The Dark Room

It was hot and muggy the night I wandered into a cowboy bar in Texas. Lured by the sounds of a commotion coming from a Back-room, I entered the darkness.
A mirror ball in the bar reflect flashes of light into the room. The flashes illuminate a crush of men for a split second prior to the room being returned to the cover of darkness.
Soon I am standing in the centre of the crowd, my pants around my ankles. A strong hand in the centre of my back keeps me bent over as someone hammers his large cock into my ass hole. I can feel he is close to climaxing as his thrusts against my ass are getting harder and faster. He pulls at my ass cheeks as if determined to plant his seed as deep as possible up my butt hole. He grunts during the next thrusts as he empties a load of his cum into me. Then without saying a word he pulls his drained cock from my used hole, leaving me with a sore ass hole coated in hot cum.
I reach down to pull my pants up but a hand reaches out of the darkness to grope my bare ass. A figure separates himself from the crowd. I can only distinguish his silhouette in the flicking light. His hand slides up to my back, forcing me to bend over again, exposing my ass to him. He spreads my ass cheeks open and runs the tip of his cock up my ass until he locates my ass hole still damp with cum. Then placing his cock into the damp spot, he slowly pushes the head of his cock into me.
He pauses standing there with head of his cock firmly lodged, solid and heavy inside my butt hole. Then taking me by my hips he slowly mounts my cum lubed hole. Inch by inch his cock enters me until I can feel his balls pressing hard against my ass cheeks. A shutter runs up my spine, he is huge. If my ass hole had not just been primed and lubed, it would have been agony accommodating this cowboy’s cock. He utters not a word as he slowly pulls his cock backwards until only the cock's head remains stretching my butt hole open. He begins fucking me using long slow strokes,as if he is in the saddle at a slow trot. Each stroke fills my hole until I am stretched wide. I feel every inch of his cock as he enters me again and again.
The repetitive sensation of having my ass stretched and penetrated by such a rock hard tool is intense. I bite down on my lip, trying not to cry out in pain and in pleasure. It is not long before the motion riding in and out of my hole becomes hypnotic, sending me into a kind of a daze.
In the flashes of light I am aware of the crowd of men watching me being slowly Bum fucked. But then all the leering faces fade away and it is only me and a large raging cock mounting my ass hole for his enjoyment and mine.
I realize the stranger riding me is putting on a show for the crowd. His thrusts persist and persist drilling into me with steadily increasing f***e and speed under he is at a full gallop. Each stroke terminates with a loud clap as his large sweaty balls smack my ass. He starts crying out, "Yes, Yes," as he rams his swollen dick into me. He throws a few more noisy thrusts into me and begins to climax. His cock explodes gushing a flood of seed into the cum bucket my ass hole has become.
The f***e bolts me upright, I am out of breath, sweaty and erect but still impaled on his twitching cock. He delivers one last mighty thrust of his manhood before pulling out his cum drenched cock from my butt hole and wiping it clean across the flesh on my backside.
I struggle to pull my pants over my sticky cum coated butt then stumble back into the bar. My legs wobbly under me, I lean against a wall for support, while savouring a cold beer. I survey the faces of the men around the bar, many grinning at me knowingly. I suddenly realize I cannot identify either of the two men who just breed me. The hot cum buried deep up my butt, could have been planted by any of the cowboy's cocks in the bar. My head begins to spin, I feel my jeans begin to stick to the flesh on my cum coated backside.
I head for the exit, but am grabbed by a man who whispers in my ear. He wants to know why am I leaving when there are so many horny cowboys wanting to ride my ass. With a firm hand gripping me, I let him steer me back into the darkness.
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2 years ago
Very Good...
2 years ago
your stories are very good..
2 years ago
sweet! continue please.. don't stop!
2 years ago
More please!
2 years ago
fuck i want to go to this bar
2 years ago
There's more I know...this is dark and hot stuff.