Katye By The Door


The doorbell rang.  My hands were wet from washing dishes and I was not in a good mood today. I looked around for a dry towel and ....three, four more rings...dang it! Wait just a fuckin’ minute will you??  Drying my hands I hurried to the door and wondered who in the world was in such a hurry.  Unlocking the door I pulled it slightly open and ask: “What do you....” before I could finish he shoved a gun under my chin and pushed me back inside the house.  I was so stunned I didn't realize for a minute that there was another man and woman with him.

 "Wha....wha....what do you want?'  I shuddered and suddenly wished I hadn't ask.  "Upstairs!!"  He ordered as the other two locked the front door and proceeded on up the stairs. I faltered once on the steps, caught myself and climbed the steps to the master bedroom.  "Take your shirt off him demanded.'  "No please I cried’ he smiled and said...you really don't want me to ask again do you’ I heard the woman giggle..."Want me to help her'? She ask.   "I'll help” the other man said.  'Sure" the man with the gun smiled'

  The 2nd man grabbed my arms and held me from behind...his body was so close I could feel his cock pressing against my back.   He was getting aroused from all this.  Oh my God,! They really were going to **** me.  I tried to think what to do and realized I was outnumbered.  There was nothing I could do.  The woman unbuttoned my blouse and roughly the man helped her take it off me.  Then she unbuttoned my bra and let it fall to the floor.   I pleaded, “p-p-p-please don't...”. She merely smiled and reached out and fondled my breast all the time looking me in the eyes and smiling...then she pulled my nipples...hard … and I cried out.  She bent over and licked each nipple. “Like that?” she drawled. I shook my head no as tears fell onto one breast...  She licked them up...” yum salty” she whispered in my ear.  “Now the pants“, the gunman said.  She unbuttoned my jeans and let them fall to the floor.  She put her hand between my legs and pushed my panties aside and roughly shoved her fingers into my pussy. “Mom's wet, She's ready Mike, and I’ll get the camera.”

Mike came over and grabbed my pussy, letting one finger slide inside me. “Oh yeah, she's ripe.”  He tore my panties from me.  The man behind me whispered in my ear, ”you've been a very bad girl.   Bend over the bed." He shoved me roughly onto the bed on my stomach.  The gunman sat down beside me and took off his belt. He began spanking me with it. I screamed. The spanking stopped and I felt his penis at my ass hole...he shoved. Hard..
  The woman came around to the other side of the bed and took off her clothes.  “Let me give you something to do with that pretty little mouth.”'   She sat with her legs around me and her pussy in my face. “Lick!!” she commanded.   The gunman hatefully added, ”..Do as you’re told!” I put my tongue into her and found her clit.  I began to stroke it with my tongue.  

I was terrified. Who are these people?  What did they want?  What would they do next?  Then she felt the woman shudder and at the same time my mouth filled with liquid.  I tried to pull back but she held my head there between her legs. The man was still pumping me from behind.   Then I felt my ass fill with his sperm almost on cue.   The other man laughed and said, “my turn!” He pulled me up and stood in front of me.  Then he put his thick 8 inch cock into my mouth and started pushing it in deeper with each thrust.  The other two were sucking and licking each other on the end of the bed. Then  I heard the front door open.   "Mom you home?"  Oh my God! My 20 year old son Jake was home. I had invited him for supper.  “He'll help me,“ I assured myself. He came bounding up the steps and stopped at the bedroom door.  “Oh, hi guys. I see you got in all right.  Hurry up Tom I’m next.”

I felt completely helpless sitting naked on the bed and in front of my own son and these people I had never seen before… these now half dressed people glaring, smirking, and snapping photos from every side and view… My body began to shake from the humiliation.

Jake stood watching as Tom slowly withdrew from my ass…. Then in an excited tone he said “I have an idea” And grabbing the camera said to the trio…. “Roll her over”, and, first you Tom…. Let her clean that shit off your dick with her mouth…” Tom began to straddle me while the others held my hands on both sides. He f***ed his cock into my mouth and I gagged at the taste, but could do nothing other than close my mouth around it and wash my tongue all over the rock hard member. “Fine”, said Jake. “Now Tom you straddle her and put your cock into her pussy…. Sue you straddle her and put your pussy up to her mouth for her to lick it. “

Tears slid down my face. How could my own son say such a thing? Why didn’t he send them away, help me up, and save me from this terror? I shook with emotion, but did not have the power to resist and slowly I began to wondered if I even wanted to resist as I felt undeniably drawn to the subjugation they f***ed onto me… It was as if I was a small girl again and big adults controlled my every move, and I did what they wanted with me to do. As they moved into place Jack reached into the bag and pulled out a video camera… giving the camera to Mike he ordered him to record the scene… Then from the corner of my eye I saw Jake removing his tee-shirt, pants, shorts, and socks…. I was startled to see his hard cock flopped from under his shorts as he pulled them down and I was amazed at the enormous size…. What seemed like a few short years ago he had been a baby and I tenderly washed that penis so lovingly? The contrast between those scenes as they flashed through my mind was shocking.

