Adventures of Nancy - Incensed - Chapter 3

Nancy woke up in Barry's small bedroom. She had slept deeply, after a long night of wild sex. She took a moment to assess her situation. She was lying naked in bed on her left side. As she looked forward she could see her boyfriend Barry was still asl**p with his back to her. Her left hand was at her side but her right hand was on Barry's hip. The tips of her fingers were buried in his pubic hair. She slowly slid her right hand away from Barry's crotch. This allowed her to slowly turn her shoulders so she could see Corinna sl**ping behind her on the bed. The beautiful blonde that Nancy had met only hours ago, had scooted her naked body down lower on the bed so that the top of her head was even with Nancy's shoulders. It was then that Nancy came to a startling realization. Corinna still had two fingers inside Nancy's ass.

That explained the soreness and pressure she felt on her anus. Were her fingers up my ass all night? Nancy wondered. Is this just the way they fell asl**p or had Corinna been prodding her ass all morning, violating her as she slept?

Nancy took Corinna's right hand gently by the wrist and carefully slid the two knuckle deep fingers out of her tender asshole. After removing Corinna's dirty digits without waking her, Nancy slowly sat up on the bed. Even though it had been hours since any of them had been awake, Nancy was nearly overpowered by the still strong smell of sex, sweat, and ass. Nancy was careful not to wake the others as she slowly extricated herself from the bed. She made the mistake of looking at herself in the full length mirror on the closet door. She had never needed a shower so bad in her life. Dried crusty remnants of who knows what were down her chest, on her face, and in her mussed hair. She felt sticky and gross and no doubt smelled even worse. Quietly, she worked her way toward the bathroom. A quick glance in the living room proved that she was the first one in the house awake. She was happy that she would have the first shower. She turned on the water and patiently waited for it to warm before she stepped in. The soothing feel of warm water cascading over her body was a cleansing antidote for her soreness. As her hands caressed her still sensitive body, she reflected on the events of the past weeks.

Nancy knew had lost control of herself on her first date with Barry 3 weeks ago. It was a double date. She, along with her cheerleading teammate Misty, had become overwhelmed with lust. It wasn't out of d***kenness that the normally timid Nancy sucked and got fucked on her first date with her handsome and incredibly well endowed new boyfriend Barry. She knew what she was doing. She was the aggressor. Planning her moves in an effort to get what she wanted. Yes, she wanted it...and she got it. It was wonderful at the time. Later she felt ashamed. She had never acted that boldly before. She was normally hesitant and shy, especially when it came to guys. But that night, she had given it all up on the first date like a cheap slut. What would Barry think of her? He didn't seem like the type of guy that would date such an indiscreet girl. She continued through out the next days wondering how she had lost all sense of wholesomeness. She berated herself for ruining her chances with Barry. To her great relief he called and asked her out for lunch later that week.

Nancy didn't know that Barry felt guilty as well. He knew that it was the powerful incense that he and his roommate Jim had lit that night had caused their dates to go wild with lust. Of course, they didn't realize it would work so potently. He supposed they couldn't be blamed for resisting the beautiful girls' advances. Especially after the girls began teasing them with their lesbian show. Barry invited Nancy to lunch so that he could apologize for being so aggressive on their first date. He really liked Nancy and didn't want their relationship to end as a one night stand. The lunch was long and both of them apologized several times for their behavior on the date. Nancy was glad Barry still seemed to respect her. Barry had planned to tell Nancy about the incense, but since she seemed to accept his apologies, he decided not to bring it up. Nancy was none the wiser. She was comforted by how easy he was to talk to. Both of them sensed a desire for a relationship that went beyond the obvious physical attraction.

Something in Nancy had changed in the days and weeks following that first night with Barry. Nancy was becoming more comfortable regarding her appearance and sexuality. She was making changes both physical and emotionally that reflected her newly found confidence. Some of the changes were more subtle. She seemed to walk more upright and confident. The shyness of her youth seemed to melt away. Now, instead of finding an excuse to avoid being exposed to the other girls on the cheer squad, she was showering with them after cheerleading practices and games. Not necessarily flaunting it, but no longer hiding her body. In the bright shower lights, her friend Misty observed a more prominent change in Nancy's appearance. She was no longer coloring her hair. Nancy had been embarrassed about her red curls ever since she was a young girl. She began coloring her natural red hair brown ever since junior high. Misty had noticed that she was letting her hair grow longer and now the shower light revealed her lovely crimson locks. Misty complimented her on her hair and told her it made her look sexy.

Misty secretly loved watching the girls showering with her. She was a true voyeur at heart, and especially enjoyed the opportunity to glimpse at Nancy's beautiful frame. Glancing down, Misty discovered that Nancy was allowing her curly red pubic hairs grow out long and bushy. She had previously kept them shaved or trimmed very short, hiding their true color. Misty was pleased to see that her red-headed friend was becoming more comfortable with her body. Misty and Nancy had become much closer after their wild sexual encounter that fateful double-date night. Misty was regularly fucking her boyfriend Jim, but she wasn't satisfied. She was fascinated by Nancy, and went to great lengths to hide her desire for Nancy's touch. To Misty's disappointment, she and Nancy had not had any further sexual adventures since their first time together. In fact Nancy had not had sex with Barry or anyone else for that matter since that night. It made her feel better to know that she could restrain from that crazy lust she had that night. Despite this, her body seemed to crave to be with Barry again. She had masturbated several times thinking of him. Both girls were looking forward to the party that Barry and his roommate Jim were having on Friday night.

