“It was a Record High”

The scene is in mid-July and a record high as the hottest day of the year, I’m walking to my new job just out of college to help individuals with their sexual hang-ups as a sex ther****t/consultation. Sweat already is gathering all over my body just from the humidly in the air. I mumble under my breathe, “My blazer’s is too fuckin hot for this shit…..”the sweat moves from my breasts to my legs making my mini pinstripe more snug against my ass holding my dark green tong in place and my dark purple garter lightly damp that’s holding up my black fishnets. Only two more blocks to go and every male turns to look at the sound of my black stiletto’s hitting the pavement, most do a double take because of my near bursting pale 40 dd’s in a tight fitting blouse. I ignore them to hurry so I’m not late for my first day already panting from the heat. I arrive more wet from the heat then when I left my apartment, but grateful for the air-condition building that I walked into. I walk over to the receptionist who looks up with a smile on her face saying, “How can I…..help you today?” With a look of surprise on her face. She does a once over at me taking in my short chic light blonde hair with their hot pink highlights, my blue grey eyes, and my curvy figure my body stiffens from the inspection and from the cool air making my nipples hard and standing out. I smile my full lip grin at her, “Hi, I’m the new girl Katrinsas Jones could you tell me where to go?” It that’s a moment for the receptionist to recover, she flushes and lowers her lashes and looks to the side, “Uh..Um..yes Miss Jones, your office is down the hall two doors to the right…”I thank her and ask her, “ are you free for lunch or dinner Miss?” She hurriedly looks up startled, “I’m Sarah Smith” I smile again, “Sarah, I would like to know my colleagues, I hope we can become close friends…”I lick my lips waiting for her response. Sarah blushes bright red and says, “Um sure…I would like that….Miss Jones” She smiles tentatively at me. “Great until then….oh Sarah please call me Kat ok? We’re goin to be great friends I’m sure.” She lowers her green eyes and blushes and nods her dark head. I walk away to my office and open the door to what looks like any other ther****t office only with more sexual artwork and long comfortable couches. I pull my glasses off and set them on my desk and begun going though my list of potential clients. I finish up most of the cliental and even had a few cancellations. I look at the clock and it says 3:46 pm about time to go soon and enjoy an evening with Sarah. I get wet from the thought of potently getting the chance to flip her to be like me…..I love hot pussy and hard cocks just like any other person. I hitch my ass on my new desk and lift my leg to the side hitching my skirt up more to better feel and see myself. Oh…. well my green tong is already soaked and I rub my clit between two fingers and rub my other hand to my erected nipples. I moan softly and work my fingers faster and my body starts burning up and I’m flushed all over and I begin to pant faster and I pull my creamy breast out and begun to suck and nibble on my nipples. I feel myself get close and then the phone rings. “Damn it I was so close…..” I sigh, “Miss Jones here, how can I help you? Oh Sarah!! Oh…last minute arrival…’ I look at the clock it’s about 4:10pm “Sure I’ll take him what’s his name? Peter North? Ok got it, send him in…thank you Sarah…Oh we’re still on right? Great see you soon dariln..” I straighten my bra and blouse and just had enough time to lift my leg down when tall dark gorgeous walks in. I tell him to take a seat across from me and to explain to me what is problem is. He is slightly reluctant at first and I explain to him that anything discussed here doesn’t leave this room. He explains to me that he’s sexually flustered because he craves for anal sex and when he tries to with his women they tight up making it impossible to go further without it being painful. I listen intently, “ Ok next time you try start off 69 and then lube your finger, your pinky first then another finger bigger than the pinky to help widen her asshole ,using a numbing lube is best, and slowly inch by inch and in and out but she has to keep stimulating herself to by playing with her clitoris….and DON’T just shove it in let her relax and control how to let you in but backing on to your cock inch by inch but she MUST keep the stimulation on her clit the whole time for it the work.” While saying all these things I’m swinging my legs not realizing that my skirt has been up the whole time and giving a view of a lifetime with my soaked green tong in perfect line of his eyes. I look at him and he has a flushed look on his face and I ask him “Did I embarrass you? I’m sorry….”He stands and walks over to me with a look in his eyes of dark intentions….. “Oh dear….”I said and I look down at myself and realized what set him off and I glance at the front of his jeans and gasp “Oh wow..umm” He smiles darkly and places his hands on both sides of the desk pinning me between the desk and him. He spreads my knees apart all the while breathing heavily and closes the distance kisses me deeply in a French kiss of a lifetime. I moan in pleasure and hook my hands in his hair to further kiss him with my tongue ring doing its job to intensify the moment all the while pressing my excited breasts against his hard chest. He shifts himself and lifts off his tank and pulls out his fully erect 8inch cock. My mouth waters instantly and I drop to the floor and pull my breasts out and hug his cock with them and begin to suck and lick while rotationing my breasts tighter an in circle. My tongue and mouth are so hot and wet that he slides in and out with ease. My blue eyes watching him wantonly as he moans and pants louder with each stroke. He growls and lifts me from the floor and lays me down on the couch and lick and sucks my hot soaked pussy and I’m trembling wildly, “Oh GOD YES!!!!.....” I pant even faster and whimper for his cock and he growls and lifts me again and frenches me with my own juices He asked me, “How do you like your taste? You taste so fuckin sweet I could eat you forever.” My eyes widen in shock, and taste myself and realized he was right about my taste. Then he lowers me on to my desk on my stomach and teases my pussy with the tip of his hard cock I buck wildly and beg for him the fuck me, “Please fuck me oh god please….”He chuckles darkly, “With pleasure…” He shoves it in hard and fast into my pussy that I’m already crying tears of joy and I tighten around him with each thrust and panting louder and damned near screamed my fuckin head off but he put a hand over my mouth to lessen the noise while putting my hair from behind. He growls, “I’m…about to …cumm…. you’re so tight…”He pants more and I move his hand, “I want you to cum in my ass….” He looks shocked but doesn’t hesitate and pulls it out of my dripping wet pussy and teases my asshole with his tip and I tremble in anticipation. He probes my tiny ass hole and actually takes my advice and ease it in a little at a time and I play with my clit furiously finally the tempo speeds up and im once crying out wildly, “yes…oh god…..FUCK ME HARDER……I’M…..CCCUUUUUMMMMIINNNGGG…” He cries out in his release and grips onto my hips and thrusts deeper and harder with his balls banging against my ass with wet sounds from our cum juices. I fall on my desk in exhaustion and him on top of me with his arms one either side on me. After we recovered from that session I smile at him, “So, Peter same time next week?” He smiles, “You bet your sweet ass Miss Jones.” I show him to the door, ‘Thank you please set the date with Sarah.” I clean myself up and walk out of my new office and lock up and approach Sarah, “You ready dariln?”She blushes again, “ Um yeah I just have to get my coat and purse, I’ll be right back” I watch her ass as she walks away and smile for the plans that I have for her tonight.
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