Kate Fantasy #11

I sit at my kitchen table watching my neighbor, Frank, working on the fence. Jimmy is away so I had to ask my friend, Marcie, if I could borrow her husband and she sent him over. Now, I sip my wine, getting a little light-headed, and watch the muscles in is back flex and release as he lifts and hammers. Another sip and I am letting naughty thoughts take over my brain. Marcie has told me on more than one occasion that Frank’s cock was “extra-special” and I find myself wondering if it’s true.
I see that he is close to finishing so I quickly go to the bedroom and change into my shortest jean cut-offs and a loose work shirt that I tie up under my boobs, making sure to leave lots of cleavage exposed. I hear him slide the patio door open and step into the kitchen.
“All done, Kate!”
I step down the stairs, feeling my boobs bouncing slightly under the shirt and face him in the kitchen. Although he tries to hide it, his eyes go immediately to my breasts for a second then away as if to hide the fact he was checking me out.
“Pretty hot work out there?” I ask.
He wipes his forehead. “Oh yeah.”
I pour him a glass of lemonade from the refrigerator and lead him into the living where it’s cooler.
Frank sits on my couch, bare to the waist and wearing those khaki shorts that show off his butt so well. He sips the lemonade and tries to eye me up and down without me noticing, but I do. He is still a little sweaty from the work on my fence and it glistens on his chest.
“I really want to thank you for fixing that hole in the fence, Frank,” I say, then let my gaze fall to the obvious bulge in his shorts, hoping he’ll notice. “Marcie said you were the best.”
“The best?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.
I giggle. “You know what I mean. At fixing things!” I sit beside him on the couch. “What did you think I meant?”
“Well,“ he laughs, “my wife says I’m good at many things.”
“I’m sure you are. Especially when you have all the right tools.” Frank smiles and lets his stare drop to my barely concealed tits. “Won’t Marcie be worried that you’re not home yet?”
“No, she’s gone out shopping for the afternoon.”
“Oh, so we have some time to,” I pause, “chat.”
Frank sets his glass on the coffee table and leans back on the couch, deliberately displaying the bulge in his khaki shorts. I let my gaze fall to his lap, knowing he is watching me. Slowly, I trail the tip of my tongue across my lips and look into his eyes.
“Like I said, I really want to thank you for all your help.”
“How about a nice card from the stationery store?”
I laugh. “Silly. I was thinking of something else.”
“Oh, I see.” He takes another sip. “Might I ask what that is?”
I take a chance and slide my hand across his hard bulge, squeezing it gently and feeling how hard and big he is under those shorts. Frank smiles and makes no move to stop me. I unbutton the top of his shorts then slowly tug the zipper down, spreading the fabric apart. Frank’s cock springs free, big, hard and proud.
“Well,” he says, “there are many different ways of saying ‘thank you’!”
“Oh, yes.” I can barely close my hand around him and I start stroking him up and down slowly. ‘I just hope I can thank you enough.” It is so hot and heavy in my hand. I gaze at the bulbous head, pulsing and throbbing as I pump him, a little moisture appearing at the opening. I lean over and taste it with the tip of my tongue, salty and gooey. Frank tugs at the knot holding my shirt together under my boobs and it gives way easily, letting them fall free. He cups one, squeezing and fondling and I feel my nipple harden in the palm of his hand. I lick around the head of his cock slowly.
Franks moans lightly as I taste him, kissing the head and licking around and around. His cock is bigger than Jimmy’s by at least an inch but, oh, so thick around. I stroke him slowly and take it between my lips, sucking playfully on the head. I imagine what it would be like having this cock fucking me and feel a sudden electric surge deep down in my belly. I feel his hand squeezing my breast a little tighter. Slowly I lower my head, taking more and more of him into my mouth. It is hot and hard and heavy, pulsing and throbbing on my lips and tongue. I pull my head back, sucking him as I go, then dive back down letting it fill my mouth and throat.
“Oh fuck yeah, Kate!” he moans. I need no encouragement, loving the feel of Frank’s heavy, hard shaft in my mouth. I unsnap my cut-offs, opening the zipper, and begin rubbing my clit with my free hand, sending electric shivers coursing through my body. I bob my head a little faster up and down, feeling his hot tool rubbing my lips and tongue and cheeks. My fingers work my clit quickly, rubbing the nub around in circles faster and faster.
“Oh my god, Kate, you are incredible!”
I feel my own orgasm building slowly as I rub my clit furiously making me whimper and moan. Frank’s hard pole throbs in my mouth as I suck him making me feel so slutty and sexy. My mind begins to reel wishing Jimmy was here so he could fuck me while I take Frank in my mouth. My imagination begins to take off and I see visions in my head of even more men in the room, stroking their cocks as they wait their turn with the slutty housewife. Men from the neighborhood, men from work, men I see on the bus every day, all of them naked and hard and wanting to fuck me. I feel my orgasm start to crest and rub my clit, bringing it to the fore. But Frank’s cock is all I need right now and I suck and lick it like a wild whore as I rub my clit.
I feel Frank’s other hand suddenly on the back of my head, gently pushing me down further and I part my lips to take his big hard cock into my mouth. I moan with pleasure at the feel of his wonderful hard dick invading my mouth, pushing past my lips, filling me. He pushes his hips up and down, holding my head still and fucking my mouth. I cup and squeeze his balls gently, urging him on. He bucks his hips faster, driving up into my mouth, holding my head with one hand while the other squeezes my breast hard and almost painful.
“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum, Kate!”
“Gonna cum, Kate!”
“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!”
I feel Frank’s body stiffen and tense up and he pushes up hard, driving his cock deep in my mouth and throat. Suddenly, he lets out a long, groan and he erupts, surging his hot, gooey cum. I swallow and swallow but keep sucking. Frank arches his back a little giving my every inch of cock. He groans, loud and obscene and guttural before collapsing on the couch. Slowly, he releases his grip on my breast and hair. I feel his cock pulsing in my mouth and it begins to soften.
I sit up and wipe my lips with my hand, smiling. Frank sits back, his chest heaving as he gasps for air. He opens his eyes and stares at me, a big grin on his face.
“Wow, Kate, I had no idea you could, well, you know.”
I giggle. “I could what? Give a blowjob?”
“Not like that! Whew! I hope Marcie doesn’t want me to fuck her for a few hours. I don’t think I’ll get it up!”
I reach down and gently pet his flaccid cock. “So nice. I hope you realize you have to fuck me next time.”
“Damn straight, I do!”
Frank pulls his shorts up and stands to leave. He leans down and kisses my forehead.
“And Frank?”
 “Bring a friend. Or two.” I wink.
Frank grins. “Be careful what you wish for.” He closes the door and I lean back on the couch, thinking dreamily of my little fantasy. My hand drifts down between my thighs.............

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8 months ago
Sounds fun, both this and the next time!!
8 months ago
Very sexy story.
8 months ago
That fantasy of yours kept me hard the entire time I was reading it. I wish I had a neighbor like you
9 months ago
9 months ago
nicely written , had that been me you were thanking your pussy would of gotten a good sucking before I left