When the girls arrived at the boys modest off campus house, the party was already well in gear. The house was crowded with college students in various stages of intoxication. Loud music was playing downstairs and it echoed up through the small house. Jim saw them from across the living room and worked his way toward them. He had obviously been drinking since he was having trouble staggering through the crowd. He gave Nancy a hug and a secret pinch on her butt. Then he embraced Misty and gave her a long sloppy kiss. Nancy, immediately feeling like a third wheel, signaled to Misty and went downstairs to look for Barry. She waded her way through the sea of people. The house seemed packed full of bodies. Nancy figured the mix was probably about 60/40 boys to girls. She felt like a fish swimming upstream. She seemed to make inadvertent contact with person after person as she squirmed through the crowd. She felt relieved when she reached the stairs to the basement. The steps were also packed with college students. She continued to bump and grind her way to the bottom. Being known by many on campus as a cheerleader, she stopped to say hello occasionally to a familiar face. One time, in an effort to squeeze between a girl and a guy she lost her balance and fell against the guy. Her ass rubbed unintentionally against his crotch. "Sorry," she blushed. "My pleasure," he replied with a smirk. After a few more moments, she finally spotted Barry across the room. He smiled broadly, and they embraced.

They talked, danced and drank some beer. Barry apologized for the amount of people. Over the loud music, Nancy told Barry her ordeal about getting downstairs.

"Sounds like you have made more friends here than I have," Barry quipped. Nancy giggled.

The couple continued to talk, dance and flirt with each other. About a half hour later the two began to notice a growing commotion building upstairs. Before long it became too loud for Barry to ignore. He quickly took Nancy by the hand and began the trek upstairs to investigate. As Barry was plowing through the crowd, Nancy was being pulled along behind. After several minutes the two managed to reach the living room. Barry turned to Nancy, "Stay here, I've got to talk to Jim."

Nancy could see activity around the two couches. Too many taller bodies blocked a clear view. As Barry moved to the other side of the room, she could hear the happy sounds of guys, and girls shouting and cheering. A tall guy next to Nancy noticed she could not see and pulled her to the front of the crowd. "Let the girls in front," he shouted repeatedly, as he aggressively tugged her to a front row position. Reaching the front of the crowd, Nancy found herself standing next to an Asian girl at the back of the nearest couch. She was very petite, and flat-chested, but had a very pretty face. Only feet away from her, two erect cocks were pointing at a very busty topless girl sitting on the couch. The topless girl was taking turns sucking one cock while her hand jerked the other. As she moved back and forth, her large breasts bounced much to the delight of the crowd.

"Can you believe this?" The Asian girl yelled to Nancy over the crowd. "I'm Janet."

"I'm Nan..." When Nancy turned to acknowledge her she was startled at what she saw. Janet had her right hand down her pants, obviously fingering herself.

"Nice to meet you Nan," Janet said staring seductively at Nancy continuing to dig her fingers into her own pussy. Nancy smiled uncomfortably at Janet. The glazed horny look in Janet's eyes gave away her intentions. Nancy swallowed hard, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable. The crowd behind her surged as more and more people crowded in behind.

Meanwhile, Barry had worked his way across the room to Jim. Misty and Jim were enjoying the action from two couples that were on the adjacent couch. One couple was clothed, but making out unashamed in front of the crowd. The female was the aggressor. She moved on top of her mate and was feeling his cock through his jeans as they continued to explore each others mouths with their tongues.

Next to them on the couch, another very attractive girl was playfully caressing her breasts over her bra. Barry recognized her immediately as Tracy Bickel, the cheerleading team captain. Tracy was known to be a very seductive girl. She was average height; blonde and she had a beautiful face that seemed to tease sexuality. Tracy was widely considered one of the hottest girls on campus. She had taken off her shirt and was teasing the crowd by dancing and rubbing her breasts over her bra.

Barry knew that Jim had lit some of the incense. Barry didn't detect it personally, but it was nonetheless having a strong influence on all the females at the party.

"I thought we agreed to not light it at the party Jim, where is it?" He talked into Jim's ear making sure Misty couldn't hear him.

"Ssorry, dude," Jim slurred. "I couldn't resist," He pointed to the small light fixture in the middle of the living room ceiling.

Sure enough there it was. The incense stick and smoke was barely noticeable, especially since there was so much distraction in the room. The problem for Barry was that he couldn't reach it without drawing everyone's attention to the incense in the middle of the room. He didn't want to have to explain the incense to Misty and Nancy especially.

Meanwhile Misty was feeling the effects as well. She suddenly remembered her small digital camera in her purse. In no time she pulled it out and was dutifully documenting the action. Soon the crowd began to chant in unison. Tits! Tits! Tits!

Tracy was only too happy to oblige. When she removed her bra the room erupted with a cheer. Her perfectly firm breasts and puffy nipples were viewed with great fanfare. Misty noticed that many of the girls in the crowd were also encouraging Tracy to reveal more of her tight and petite body. Tracy played to the crowd by pulling on her puffy nipples. Sensing the crowd wanting more, she pulled her jeans off to reveal a cute pair of pink bikini panties with cherries on them. Further applause and fanfare erupted. She then put her thumb inside the waistband of her panties and began to slowly tug at them. All eyes were on the blonde exhibitionist as she teased the horny crowd. Barry watched helplessly as the throng continued to lose control. Barry knew the house was a few minutes away from an all out orgy, and he couldn't do anything about it. He decided the least he could do was remove Nancy from this situation. He began to move back across the room to find her. As he moved underneath the light fixture, he managed to jump up and grab the incense. No one seemed to notice as he grabbed a beer bottle from the coffee table and covertly snuffed the smoldering stick into it. Then he continued across the room toward Nancy.