With Tom and Sue straddling my body I could not move… and as I listened to the joking remarks about how my nipples were like a pyramids of sharp ice, my breasts full and firm like a most juicy peach, and my pussy a burning volcano… I could hear Jake telling them to slide my body down on the bed… not understanding why but helpless to resist. Finally Jake said to Tom, “OK, now Tom you lean forward and pull her legs up with you to expose that fantastic ass!” The adjustments were made and my position was even more uncomfortable than before…. “

Lick Sue’s Pussy” Jake ordered! I could do nothing else as she wiped her softly hairy cunt across my mouth… I uncontrollably stuck out my tongue and felt the hard clit against its sharp probing point…. “Harder!” demanded Jake…. And Sue’s body began to arch and I could hear her moan as I helplessly struggled hoping against hope this would be over soon and they would just let me go, but something in me told me different….

“Tom , let’s see you do your stuff with that pussy!” urged Jake as he walked back and forth like an all powerful movie director moving around the bed, guiding here, pushing in there, pinching my nipples and putting his finger in every crease available to him… Tom angled his body behind Sue and I could see his hands reach around her and begin to caress her nipples… She arched her body even more and a deep lost look came across her face.

“Mike, are you getting all of this?” Jake demanded… Mike said with a shaking voice I could tell was filled with emotion from the deeply erotic scene before him … that he was getting everything…

“OK”, said Jake, “my turn comes now. And then I felt his cock push against my ass … and ever so slowly with the moisture from our bodies it began to enter… I strained to keep it out fearing …. How could my own son do this to me… I felt I would be ripped apart by his huge size …. The pain did come… and my ass yielded to my son’s cock and I heard him sigh, “Oh Mom, that feels so good”. I felt tears come to my eyes stunned to have all my orifices filled by these people and my own son… and horrified at what I was powerless to resist… but I deep down no longer wanted to resist.

“Are you getting all of the sides and views of this?” Jake demanded of Mike the cameraman… “Yeah” he answered breathlessly….

Ever so smoothly, despite the tremendous strain on my body, they all began to move in unison… In and out, up and down… and I could hear their urging and tension growing… to a tremendous crescendo… finally there was an explosion of groans as all three came in quick succession…

All movement stopped for the longest time… It felt like an eon … and then slowly, ever so slowly, they disengaged themselves… one by one… and moved away from the bed….

I was left exhausted… tears streaming down my face and my body shook in huge spasms…

“Now, Mom”, said Jake… “That is just the introduction to my friends… you see they are experts in the advanced arts of subjugating people….. There is much more to come before they are finished with you tomorrow. You move over here to this chair and have a beer to drink. Mike bring us a few beers from the ice box, will you?”

As I slowly moved off the bed, my limbs sore with the effects of their act… I could see Jake removing some white ropes from the bag. I sat exhausted barely able to move, as he pulled my arms behind the chair and began to tie my wrists together. I was completely and helplessly exposed. Mike returned with the beers, picked up the camera and began to film the scene again.

Jake, smiling at his work, finished the tying… and came around in front of me still naked and with his cock standing out hard and angry red… and poured the beer over my mouth as I hungrily sucked and licked the cool liquid to quench my thirst… it cascaded down over my breasts, across my curved belly, and down to my pussy… and the coolness was like a river of ice flowing across the hot volcanic lava of my body…

“Let’s rest a while and then we will go to the next phase”, said Jake…

I slowly began to regain some feeling in my body and the pain that stretched from head to toe subsided somewhat…. But this was soon replaced by anger at the helpless position they had placed me in…. and of all people my own son, Jake. They were sloppily drinking beer and eating potato chips across the room, talking quietly among themselves, turning their heads every now and then to look at me …. Still tied to the chair and completely naked … And smirking and making crude remarks… I heard Mike say to Tom… “Wouldn’t you like to bind those bulging breasts with barbed wire, and lick the bl**d as it drips over her nipples …. Just think about her squirming that big ass in pain from the sharp points”…. the thought made me shudder….”You are totally weird , Mike” Jake replied disgustedly.

And then I heard Jake ask Sue…. “What do you think is the biggest thing we can put in that pussy?” …. She paused for a few minutes and then smirking… picked up Tom’s large roughly tanned hand, closed it into a fist… and laughingly said “this might do the job”.

