The Benefit Dinner with Katy Perry

I’ve lived in LA for the past three years now as an aspiring screenwriter. Things have gone okay so far, mostly landing a few assistant director and second AD jobs and as of right now one of my screenplays is being considered for purchase by a major studio. But believe it or not, the highlight of my time in LA was last weekend, at a benefit dinner…

I don’t want to bore you with details, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. Having worked on quite a few movie sets I had made friends with a lot of people in the industry. Unlike many people think there’s a lot of cool, down to earth people in the “biz” at least from my experience. Anyway I’m buddies with this guy Jake who is a pretty successful producer. He made more than triple the amount I made last year. Suffice to say, he’s loaded and has powerful connections. Anyway, he invited me to a charity dinner in Hollywood. While I appreciated the invitation I told him it might be a little weird considering I wouldn’t know anyone which he responded with “you’ll get to know them.” I was still on the fence but he pushed me over with a few words. “Katy Perry will be there.” Jake was well aware that my #1 celebrity crush was Katy. Of course she was going out with John Mayer, who I’m also a big fan of (the dude can shred) and I wouldn’t have a shot even if she wasn’t. I mean, I’m a decent looking guy and I frequent the gym but I’m a lowly aspiring screenwriter, I’m no rockstar. Still, it would be awesome to be in the same room at least, pathetic I know. So yea, I was going.
When we first arrived I clinged to Jake. It was intimidating, a room stacked with celebrity’s and powerful people and then there was me. I made my way to the bar, knowing a drink would relax me. “Double Whiskey, neat” The bartender gave it to me and I took a big gulp. I quickly looked around to make sure I didn’t embarrass myself, and then I thought about Katy and scanned the crowd for her. The alcohol began to relax my nerves a bit. As I was scanning nonchalantly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Behind me was Jake and next to him Katy Perry and John Mayer. I tried to keep it cool but my eyes must have bugged out of my head. He introduced us and told them both how I was a big fan of theirs. Someone came over to Jake and hauled him away, he told us he’d be back in minute. Knowing Jake that meant I wouldn’t see him the rest of the night. Katy and John sat down at the bar and ordered drinks. We made some small talk, and it seemed as if they both pre-gamed a little before. Katy clearly had a buzz on. She asked me what I did; I told her I was a screenwriter. She thought that was very cool and asked me about it. Then I jokingly asked her what she did, her and John both laughed. A friend of Johns came over to the bar and stole him away with conversation. Katy and I chatted for a little while and she was laughing at everything I was saying, which I found very odd but I wasn’t complaining. She was also touching my arm whenever she laughed. These were clear signs she was flirting with me. ME. Katy Perry flirting with me, with her boyfriend’s back to us no less. On top of that she looked especially stunning tonight. She was wearing this shiny striped dress that perfectly hugged her curvy figure, her tits looked even bigger than usual. And as much as I would like to sit there all night staring at the sexiest woman alive, the double whiskey made me need to piss. I excused myself, and said I’d be back in a minute. She just smiled at me. As I walked to the bathroom I wondered if she’d be there when I got back. She’s a very popular woman and I bet there were tons of people wanting to talk to her. Then I thought what my intentions even were. She was a famous popstar here with her rockstar boyfriend, what could I possibly get out of this? Then again she WAS flirting with me, or who knows maybe that’s just her personality. Maybe she’s just a tease. I got to the bathroom and began to relieve myself, I was surprisingly all alone. Or so I thought. I finished and turned around to see Katy leaning against the sink in the sexiest position you could imagine. She had sex in her eyes and was pushing her chest towards me. Before I could say anything she grabbed me and shoved me into a stall. I was too excited and surprised to question anything so I just went with it. She stared me in the eyes before turning around and pushing her ass into my crotch while taking my hands and placing them on her covered breasts. Good god they were the greatest things I’d ever felt. So soft and big, I squeezed them and moved them around. Pushing them together, up and down. I had no idea what I was doing, it was completely a****listic. It occurred to me that neither of us had even said anything yet. She pushed her ass back harder against my dick, I was hard as a rock. My head was leaning over her shoulder and I was moaning into her ear. And then we heard the door open. We stayed still for a moment and heard John tell whoever he was talking to that he’d be right back. John went over to the urinal and started to relieve himself. Surprisingly, Katy started grinding harder against me and controlling the movement of my hands on her tits. She wanted to make me cum with John in the same room. It took everything I had not to. Then she mouthed the word “cum.” Really wanting to test my limits she unzipped my pants and skillfully whipped out my rock hard cock. After it bounced around on her