Nancy was getting concerned for her own safety. The weight of the surging crowd pushed hard against her. Her thighs were smashed against the heavy couch. The extreme body heat in the room was making her sweat. Her claustrophobia was kicking in. She could feel what she could only imagine was a cock pushing against her lower back. Suddenly she felt a hand working up inside her shirt. As she turned to look at the culprit she was surprised to see that it was Janet. Nancy was frozen at first. She could hear Janet's heavy breathing as the petite Asian moved to Nancy's ear.

"You're sexy Nan, I want you!" she groaned, licking Nancy's earlobe.

As Janet's unwelcome hand worked roughly underneath Nancy's bra, Nancy squirmed to get away. She managed to lift her left leg over the back of the couch. She swatted away Janet's hand that was still on her breast, her thumb and forefinger clamped tightly around her right nipple. Without looking back she stepped over the couch and escaped into Barry's arms on the other side.

"Sorry, I couldn't get to you, there are too many people," Barry apologized, "Are you Ok?"

"Yes, but I really need to get out of here."

"Ok, let's go to my room," Barry suggested.

Barry unlocked the padlock outside his bedroom door, a precaution to keep people out during parties.

As soon as they entered, they embraced. The empty room felt cool comparatively.

"Sorry it getting so crazy out there," Barry apologized.

"I'm ok now," Nancy said, still holding Barry tightly.

Boom! Boom! Boom! There was a loud pounding at the front door. Followed by the dreaded words, "Open up, this is the police!" The flashing red lights out the front window sent the mass of horny humanity in the house heading for the rear exit. Startled, Barry left the empty bottle he was carrying on his dresser. Barry quickly made his way to the front door.

"Hi officers, sorry about..."

"Do you live here son?" They interrupted.

"Yes sir."

"You have two minutes to clear out this house. If we see one person still here that doesn't live here we will take you in. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir two minutes."

As the scramble out the back continued, Barry sent Jim and Misty downstairs to make sure everyone left. Barry gathered as many bottles and cans as he could from the living room. He decided to hide the empties in the bathroom. With two hands full of bottles, he used his shoulder to open the shower curtain and place them in the shower tub. As he pushed aside the curtain he was startled by a beautiful blonde girl who had apparently been hiding in the shower. As the girl turned toward Barry he dropped several of the bottles in his hands. As the bottles hit the floor the remnants of them splashed high into the air splashing on to the blondes jeans and t-shirt.

"Who...what are you doing here? Barry asked, clearly shaken.

"I'm sorry I just need to hide here ok?"

"No, the cops are here...everyone needs to leave. C'mon..."

"Please, no, I can't... my ex... I think he's after me," the young blonde started to sob.

A quick look into her eyes told Barry she was scared and probably telling the truth. Barry had less than 2 minutes to formulate a plan.

Nancy was glad to be isolated in Barry's room. The chaos of the party had bothered her. Nancy barely noticed the peculiar sweet smell that was invisibly permeating the small room from the beer bottle on the dresser. She was glad that the bedroom was several degrees cooler than the living room. Still she wanted to get out of her clothing into something cooler and more comfortable. She decided on a football jersey hanging in Barry's closet. As she removed her shirt and jeans, she caught her reflection in the full length closet door mirror. She stood in front of the mirror in only her yellow panties. Her hair looked much redder in the soft light of the tiny bedroom. Lately she had been growing more used to her red hair. There was something she liked about her natural hair color. It was different. She felt unique. She ran her fingers through her shoulder length locks and examined her frame. Deep down Nancy knew she had a body that most women would die for. She was often unfairly critical of her figure. In the past, she always seemed to find a way to tear herself down. Tonight, as she studied her reflection, she liked what she saw. Seductive green eyes and full lips smiled as she rubbed a finger over her breasts and sensitive nipples, still taught from Janet's groping. She smiled when she realized she was being aroused by her own curves. Her hand slid down her stomach. Fingers stretched the elastic waistband of her panties. Her eyes rolled back as she her body anticipated her touch. Just as her hand had reached its moist target, Nancy heard a rattle of the padlock on the door. She quickly pulled Barry's football jersey over her head and sat on the edge of the bed.

Barry quickly ducked his head in the bedroom. He pushed the young blonde beauty in the bedroom with Nancy.

"She has to hide; stay in here; be quiet; I'll explain later." Then he quickly exited, closing the door behind him.

A few moments of awkward silence followed. The only sound was Barry padlocking the door to the room. The two girls were locked inside the small bedroom, staring at each other. The blonde timidly introduced herself as Corinna.

Nancy's first reaction was to be pissed that another girl barge in on her and her man. Especially after a quick look revealed Corinna to be a stunning beauty. As Corinna began to explain her predicament, Nancy found herself disarmed by the attractive blonde's innocent charm. Corinna thanked Nancy for allowing her to hide from her boyfriend Terrell, who she had just broken up with. She explained how another girl had warned her that Terrell's mostly black fraternity was involved in some sort of contest to see who could film themselves having sex with white girls. Apparently a point system was created in order to keep score. The more degrading sexual acts they could get their girl to do on video, the more points it would be. Corinna said she didn't believe her until an hour ago when she was standing in Terrell's frat room and saw the video camera set up, partially hidden. She could tell by his angry reaction when she confronted him, that everything the girl told her was true. Terrell followed her as she ran to this house in effort to lose him in the crowd. Nancy knew it would be best to let Corinna stay in the room with her. Terrell could be waiting outside for her.

