My Uncle took my Cherry

It was midnight on the Saturday after my nineteenth birthday and was up north at our hunting cabin that I had been going to with my dad, cousin, and uncle for as long as I can remember. I had stayed back from the bar because I was “tired”. Really I was extremely horny and I was going to rub one off to some porn that we had up there while they were away.
So they left and I figured that I would give it a good 20 minutes for them to be gone before I got down to business, just to avoid any interruptions. I waited and waited. It was the longest 20 minutes I’d spent while being nineteen! Then I popped in the porn and popped out my cock! When all was said and done I was about ready to go to sl**p and so I undressed, showered, got in some underwear and climbed into bed. Just then I heard a someone come rolling up. My uncle came inside; I figured that he must have had enough beer and was ready for bed…
Now, I’ve been attracted to my uncle since I was 12 years old or so. He’s tall, has a bit of a belly, dark brown hair, and green eyes. I’d seen him naked once or twice but that wasn’t anywhere close to what I was about to get!
He was taking off his snowmobile gear and then I heard him taking off his cloths (his bed was right next to mine and so I was just imagining what was happening behind my back) he undressed and went outside to go pee. I was sporting a boner just thinking about his naked body! He came inside and stood between our beds where we both leave our shoes. I assumed that he was about to crawl into bed like he normally does but, before I knew it, he was rubbing my ass through the covers! I rolled over and asked him what the hell he was doing, though I thought I already knew! He said that he knew I’d been attracted to him for quite some time and that he had been waiting for me to turn nineteen. He leaned over and slid himself into my sl**ping bag and right on top of me. I could feel his cock in his underwear pushed tightly up against my rock in my underwear. He looked me straight in the eye and then went right in for a kiss. His lips were warm and soft, just like I had imagined. He pulled back and looked at me again seeing if I was going to protest but I didn’t! He came back toward me and planted a big, wet one right on my lips! I felt his tongue slip into my mouth and I was in heaven. His spit tasted like beer and I was 100% okay with that! It was a long, hot kiss. It must have lasted at least 30 seconds. He then pulled away again and brought me up so that we were both on our knees on my bed and our hard cocks were still probing at one another through our undies. He then grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me in. This time I probed his mouth back, it was amazing. I felt his hand grab onto my firm ass and squeeze. He continued doing this for a little while. Then he took both of my hands and placed them on his ass! I went right ahead and grabbed on, squeezing and rubbing and taking in every moment of my dream come true!
He slipped off his underwear and threw them on the floor so he was completely naked. This wasn’t my first time seeing his hot cock but it was my first time seeing it hard as a rock! It was beautiful. He whispered “go ahead, suck on the bitch” to me and lead me down and right to it. I opened wide and took it in. It was a mouthful! I choked a little but it didn’t stop me at all. I kept on going while he coaxed me on and fed me his perfect dick. He leaned over and pulled the back of my underwear down exposing my ass and leaned over and kissed and licked each cheek over and over again. I knew where this was headed and I wasn’t going to ever forget this weekend.
He rubbed my bare ass with his tough man hands and massaged it. He rubbed in the crack and then he found my virgin hole. He took his middle finger up to his mouth and sucked on it and followed up with giving it a good lick. Then he took it and placed it at my entrance, I felt him slowly put pressure on it and his finger slowly entered my hole! This wasn’t the first time I had had something up there, but it was certainly the first time that it was something I wasn’t in control of! He got it all the way in, all while I was busy enjoying it along with his hard-on in my other hole!
He asked me if I liked it and I mumbled yes through my mouthful. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening! He then took out his finger, licked it again and put it back. Finger fucking my ass. Next, all at once, he pulled me back up and gave me a long kiss, tasting his cock on my tongue, I pulled off my underwear so that we were both stark naked and he grabbed onto my cock and then took his in the same hand and stroked them both at the same time. It felt incredible and I could have came right there, but he wasn’t going to let that happen! He turned me around so I was ass up and he started grinding his cock on me. I couldn’t wait for the next step! He gently placed his tip at my entrance and slid into my ass, popping my cherry! I wasn’t a virgin anymore and it felt so good! He pumped slowly at first, gradually gaining speed and power until he was ramming my ass fast and hard. I was moaning so loud I’m sure Canada could hear me but I didn’t care! My sexual fantasy was coming true! He leaned up against me so his chest was on my back and I felt his full beard tickling my neck and I felt his heavy breathing on my ear. It was so hot! He started grunting and I was moaning loudly when he stuck his fingers in my mouth for me to suck on. I did what he wanted and I grew a lot quieter just as he was growing louder! His grunting rose to an “uh, uh, uh, uh!” I never wanted this to be over! He then flipped onto his back so I was lying on his chest and he fucked me that way while he started on my cock, stroking it hard and fast as he fucked me as rough as I could handle! I screamed out that I was going to cum! I shot all over my chest and stomach. Then he pulled out of me and jerked himself and he shot all over me too! I was covered in our cum and he got out from under me and licked it all off of me and we swapped it back and forth until we finally split it and each took a swallow. We then spooned, his soft cock on my not-so-virgin ass, until we heard the other two getting back. We quickly put on our undies and he hopped into his bed and we both pretended to be asl**p.
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8 days ago
interested in u at 12? I wouldn't have waited your cock and bum would b mine
1 year ago
I wish I had a uncle like that.
2 years ago
2 years ago
very hot story
2 years ago
Great Story.....
Instead of an Uncle, it was a cousin for me...... LOL
2 years ago
Hot story, but....he slid right in??? really?
2 years ago
hot storie