my neighbor big tities wife

I am Mihai.I live in Romania.when i have moved in Oradea i was very bored because i have not know not a person.All day i have stay in bed waching at tv and thinking what to do.In one day i saw a big tities women that has enter in neighbour house, i was thinking how to touch that nice big juicy tits.
When my mom has arrive house i have ask her who she is,she told me that she is my neighbour wife.when i heard i was glad because i told to myself that now i have a reason to like the new home.I have put a plan on my mind how to fuck her,and to not knew her husband.In one day i was heard noise come from their house like how someone was scream.I was looking on my window and i see that her husband has left the house.In my mind has apared the perfect oportunity to seduce her.I have go to my mom to ask her if the neighbour was fighting and she told my that they all day are fighting etc.Then mom made a shock for me she told me that Carmen(my neigbour wife) told her that she was thinking to breake up from her husband.I was shock because i have not know that mom is fried whit my neigbour,than she told me more about her.In weekend my mom has make a cake and she told me that to give to my neigbour a piece of cake,when i heard i was very glad,because that was a perfect chance to talk whut her.i was knok on her door and she scream to enter.i was enter and i have found her in bikini.When i have see hen instantly my cock grew hard.Carmen asking me what my mom do,i was freeze up because she was so hot not knew what to say,finnaly i say to her that my mom is cooking and she offered her a piece of cake.She then ask me if i dont want to stay at her pool,whaen i heard i was thinking wow she is really wow,then i have say that i want but i need to go at hme to take new clothes.She say ok when i come ill found her at pool.I was hurry up to see her at pool,when i was arrive she was stay at sun whit her nice body.when she saw me she ask me to put on her sun lotuion.i was freaze because i have knew that my cock will grew hard again,but i have did that.I have massage her slowly,she told me that im very good,i have saw her nipples grew hard.WEwas talking alout in that day,about her husband,about my collage and when i was going home she told me that when i want to stay at pool i can come.i was very happy and i was thanking her.after one mounth when i have plenty of fun at her pool,i have come one day and i was find her whitout bikini,when she saw me she has scared,i was forgive me and i was going home,then she shock me she told me to stay and go to poll because its nothing.I was very glad because finnaly i have saw her naked body,and boy was so amazing,when she has come she told me that she is sorry because i have saw her and then i have mistake and i have told her that it was my pleasure.She exploded in laff and i have apologize that its not how i have want to say but she seems to like what i have say.She has start to say that her husband has told that he will divorce her and she start to cry.I have hug her and then she has do something that i have not expected she has kissed me,it was so sexi that kiss wow.Then she stopt and say to me that was a mistake.I have say that i understand and then i have heard my mom that say to come me at home.Second day Carmen she told me if i can cut her grass,whaen i was finishing she said thatto come to her to give me a gift.I have enter in house and i told her that i dont need a gift because she has letting me to stay at pool for free.Than she told that its not money,its flash,she said that she saw me how i was looking at her tits and she need a men because she has not have one from 3 months.I was thinking that i was dreaming,she really ask me to fuck her?Then she took her top off and she said to come closer she put ,y hands on her tits and she start kiss me,my cock was hard like stone,she noticed,and sheput the hand on my cock.Then i have said to suck my cock,she have start to suck so hard,that i have cum in one minute,then i have say if i could fuck her,but she say that she must leave in town.I was desapoint ,but whaen i was left i have slept her ass and i have told her that i want her soon.FINAL OF PART ONE,IF YOU WANT THE SECOND PART YOU NEED TO ASK ME,THIS IS A REAL STORY,IN SECOND PART WILL PRODUCE A SHOCK BECAUSE WILL BE A SURPRISE

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WOW!!! This story is getting hotter!!!