Nancy suggested that Corrina change out of her wet, smelly clothes. She took Corinna over to Barry's closet and picked out one of Barry's dress shirts for her to wear. As Corinna undressed Nancy used Barry's full length mirror to discreetly peek at her. Corinna was indeed stunning. Her long, thick, blonde hair flowed down to her mid back. Nancy was sure she had never seen a more perfect body. She was at least a "C" cup or possibly a "D" cup. Nancy helped balance Corinna as she removed her tight jeans. Her slender stomach and hips led down to a knock out ass. Nancy wondered if she was a "true blonde" but her crotch was unfortunately hidden by a pair of lacy white panties.

The police never actually entered the house. Barry figured they might need a search warrant or something to do that. Barry was still not spared the lecture that the officer gave him at the front door. He repeated the phrase, "Yes Sir," numerous times and finally the police seemed satisfied and left. Barry made sure the house was secure and locked all the doors. Taking a quick glance out the back he could see a few people but the crowd had generally dispersed. He went downstairs to have some words with his roommate.

After Corinna was dressed in Barry's shirt, the two girls sat down on the bed. Corinna was more composed. Nancy had made her feel more at ease.

"You're a cheerleader aren't you? I saw... I mean, I noticed you at the game last Friday, and thought you were cute. I'm not much of a basketball fan and, well, I watched you most of the game." Corinna stammered, suddenly embarrassed. Where did that come from, she wondered silently, hands fidgeting on the mattress edge. Both girls could sense the sexual attraction for each other but weren't sure how to act on it. As she was nervously fondling the mattress Corinna's hands found a "girly" magazine tucked between the mattress and box-spring.

"Oh hello, what do we have here?" Corinna said, looking at Nancy who seemed embarrassed. "Don't worry; I'm sure he is thinking of you the whole time he's looking through it." She smiled leafing through the pages; Nancy laughed and scooted up next to Corinna so she could see too. Instead of making fun of the magazine, both girls were impressed by the quality of beautiful women that were tastefully portrayed. They were silent as they leafed through, except for the occasional, "Oh, she's cute," or "Mmm I like that." Corinna flipped the page to a pair of beautiful young lesbian girls. Nancy felt the sexual tension ramp up as Corinna turned the pages revealing the sexy girls in more and more stimulating positions. Both girls restrained from any comments. Corinna felt like the room got 10 degrees hotter.

"Why do guys like this kind of stuff anyway," Corinna complained, feigning her disgust. Nancy replied truthfully, "Why not, they make me hot and I'm not even a guy."

Both girls shared a tension breaking laugh. Corinna built her courage as she continued to leaf through the pages.

Taking a deep breath Corinna asked, "Are you attracted to girls... I mean, have you ever, ya know... saw a girl, and thought, I'd like to be with her?"

Their eyes made contact.

Nancy decided to reply bluntly, "You mean like you did when you saw me at the game the other night?"

Corrina turned red, not knowing what to say. Looking away shyly, she searched for words, but found none. All she could do was smile uncomfortably.

"Its, ok," Nancy grinned.

Corinna smiled in return.

"Yes, I think it's very natural for a girl to find another girl attractive," Nancy acknowledged.

"Well that's good to hear, I thought maybe I was weird or something." Corinna admitted.

There was anxious silence as the girls searched each others eyes.

"Corinna if I ask you something will you promise to answer truthfully?" Corinna nodded. Nancy was particularly horny now. She decided to push her luck. Nancy put her hand on Corinna's side and looked into her eyes.

"When you were watching me cheer, did you wonder what I would look like naked? Did you get wet thinking about me?"

Silence was broken as Barry noisily undid the padlock to the room. The girls instinctively scooted away from each other. Corinna hastily returned the magazine under the mattress.

"Ok, it safe to go now, the cops are gone," Barry said.

"I think she should stay here tonight, just to be safe," Nancy asserted, scooting next to Corinna once again.

"Well I guess we have room for you on the couch," Barry said, not noticing Nancy's hand working underneath Corinna's shirt.

Nancy's hand moved up Corinna's side and brushed teasingly against her breast.

"Oh I think it would be much safer if she stayed in the room with us," Nancy said with tongue in cheek.

"Oh I don't know," Corinna blushed, clearly turned on by Nancy's caress.

"I want you to show you something that might change your mind," Nancy whispered to Corinna, before slipping off the bed and walking on her knees toward Barry. She reached for Barry's jeans and unsnapped them. Looking up seductively at Barry, Nancy pulled his jeans down to the floor and Barry stepped out of them. Barry pulled his shirt over his head as Nancy fondled his hardening cock through his boxer briefs.

"Mmmm she cooed", looking at Corinna, "want to see it?" she asked smiling. Corinna nodded. She was fascinated by Barry's growing bulge and was very interested in seeing his cock unsheathed. Nancy looked up at Barry with big innocent eyes, "You won't mind showing her would you?" Barry decided he best remain silent. He was pretty sure now that things were going his way and didn't want to ruin it with some stupid comment. Nancy slowly pulled down his underwear until his huge cock sprang from them. Nancy watched as Corinna's eyes grew wide staring disbelievingly at Barry's naked cock.

"So what do you think, nice huh?" she asked as she lightly drew her index finger up the length of his shaft. Corinna turned to Nancy "Um... yea... uh wow... beautiful, perfect," she stuttered, u*********sly licking her lips. "You are a very lucky girl" she added. Nancy noticed Corinna staring at his throbbing cock and his large scrotum.

"I was wondering if you would like to help me suck it." Nancy said; tracing its mushroom shaped head

"Are you sure you want to let me?" Corrina asked with her eyes to the floor. "When I that...suck cock I tend to get carried away... I mean I lose control and...well... I do but... I mean he's your boyfriend and..."