beautiful, still covered ass I slipped it under her dress and placed it between her thighs. Not letting go of her breasts I fucked her meaty thighs. This was a dream come true. I’d always admired Katy’s legs and fantasized about sticking my dick in between them. They were so warm and soft. Katy pushed me back against the stall and did the fucking herself, her ass bouncing against my pelvis. She squeezed my dick tight in between her legs. John must’ve heard us. I almost completely lost it but somehow I held on. John left the bathroom and Katy turned around and asked why I didn’t cum for her. I was blunt with my response. “I need to fuck those tits.” Thinking I might have pushed my incredible luck, I began to apologize but she stopped me. “Ok.” “Fuck my big tits” she said in the sexiest voice. She pulled her dress down to her hips and at last her divine breasts were free, my jaw dropped. They were better than I imagined. Before I could fuck them I needed to take them all in. I grabbed her by the back and smushed my face in between them. God they were huge, and they had a light coat of sweat on them from our lengthy dry humping session. I licked and sucked them furiously. And then Katy grabbed my head and suffocated me with them. It was the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced, and it was about to be topped. She got on her knees and said “Put your cock in between them” I nearly came from her uttering those words. I was sweating like crazy so I took off my shirt, to which she exclaimed “someone’s been in the gym” I chuckled and then dropped my pants. My dick was harder then it had ever been and twitching. She gasped at how excited I was and seeing the length of my 8 inch cock said “not bad” and smiled. Now that I was ready I put my dick in between those heavenly breasts and she looked up at me as she tucked it in. She waited another second and then started moving them up and down, staring at me the whole time. She stuck her tongue out and licked my head as it popped through her cleavage. The bathroom door swung open again. We stopped for a moment to listen, my cock still sitting inside her tits. It was two guys, they were talking to each other. “Did you see Katy Perry out there before” “Yea dude, she’s so fucking hot” “Ugh I know, the things I’d do to those tits.” Katy smiled devilishly and started pumping on my cock again, faster now, with her big sweaty tits. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. For Christ’s sake I was titty-fucking Katy Perry. Again, she mouthed the word “cum.” “Where?” I whispered back as the two guys in the bathroom made their exit. “All over my tits.” With that I grabbed her big famous titties and fucked them with energy I didn’t know had. “C’mon baby spray your load all over my big boobs” I kept pumping. She put her hands over mine, squishing her tits even tighter around my dick. They were so warm and all this activity worked up quite a sweat which made my cock slide with ease through her cleavage. “How many times have you jerked off to me” “Too many to count” I responded. “When was the last time?” I tried to think while humping the popstar’s chest. “Last night” This amused her. “What picture did you cum to?” Not having to think, “The post grammy party, you were wearing that blue dress and your tits were spilling out the sides.” She squeezed her tits tighter and laughed. “In your fantasies, do you always fuck my tits?” she asked as I kept sliding my cock in her jugs. “Always.” I said, with a near crack in my voice as I approached orgasm. “Well this is the real thing” I pumped faster, pushing her hands tighter on her tits. “Now cum on my huge tits, like you’ve always wanted!” And then I shot the biggest load of my entire life all over her mouth, chin and finally on and in between her tits. The ecstasy threw me back against the stall door and I fell to the ground. Katy kept her tits wrapped around my cock, following me to the ground, milking every last ounce out. She wiped the bit from her mouth and kissed me deeply, her chest still on my cock. My cock twitched and a little more cum came out. Her tits were drenched in my cum. She told me to get my clothes back on and leave so she could clean up and sneak out. “That was incredible” I said in between breaths. “I know” she responded. “Will I see you again?” “I’m playing a show at the Staples center in two months, if you come maybe I’ll let you back stage for a meet and greet.” I laughed. “Now get out of here” she said and cleaned my cock off with a quick suck. I shuddered as her mouth came off of me. I left the bathroom and saw Jake right outside. “You having a good time?” he asked me. “I’m having a great time” Then Katy came out the door behind me and quickly scurried away. Jake’s jaw dropped.

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11 months ago
C'mon now, you started off with a dickish comment and I truly was concerned that you didn't think it was fiction because you gave me no reason to think otherwise. I wouldn't have had a problem if you just said it was unbelievable because I don't care, I've never written one of these I just did it one afternoon for fun and I don't take it seriously.
11 months ago
I'm only a dick to people that are the same.
11 months ago
Oh lol, yea sorry I'm not a professional porn writer. No need to be dick though.
11 months ago
Too unbelievable to enjoy, didn't think I needed to clarify.
11 months ago
Huh? This is a work of fiction, didn't know I needed to clarify.
11 months ago