As my strength returned my anger grew…. And finally I had reached the breaking point screaming… “Hey you god dam fuckers let me out of this chair here!.” I saw the startled expression on their faces at my outburst… and screamed again… “If you don’t let me out of here right now I will have my Sheriff Deputy Uncle bring his friends and cut off your dicks…” At that Jake stood up…. Smiled and said “Now, Mom. You shouldn’t talk to my friends like that. I’m afraid this just means you will need a little of the punishment like you used to give me when I was 11. Tom, you take her and get her ready while I go get it…”

Tom rose while Jake left the room and I could hear him taking the stairs up to the attic two at a time. Tom grinned and pulled Sue along saying… “Come on gal I need some help with this wild bitch.”. Sue reached into the bag and pulled out a dog collar with a long chain attached. Grinning, she bent and put the collar around my neck buckling it just tight enough so that I knew it was solidly on. Tom bent and began to untie the cords binding my hands.

Then he quietly said. “OK bitch… stand up and do as we tell you or it will be much worse…” Again that helpless feeling flooded my body and I could do nothing other than what he said. I was beginning to tremble, not knowing what was going to happen next. Standing, Sue held firmly to the end of the chain and I felt sure there was no way I could escape. “Bend over and hold your ankles bitch…” Tom spat out at me, and I did as he said. Suddenly, Tom squatted down… his dick still wet from my pussy juices, dragging the floor… the cord that had been used to bind my hands behind my back was placed around my wrists and ankles binding my trembling limbs together. I was helpless and tears began to pour from my eyes again and I pleaded for them to let me go.

Now I could hear Jake coming back down the stairs. and he entered the room carrying the long birch switches I had used on him when he put a frog in Ms Overbee’s chair at school. “Are you ready, now he grinned…. Say you’re sorry for the things you said to my friends…” “Fuck you” Jake” I said in defiance… although I didn’t feel so defiant inside… my stomach was weak and my body bracing for a shock that would likely be painful, but somehow with the three men and one woman standing around …. all naked …. glaring at me. Even though I was helplessly bound, it felt strangely erotic. “OK”, he said… “stand back Sue I want to have plenty of room to punish this mother-slut !

“Mike you got your camera ready? I want to be able to enjoy this again and again.” Mike shuffled across the room to get his camera and said. “Just a minute I want to adjust the light for the best effect” He moved a floor lamp standing in the corner of the bedroom closer to me, turned the light to its brightest setting and tilted the shade so the full effect was cast on my naked body, now gleaming with sweat… Then he turned down the rest of the lights in the bedroom so the voyeurs were cast into a dark shadow. It was as if I was a manikin in a store window and the whole world was watching… “OK, ready now...” Mike replied as he raised the camera to his eye,

Jake grinned and said again… “Now!! Tell my friends you are sorry?” “Never”, I said with explosive f***e… but feeling a small meekness arise inside . Suddenly the switches swooshed through the air. and the sting on my naked butt was an unbelievable shock! My body jerked and I screamed in pain , Again the. swoosh… and then again, and again… while I screamed for him to stop! My ass was now burning and I was completely numb from the pain and close to passing out.

Jake laughed and said . “Hurts doesn’t it Mommy dear! Now you know what it felt like when I was 11… the only regret I have is I didn’t put that frog in Ms Overbee’s pussy…. OK, are you ready to apologize now?” “N…No”, I stammered barely able to talk through the pain that numbed my mind and tears streaming down my face…. Swoosh went the birch switches again… again, and again…. “OK, apologize now ‘Mommy Dearest’ and I will stop…” said Jake sarcastically. “Yes, yes, oh please stop… I c-c-ca…can’t take any more” I begged… “I’m sorry” I said with a voice that shook with emotion… a mixture of severe pain but somehow a sliver of thrill … as thin as the birch switches … seemed to shoot through my body.

“Bring her over to the bed…. And let’s get her ready for the next scene in our little home movie” said Jake…

Sue seemed to jump to the task… reaching into the black bag and fishing around to pull out some leather straps with a chain attached that sort of looked like handcuffs. Untying the cords from my ankles and wrists she quickly strapped the leather tightly around my wrists and giving one of the chains to Tom led me to the bed. They went around to the opposite side of the bed such that I was left facing away from them and the bed…. And before I knew it they roughly jerked the chains and I fell across the bed side to side. The pulled the chains to remove any slack and I could hear them being locked onto the legs of the bed. Tom pulled me down so my ass was right at the edge of the bed while I could hear Sue fishing for more things in the bag.

The ropes used earlier to bind my ankles were used again to attach my ankles to the two legs at my feet. I was now completely spread eagle facing up …. Completely exposed in my nakedness. Tom moved the light so it was again focused on me and the remainder of the room was in the shadows. I turned my head and was startled to see Sue remove a harness and several dildos of differing sizes.