"I want you to help me," Nancy interrupted. "It's just so much for one girl to handle."

Meanwhile, in the other bedroom, Misty was having a brief and unsatisfying sexual encounter with Jim. Despite Misty's exhaustive and talented efforts he was so d***k that he was unable to get hard. Eventually he passed out leaving his naked, horny girlfriend terribly unsatisfied.

Misty decided to hit the bathroom again before she fingered herself to orgasm and went to sl**p.

On the way back to Jim's room she noticed the cracked open door to Barry's room and decided to peek in. She saw Nancy and a blonde girl taking turns knobbing Barry's pole.

This needs to be filmed, Misty thought.

Misty entered the room naked carrying her camera. Nancy looked up with her mouth still around Barry's cock.

"Misty, what are you doing with that camera?" Nancy snarled, passing the cock back to Corinna.

"Don't worry about me," Misty said pointing the camera at the girls, "you just keep doing what you are doing."

"No," Nancy protested, "I don't want anyone to see this!"

"Don't worry; I assure you this is a private video." Now, you two need to take off your shirts so I can see those lovely breasts."

"Don't push it Misty," Nancy warned half-heartedly then smiled and pulled off her jersey. She secretly didn't mind being filmed. In fact she was excited by the prospect of Misty directing them to do what Misty's slutty little mind desired.

Meanwhile Corinna was really enjoying sucking Barry's engorged cock. Cock sucking was her specialty and she wasn't lying when she told Nancy that it made her lose control. Corinna was so involved with the cock that she barely noticed when Nancy unbuttoned and removed Barry's dress shirt from her. Then Nancy unhooked Corinna's bra and exposed her two beautiful pale breasts. Nancy noticed Corinna's breasts were about the same size as her "C" cups. But that was where the similarities ended. Nancy had half dollar sized areolas and large nipples which dominated her breasts. Corinna's dark brown areolas were nickel sized at most, and were situated on the upper part of her breasts. Their smaller size made her breasts seem bigger than they actually were. Nancy couldn't resist tweaking Corinna's hard perky nubs as the blonde continued to expertly mouth Barry's tool.

Corinna was becoming greatly turned on by sucking Barry's cock. It was her favorite sexual activity. Barry could feel her throat contracting on his cock as she gagged on his shaft. Corinna's aggressive deep-throating was getting her very excited. Her breathing quickened, her movements more deliberate. Her eyes teared as she withdrew from trying to take his whole cock. A long thick string of saliva dripped from Barry's cock to her chin. Misty noticed Corinna made no effort to wipe herself clean, but instead, to the camera girl's delight, left the saliva strand dripping obscenely from her chin to her chest. Nancy was amazed by the sloppy way that her new friend had sucked her boyfriend's cock.

Corinna looked at Nancy and noticed her wide eyed expression.

"Wow!" Nancy exclaimed, "How did you take that so far down?"

"It's easy," Corinna said still breathing heavily. "Want me to show you?"

Nancy nodded.

Corinna helped position Nancy properly in front of Barry's stiff tool. She put Nancy's arms behind her back.

"Now this time, instead of sucking it, just let it slide to the back of your throat."

"Ok, I'll try."

Nancy took her turn working on Barry's cock that was still slick with Corinna's saliva juices. Nancy was working Barry's tool as well as she knew how. She realized she had a lot to learn if she was going to become as skilled as Corinna. She tried to work it in deeper. She pushed her head harder against Barry's tool. She gagged hard several times and had to retract his dick to regain her breath. Corinna and Misty both reassured Nancy that she was doing fine as she tried to keep up with her blond companion who was obviously more experienced at cock sucking.

"Yea, spit on it baby. No, don't use your hands; put them behind your back. Good now relax your throat." They coached.

Nancy never realized this could be such hard work. She made loud, obscene noises as she tried again and again, each time working it in a little deeper, before her throat rejected it. Gagging and wheezing, Nancy figured she must be doing better because of the large amount of spit and drool she was producing. Still, despite her determination, she was coming up noticeably short of Corinna's mark. Corinna sensed her frustration and offered help.

"You're doing good baby." Corinna encouraged. "You just need to relax your throat and keep pushing it in! Now watch me."

Nancy positioned herself for the best angle for viewing Corinna at work. This caused Misty to walk to the other side of the threesome to get a better camera angle. As Corinna began to work Barry's tool down her throat once again, Misty found herself focusing more on Nancy's beautiful face which was in a state of concentration and study. Nancy was oblivious to the camera. Instead she intently studied Corinna's technique in detail. She observed how Corinna wouldn't withdrawal when she began to choke but she would instead keep his cock deep in her throat as she gagged. As she gagged her throat would open further so she could take in even more of his cock. Nancy was amazed that the young delicate looking blond could take nearly all of Barry's impossible length. She felt that that she had learned what Corinna was trying to show her. The key was not to panic but relax when she began to gag. She watched as Corinna's nose came into contact with Barry's pubic hair. Her face fully impaled by Barry's cock.

Misty was very much enjoying watching the two horny young girls getting their throats fucked by Barry's large cock. She was glad she was videotaping these events, and couldn't wait to view the unbelievably hot footage she had and would collect. "Yea look at these beautiful girls swallow that cock," Misty whispered to the camera. She began to lightly trace her own nipples with her free hand.

Nancy was eager to try again. Corinna slowly extracted the cock from deep down her throat. She gasped for breath as it popped from her lips. In addition to her normal sloppy yellow saliva strands that now soaked the beautiful blonde's chest, Nancy noticed tears streaming from Corinna's eyes. A side effect of the gag reflex, she figured.

"If you don't have tears coming down your face then you're not doing it right," Corinna grinned still panting.

