a stressful day

hi im cindy. ive been dating my boyfriend for like 2 years now. his job is pretty stressful. a while ago i was waiting for him at his house. you know just watching tv. when i heard a the door slam. he was mad. he threw his stuff to the ground and sat next to me. i could feel the tension. so i thought it would be a good idea if i helped him relieve some stress. i rub his leg and asked "is there anything i can do?" he looked at me and laughed alittle. i laid my head on his lap and said" i wish there was something i could do." as soon as i said that i felt his dick spring up. i sat upp and took off my blouse. he took off his pants. the sight of his hard dick pulsating made me wet.i looked down to play with my nipples.
then he grabbed my head and shoved it onto his dick. he was being agressive but i knew he was having a bad day.he pushed my head down until my nose touched his hip. he was so far down my throat i gagged. he bobbed my head on his dick. then he threw me on the ground. he got up and took off his pants quickly. he pulled me up by my hair. i said "ouw ouw hey sto-" thats all i could get out before he shoved his dick into my mouth. he grabbed the back of my head and started FUCKING MY FACE!!! HE WAS HUMPING MY FACE!!! i could feel his dick pounding my throat. i as gagging. THUMP THUMP THUMP on my face! it hurt then i started drooling. my drool made his balls wet. the feeling of his wet balls slapping my chin was so nasty. he pounded my face for a couple more minutes then he took it out. i was trying to catch my breath.
Then he dick slapped. thats right dick slap. i was speachless as his big fat wet dick hit me in the face. i couldnt say anything POW he did it again. the first slap knocked the sense out of me but the second one knocked the sense back into me! i was mad as hell "did you ju-" POW he did it again. i said "ouw-" he shoved his dick into my mouth. he went back to pounding my face in. it was hard to breath and i could stop drooling. i started to cry. it felt like he was face fucking me for hours. he finally stopped and pulled out his dick. it took me a minute to catch my breath and wipe the slobber off my chin. but he was just standing over me rubbing his dick the whole time. i yelled "what the FU-". no he didnt dick slap me again. i made eye contact. he was so angry. i was too scared to say anything else. i sat there on my knees waiting for him to fuck my face again. he put his dick on my forehead and wiped some of my saliva on my face. ill never forget what he said "thats right bitch". then he came on my forehead. there was alot of cum. he blasted some in my eyes. it was so nasty. it was gooey and warm. i thought it was all over but he just kept cumming. cum rolled down over my eyes, my nose, my mouth.i was drowning in cum. i hate cum. the taste was distgusting. and when i tried to inhale through my nose i pulled in some cum. when it was finally over i heard him sit down. he said "go clean yourself up". i walked blindly towards the kitchen but before i left the room he said "i love you cindy." that was the first time anything like that has ever happened.we are still together; and since then alot of wierd stuff has happened. if you like this story then ill post some more.
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