Out of the corner of my eye I could just barely see her strap the harness around her waist and turn to the snickering fellows all standing around smiling to ask she ask…. “Which one should I start with?” “I want to see her start with the 2 incher” said Mike excitedly…. Sue placed the dildo in the harness… it was certainly 2 inches in diameter and at least 8 inches long. She poured some liquid on it and began to slather the liquid all over the thing… grinning and dancing around as she did to the hoots and hollers of the men. Then she moved over to the bed and holding my ass on both sides began to rub the penis up and down on my pussy. She needs a change of oil before we put in the dip stick” Sue said… “Mike and Jake…. Help her out here….” I felt the two men climb on the bed …. One on each side…. And hands began to roughly feel my breasts… Mike on one breast and Jake n the other. Under the attention of the kneading I could feel my nipples getting harder… and Sue continued massaging my pussy with the cock in her strap on. I had never had an experience like this… and still reeling from the helpless position I was in my mind sought refuge by absorbing all the sensations from my body… As Sue moved her “cock “ up and down I could feel the juices beginning to form and then I heard Jake say… OK, Mom, I want to be just like your birth sons…. and he began to suckle on my nipples…. Soon mike followed on the other side and my mind was drawn to the uncontrollable sensation every woman feels when a mouth is enjoying the bosom of life…. Completely consumed by the events and distracted from normalcy by the restraints and probing at my pussy’s door, my mind escaped to the call I took in human sexuality and the tall handsome professor describing Freud’s thought that the very feelings an infinite has for his mother are sexual by nature…. And the joy and happiness a c***d experiences when after a long absence his mother reappears and he is cast into her arms… where he feels such bliss drawing the milk of life from her breast…

Suddenly this vision glowing through the trauma of the present pain and restraint was exploded by the realization that Sue was pushing the penis she wore into my pussy… slowly… only small movements at first… in-out-back-and-forth… deeper and deeper… I imagined my pussy would be destroyed and I would forever be unable to feel normal with the size of the fake member… but ever so slowly with the feelings stimulated by the continuing suckling provided by Jake and Mike (‘my two babies’… No! That couldn’t be the way I felt about them?). Suddenly I could feel the dramatic member in my pussy pushing hard against my cervix….

“OK..” Sue said “time to take her up another level” What could that mean? It was the only question that seemed to form in my foggy mind? “Tom will you help me.” I could hear shuffling around the room and then …. Ever so slowly I felt the member withdraw from my pussy… and within a few seconds… I felt what seemed like an even larger pressure on my pussy… slowly… in-and-out as before but this time the size was enormous and I winced with the spasms of pain that was unlike anything I had ever experienced in a sexual encounter … but not too different form the birth of my c***dren… the rhythmic penetration continued

Slowly my attention returned to the two beings suckling at my breast and then it felt as if my breasts had begin to produce the milk of life… I was powerless to stop the emission and reflect the true simple truth that I was being f***ed into this situation against my will…. Soon enough, as earlier I could feel the rhythmic motion of the huge member reaching a crescendo and there was a steady and increasingly deeper thrust against my cervix.

Now I heard Sue urge… “OK Tom I think she is ready…. Get that ‘thing’ of yours ready and I will get out of this honey cavern...” Slowly the behemoth in my pussy was withdrawn…

And then a bonier, more pointed, but none the less significant shape, began to enter the orifice many attributed to my existence … Slowly the syrupy liquids surrounded and eased the entrance into my pussy …. and then I began to sense other protrusions as the pressure grew… Whatever it was that was forcing itself into my body was certainly taking its time … The object rotated and moved left to right… back and forth… in and out… as if it were exploring the cavity for the most precious gold! As the movement progressed I felt the earlier shapes begin to curl and there were other bonny protrusions entering the scene… as they entered I strained to … I don’t know what… the pain was significant. Should I try to keep it out. Or relax, and encourage it inside. My mind reeled! On the one hand it felt unbelievably good yet at the same time it was painful beyond belief. The shape curled into a volume that rivaled the size of a human life which evolved within my body and was about to pass though my orifice into this world… And then I knew. He had his whole entire fist in me. I started to cry uncontrollably. Jake got up and come over close to my ear. Don’t cry mommy dear. We’re just making a movie and you’re the star! Isn’t that exciting!” “No” I spit out at him. Then I pleaded “Please Jake Let me go, I won’t tell anyone. I p -p- p promise!” Jake stood up and said, “I think she’s probably had enough for a while, Let’s get something to eat” and he laughed roughly as if he knew a secret.

<more to come>

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