Nancy worked the slick cock down her throat slowly. She got to her gagging point and tried to hold it in, but had to pull away choking loudly. Misty focused in on Nancy's tearing face. Then she zoomed in on the thick strand of yellowish green drool dripping from Barry's cock, to her chin, and then down her neck to her beautiful breasts. Nancy was panting loudly, as she tried to regain her breath.

"I can't believe they are letting me tape this. They are actually puking on his cock," Misty thought. She was disgusted yet greatly aroused at the same time.

Undaunted by her latest failed attempt, Nancy turned her head and dragged her lips along the length of his shaft as she regained her breath to try again.

Corinna encouraged her sexy companion.

"That's it Nancy just relax...take your time, you're doing good. Oh it turns me on to hear you gagging on that big dick."

Nancy appreciated the encouragement from Corinna. She was more determined than ever. She again slipped Barry's cock between her lips and slowly worked it in and out of her hot mouth. She f***ed herself to go more slowly this time. She worked his pole deeper in with each time her head moved forward. She was much more relaxed now, actually beginning to enjoy this strange new sensation. Soon she felt her nose being tickled by Barry's pubic hair.

"Oh yes that's it, she did it!" Misty burst out excitedly.

"Yea, bury your fuckin' throat on it," Corinna commanded.

"That's so awesome," Misty said proudly.

As Nancy withdrew, Corinna immediately attacked Barry's shaft again. Totally engulfed with passion she more easily f***ed his cock deep inside her throat. As she began to withdraw, her left hand felt for the back of Nancy's head. Corinna grabbed a handful of Nancy's hair and pushed Nancy's head hard on to Barry's pole. Nancy resisted against Corinna's hand. She was surprised by Corinna's strength as she was f***ed to take Barry's cock deep in her throat again. Corinna f***ed Nancy's head back and forth several times. She could feel the tip of Barry's cock as it collided again and again with the back of her throat. Just when Nancy thought she might suffocate, Corinna pulled her hair and extracted Barry's cock. Nancy struggled for breath, gasping loudly as Corinna f***efully put her own mouth around Barry's throbbing tool. Still holding Nancy's hair tightly Corinna took her turn repeatedly slamming Barry's cock down her throat.

When she pulled out, Corinna spit into Nancy's face. Misty was stunned. Although Nancy had a shocked look in her eyes, she opened her mouth eagerly when Corinna again pushed her towards Barry's erect dick.

"Yea, you like that don't you. You like that cock slamming against the back of your throat." Nancy was unfazed by Corinna's comments. She dutifully accepted Barry deeply down her throat as Corinna roughly pushed and pulled the back of her head.

Misty was amazed. She would never have guessed that her girl crush Nancy seemed to like being dominated.

"Tell me you like to get your throat fucked!" Corinna demanded, pulling hard on Nancy's hair, and forcing her to face to her.

"Yes!" Nancy wheezed. Not sure if she really did or not. She was just caught up in the moment.

"Yes what?"

"Yes I like it!"

"Like what?"

"Yes, I like getting my throat fucked!"

Corinna spat f***efully into Nancy's face again. This time closing Nancy's left eye with a gob of discolored spit.

Before Nancy had time to react Corinna f***ed Nancy's throat back on to her boyfriends cock.

"Yea, take it like a slut. All the way down baby. Yea choke on it baby," Corinna demanded.

Nancy again felt Barry's cock probe against the back of her throat.

Misty looked up at Barry "You're doing good stud, keep it up," she winked. Barry shook his head in disbelief.

Corinna finally pulled Nancy's head off of Barry's cock. Nancy's face was bright red as she gasped loudly for breath.

Ignoring Nancy's discomfort, Corinna looked at Barry's pole which was dripping with thick saliva. "Oh look at what a mess we made, we better clean it up!"

Corinna immediately tilted her head and sucked one of Barry's balls in her mouth and then releasing it, dragged her lips up one side of his cock slurping her way to the tip. Corinna looked for Nancy with the corner of her eye. Nancy took her cue. Still panting from her deep throat, she lowered her head and slurped the other side of Barry's still erect tool. Corinna and Nancy worked his prick in unison. Tirelessly they slid their mouths up and down his shaft. They fondled each others breasts with their free hands. Corinna sucked the spit that was dripping from Nancy's chin. Then they explored each others mouths with tongues. Corinna slid down and began to mouth Nancy's tits. Nancy was immediately turned on by the young blonde mouthing her sensitive nipples. Nancy's nipples remained rock hard and extended as Corinna licked and nibbled. When she sucked them tenderly in her warm mouth Nancy went over the edge with passion.

Nancy pushed Corinna carefully down on the bed. She pulled off Corinna's panties and finally got a close look at her beautiful blonde pussy hair. Corinna's pussy was shaved along the edges, but she left a large patch of pubes long and bushy. She was definitely a true blonde. Nancy noticed that Corinna's pussy was an "inny". Her lips tightly held her labia inside them. She nestled her nose in Corinna's long blonde muff and began to lightly trace her tongue around her dark labia. She had to move her fingers in and split her pussy lips so she could get her tongue in her groove. Parting them she could taste her juices running into her mouth. She sucked and licked the young blonde's pussy; taking delight in its bold taste. Corinna yelped with pleasure as Nancy's tongue touched her stiffening clit for the first time.

Misty could tell Nancy was driving Corinna wild. Misty wasn't jealous of Corinna being with Nancy. Instead, she was greatly enjoying watching and filming her sexy friend doing nasty things. She focused the camera on Corinna's beautifully distorted face. Nancy inserted a finger as she continued to slowly tongue her pink inner folds. With Nancy's fingers deep inside her, Corinna neared orgasm. Nancy switched her focus to Corinna's throbbing clit. She stiffened her tongue and pushed it hard against Corinna's stiffening button.

