. Maybe it was because Matt was a biker that I had such a tight ride on my stick. He really took my fucking and enjoyed my pounding on his hot hole.

I pushed him down flat on the couches and then I did some heavy-duty push-ups into his ass and I reached a point where my cock was so fucking stiff I thought it could explode. That’s when I pushed in deep and held my meat as deep inside of Matt as possible. I heard his breath at this point sound like I had punched him in the stomach. I let my throbbing cock squirt deep inside and Matt commented on how warm he felt inside. I squirted rope after rope deep into his canal and my cock became completely surrounded by my hot wet cum. Then I sat back up on his butt and my cock rode it with the new lubrication and I eventually positioned him back to doggy as I rode his hot butt even more.

I bucked and fucked into him so hard and constant that he kept muttering something. I couldn’t hear him so I flipped him over and had his legs spread apart as I fucked him and leaned in to kiss him and he wildly kissed and licked my face and told me how great this felt. I smiled as I fucked my stick deep into his hot hole and watched him enjoy my pounding. I started to get close and he felt the thickness of my cock and his eyes got big as I once again exploded my cum deep inside his sweet ass. His lips met mine and we kissed as I emptied another round of sperm deep in him. My cock spasmed into him and it jerked a bit as I squirted more ropes of my seed as Matt held cock deep inside.

We kissed and kissed and then we fell asl**p with my cock still buried inside his wet hole. Another flash and sounds of thunder woke us up and then I heard Matt say, “Can I fuck you now?”
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2 years ago
tight ass nice cocks mmmmmmm me next
2 years ago
I fantazise about this happening to me
2 years ago
Omg so hot!!
2 years ago
YES you can! Always great work...thx.
2 years ago
Very hot. Thanks.
2 years ago
Damn Nice!!!
Look forward to more!!
2 years ago
gotta love an empty office building ;)