Sarah and I

Sarah and I
Katrinsas Jones: sex ther****t/consultation
Sarah Smith: receptionist
So Sarah wanted to go to her house to get ready for our evening together…so I headed back to mine to do the same. Grinning to myself I think of ways to break her down to my level of sexual awareness and erotic cravings, and finding the thoughts running though my mind quite entertaining and thrilling to say the least. I arrived home and quickly changing clothes, finding it hard to focus on what to wear after a scorching day and looking forwarded to an even hotter evening with Sarah has my pussy moistening and my thoughts clouded. Shaking my head to clear it, I lay out my light pink halter top with its sliver chains going across the deep v front and bright yellow mini skirt with my thigh high white stockings held up by my light green garters and white leather knee high heels. I hear knocking at my apartment door, it sounded hesitate, I dressed quickly, running a brush through my short blond/hot pink waves, and I shout “Coming!” As I open the door, my blue eyes widen in surprise, before me is Sarah….She’s really early… smiling I look her up and down slowly. Starting from her long curly dark chestnut hair to her lightly freckled petite nose to her full bottom lip to her swelling 38C’s beautifully dressed in a emerald green blouse setting off her amazing light moss green eyes, and tight black jeans with a wicked wedged heels to match, giving her 5’5 an extra 1 ½ to my 5’7 ½. Trying hard not to rub myself and keep a straight face was almost impossible…..Her once over across my body felt like it was burning me slowly as her glaze lowered from my full lips to my own high heeled toes. She looks up at me sharply with a look of confusion and lust. It being as hot as it has been has the air still heated. I apologized, “Sorry, please come in Sarah..” saying with a slowly grin, side stepping my door. Closing the door behind her I fan myself in order to keep from grabbing her right then and there….don‘t want to scare her off.”Soo..Sarah..your early I didn’t get a chance to shower so you have to excuse my appearance..” pushing away from the door I sway towards her. Sarah looks around my place lingering more on me as I approach her…she smiles nervously, “ I’m sorry.. it’s just I’ve never been one for being on time..and I be on time and so..I ..Umm came over early.” When she blushes her lovely chest flushes a peach color, I wet my lips and stare her straight in the eyes with an almost predatory look. She looks back with a startled deer in headlights comparison but it rapidly dissipates to a wanton lustful stare. I reach her and lightly caress her cheek with my one hand, my other hand trails my nails slowly down her arm, raising goose bumps across her arms and hardening her nipples making her draw her breathe sharply. I tilt her head back with my fingers her eyes begging me to kiss her, to lick her, to take her, I watch her as she closes her eyes as I lean in.. and I stop a breathe away from touching her lips, her lashes flutter open then I kiss her full on the mouth. She moans in my mouth as I lick and suck her tongue and bottom lip hard, making her tremble from the intensely of our kiss, I wrap one arm around her slender waist supporting her weight, as my other one grips her tightly behind her neck holding her in position. I pull away breathing heavily as she gasps for air, leaning harder against me. I whisper in her ear as I nipple her ear playfully, “ Wanna join me for that shower I didn’t get to yet?” she looks up at me and smiles shyly, “Yes, please…Kat..” Hearing my name roll off her tongue was a pleasure of a different kind all together…I couldn’t drag her into my bathroom fast enough and help her out of her clothes all the while kissing, licking and touching each other as each article of clothing was being peeled away from our sticky, sweaty bodies. I paused enough to turn the water on and let if run for a bit as I explored Sarah’s sleek curves, I have her sit on the lid of my toilet seat and spread her thighs wide as I drop to my knees, I slowly slide one finger in her dark pink pussy, the tops of my knuckles are soaked as I move my finger faster and inserting more as I blow on her clit. Sarah its clutching my hair tightly trying to pull me close to her sweet intoxicing cunt as her hips thrust towards my mouth. I grin, “Sarah…what do you want?” as I work my fingers faster yet, watching her chest heaving from her panting and her other hand clutching her breast tightly and twisting her perfect nipple. She whimpers and begs me to tongue fuck her hot shaved, wet fuck hole and I dive right in sucking on her clit and twisting my tongue ring around her pussy lips lapping up her dripping nectar. I not only devoured her lovely cunt, I slow fucked her asshole with my lube fingers from her pussy juices. All the while Sarah has my head in a death grip I feel her body tremble and tense up around me with her legs on my shoulders flexing, I move faster sensing the obvious, licking faster and finger fucking her tight little brown eye. Sarah’s head is thrusting from side to side her hips and thighs crushing me as she cries out, “ Oh my fuckin GOD!!!.....I’m gonna…..Ahhh….Mmmmm…fuck yesssssss…..I’m Cummmm!!!!”Finally, Sarah racked with lesser tremors, releases my hair, breathing heavily. I lick my lips watching her the whole time, my own pussy soaked and dripping to the tiled floor from having gotten her off with my now slightly bruised lips. I get up and check the water, and lift Sarah carefully into my tube and run the shower head up and down her body and mine. I turn to Sarah as she gains her strength back, “Now….It’s my turn… I want you to do to me what I did to you….You want to feast on my wet pussy don’t you?” I sit on the edge of the tube my legs in the water spreading my legs and lips wide for Sarah’s viewing. Her eyes widened and she crawls on her hands and knees, wagging her cute ass towards my still dripping cunt. It was mine turn to lance my fingers in her long gorgeous hair as she tentatively licked my pussy lips. I groan in pleasure and pull her closer, rubbing her nose in my overheated slit, rocking my own hips against her mouth encouraging her to move faster with the tempo. Her green eyes are staring up to watch me this time and I’m caught off guard by how turned on by that I was… I throw my head back and arch my body more, my pulse racing, my breathe coming out in pants and growls, “ Fuck yea you slut…lick my pussy good….more fuckin tongue……GOD Yesssss…” I feel my orgasm building in stages, the trembles, then the wild urge to ride Sarah’s wonderful face faster, I grip my pale breast and twist it hard, my body tenses and flexes tighten around Sarah’s head. “Oooooh fuck!!!.....mmmmmhmmmmm……Im gonna Cumm….Sarah!!!” I climax so hard I completely covered Sarah’s lovely face like a glazed donut, my cum dripping down from her chin to her chest. After, I recovered I didn’t realize that Sarah was a clever slut, she was sitting on the shower head the whole time she was feasting on me. I pull Sarah close, kissing her roughly tasting myself on her tongue and her on mine, she begins to purr in pleasure. I push her away laughing, “Sarah your gonna have to stay the night….We'll have dinner another time... I'm starving for something not in any of the food groups...”Sarah agrees without hesitation this time….I grin wickedly… She’s mine now… “this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Now…. Sarah… crawl to the bed on your hands and knees like the slut you are….” And she does just that, dripping the whole way….The End….

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very, very hot