Nancy's arched ass and open sex was an irresistible invitation to Misty. With a smile, she handed the camera to Barry and took a position on her knees behind Nancy. In contrast to Corrina's "inny", Nancy pussy was an unmistakable "outy". Her labia glistened seductively as it dripped below her pussy. Misty kneeled voraciously in front of Nancy's arched ass and began to slowly lick her warm sex. Her tongue juggled Nancy's meaty petals before she began to lightly suck her pussy lips fully into her mouth. Misty delighted in her friend's familiar musky flavor. Nancy groaned with pleasure as Misty explored her sex with her hot tongue. Misty pulled Nancy's ass cheeks apart. Nancy arched her ass giving her sexy friend better access. Misty's nose pushed directly against Nancy's butthole as she pushed her tongue deep into her slit. Misty moved her head back and forth wildly as she licked Nancy's pussy from behind. Nancy pushed her ass back against Misty's prodding nose as she continued to attack Corrina's blonde snatch with increasing vigor. She licked hard on her clit and pushed her head down smashing her erect tongue into her wet slit. Misty's chin dripped with Nancy's fragrant juices. She had achieved her goal of lubricating Nancy's pussy so that Barry could penetrate her more easily.
After handing the video camera back to Misty, Barry prepared to enter Nancy. He allowed several minutes to rub his hard cock along the length of her wet trench, preparing to enter her. He slipped the head of his engorged member past her outer entrance. He worked the head of his cock slowly in and out. Although Nancy had experienced Barry's cock inside her before, it was still a shock to her system to be stretched so completely. She somehow wanted more, but was glad Barry was taking his time and allowing her to get used to it. She surrendered to his penetration, pushing back against his wonderful intrusion.

Misty admired Barry's technique. As much as she anticipated getting footage of Nancy getting pounded by Barry's big pole, she knew the slower approach would be more enjoyable for Nancy. Barry, she thought, seemed to be in control of his cock and that would lead to more enjoyment for all of the girls, she hoped. Misty's free hand fiddled its way between her legs. She continued to film the action as her finger slid in and out of her nearly dripping pussy. She watched Nancy's stretched pussy was folded up back and forth as Barry's cock prodded its way deeper into his lover's warm sex.

The small bedroom became a sauna as Barry began to pound Nancy's pussy. Nancy and Corinna's bodies began to glaze with sweat. With each thrust, Nancy slid up Corinna's slick body until the top of Nancy's head was bumping against the bottom of Corinna's breasts. A few more thrusts brought her nearly face to face with the young blonde.

"Is he fucking you good baby?" Corinna whispered.

"Umm...huh...yea...huh!" Nancy groaned breathlessly.

Corinna rotated her body underneath the sweaty couple until she had maneuvered into a 69 bottom position with Nancy. The new position allowed Corinna an up close view of Nancy's stretching pussy as Barry penetrated her. She was also able to lick on Nancy's clit as she was pushed forward. Fluid dripped into Corinna's hair as Barry's heavy balls slapped against her forehead.

Corinna had maneuvered her body so that her crotch was just below Nancy's face. Nancy made some light licks on Corinna's pussy. She found it impossible to keep her tongue on her blonde friend's pussy because she had to brace herself against Barry's thrusts. Nancy's groans of pleasure prompted Barry to pound her harder and harder.

After several minutes of enjoying Barry's cock pounding inside her, she was becoming sore. She wanted badly to cum but she could no longer take the growing pain from Barry's stiff dick. She wanted his cock out of her now, but wasn't sure how to tell him. With Barry still inside her she leaned back and kissed him.

"Make me cum with your fingers," Nancy whispered.

To Nancy's relief Barry gently slid his cock out of her. He immediately inserted two fingers and began to fuck her sore pussy with them. He had great technique. He bent his fingers and pulled up as he pushed in. Nancy squealed as she neared orgasm. When Corinna began to tongue her clit, Nancy's pussy quivered. Her juices gushed out all over Corinna's face. Nancy collapsed to her knees. Breathing heavily, she looked into Corinna's inverted eyes. Corinna's smiling face had been thoroughly soaked by her juices. Despite the mess, Nancy kissed her.

"Your turn," Nancy panted.

Corinna wasted no time getting in position for her turn with Barry's cock. She didn't even bother to wipe her wet face as she lay on her back and spread her legs. Nancy moved face to face with Barry; kissing him.

"Sure you're all right with this babe?" Barry asked.

"I'm sure...but no kissing, k?"

"You're the best," Barry said.

"I know," Nancy smiled, turning and spitting obscenely into Corinna's open pussy, "Now give it to her good."

Barry took her left leg and pulled it up, resting her ankle on his shoulder. Barry held on to her thigh as Nancy helped guide his cock into the young blonde. Nancy enjoyed watching Barry's cock sliding further in with each thrust.

"'re so big!" Corinna moaned as Barry went in balls deep.

Nancy kissed Barry, "It makes me so hot to watch you fuck her."

"Don't cum yet, you still have to fuck Misty too."

Nancy put her hands on Barry's ass and helped him push as he buried his cock into the young blonde's slick slit. She watched as her friends pussy was filled and then vacated in tune with Corinna's soft moans.

Misty and Nancy embraced and kissed.

Nancy began to finger Misty's pussy.

"Ohh you are very wet, I think you are ready for him. Do you want to get fucked?" Nancy asked tongue in cheek.

"Yes." Misty replied. Her face turned serious. "Nancy I have to admit, I've been fantasizing about his cock, ever since I first saw it."

Nancy was surprised by Misty's admission. "Well, I guess I can't blame you, it is pretty awesome."

"I guess I need to ask you a favor." Misty asked red-faced.

Nancy stared at Misty with a puzzled look.

"Well, would you mind if he fucked me up my butt?" Misty asked smiling uncomfortably.

"Yes I would mind," Nancy answered firmly, hoping that would end the discussion.

After a few moments of awkward silence, Misty pressed the issue.

"Maybe you should let him put it up your butt?" Misty whispered

"That's not going to happen, ok Misty."

Nancy knew there was no way she could take Barry's huge cock up her virgin ass. She was convinced that a dick simply wasn't supposed to go up there. If she couldn't have it then she was selfishly glad none of them would.

"You should try it sometime," Misty added. "It can feel real good. Please?"

"No Misty, he's my boyfriend and if he's not doing me that way, then he's not doing anyone that way," Nancy answered sternly. "I'll let him fuck you, but only your pussy."

Misty conceded, "You're right, I'm sorry. I'm just so horny, and my poor little asshole is begging for attention."

"Girl, you are such a crazy slut."

"I can't help it. Watching you perform tonight has made me crazy."

"You're right; I guess I shouldn't talk about who's being a slut," Nancy admitted.

"Will you please finger my asshole, when Barry fucks me?"

Nancy shook her head, "You're insatiable."

When Barry thought he might cum, he slowly pulled his cock out of the blonde's pussy.

Corinna was disappointed when Barry vacated her pussy. She was quickly relieved when he replaced his cock with his talented fingers. Barry quickly brought Corinna to a groaning orgasm with his fingers.

Corinna lay exhausted on the bed. Her body soaked with sweat. A smile plastered on her messy face.

Nancy hovered over her fondling Corinna's breasts.

"So how did you like it?" she asked wide eyed.

Corinna was still breathless, "It was great...thank you so much."

Nancy smiled and then suckled Corinna's taut nipples.

Misty was horny and wanted to make the most of her turn with Barry. She motioned Barry to lie down on the bed.

"Ooh that big cock is still hard for me too," She smiled.

Misty mounted Barry and slowly worked his cock deeply into her. It was the largest cock Misty had ever had inside her and she loved the feeling.

Barry was having problems holding back. With Misty on top he no longer had control of his strokes. As Misty's pussy loosened, she was able to work in and out more easily. The visual stimulation of Misty's dynamite ass bouncing, and the wonderful feeling of Misty's pussy sliding up and down on his cock brought Barry dangerously near climax. As Nancy moved in to kiss him he whispered to her.

"Where do you want me to cum?"

Nancy thought. She didn't fancy the idea of anyone else taking her boyfriends load.

"You can come in my mouth. Just tell me when...ok?" she smiled.

"Be ready," Barry grunted.

Misty bounced a few more times on Barry's cock before he knew it was time.

Nancy was in good position as Misty athletically dismounted Barry's glistening dick. Nancy immediately replaced her friend's pussy with her mouth.

Nancy's tongue had just detected the familiar musky taste of Misty's pussy when the Barry began to pump his hips wildly toward her face. She could feel the powerful jets of his cum hitting the roof of her mouth. Nancy's mouth was instantly filled with her boyfriend's warm cum. She fought the urge to gag. Her cheeks were puffed out trying to contain his gooey spunk. As she sucked the last bit of cum from his tip, she feigned a smile, masking her sickening feeling.

Her friends encouraged her to savor Barry's cum.

"Ooh she's got his whole load in there!" Corinna gasped.

"Open up; let us see it in your mouth." Misty asked gripping her camera again.

Nancy shook her head in disapproval as Misty stuck the camera in her face.

"Can I taste it?" Corinna asked, lying on the bed.

Nancy nodded; glad to hear that suggestion.

It was an acquired taste, and one that Nancy figured she simply wasn't too fond of yet. Nancy had no desire to play with it. She wanted it out of her mouth.

In a single large glob, Nancy unceremoniously spat the contents on her mouth into Corinna's open lips. Nancy was relieved to be rid of her mouthful. She reluctantly choked down the salty remnants of Barry's load that had clung to the insides of her mouth.

Unlike Nancy, Corinna loved the sensation of having her mouth full of cum. She stirred the still warm contents in her mouth with her tongue. She let some drip out over her lips and chin before she gathered it back with her tongue. She enjoyed being watched as she obscenely played with the sticky mess.

Misty's heart beat rapidly in anticipation of her turn tasting Barry's cum. Handing the camera to Barry, she positioned herself to receive the contents of Corinna's mouthful. Her mouth watered as Corinna slowly floated over her parted lips.

Corinna slowly allowed the cum to ooze from her mouth to Misty's. Nancy embraced an exhausted Barry as they both watched Corinna guide the long sticky strands as they fell between Misty's lips on to Misty's extended tongue. Corinna took over a minute to dutifully transfer the entire load to Misty's waiting mouth.

The two took turns grabbing it off each others chins with their fingers and returning it to each others mouths.

Misty looked at Nancy, her eyes offering the messy concoction back to her. Nancy waved it off.

Instead Misty moved back to Corinna and engaged her in a long sloppy kiss. The two messy cum-lovers tongued each other deeply as the cum dripped down their chins and down their chests. Their fingers collected some of the lost fluid which they scooped back to their mouths. They two horny young girls enjoyed exchanging it back and forth, sloppily and sexy as possible. They were having a mock fight over who would swallow the gooey load. Finally, they decided they would each swallow half.


Suddenly a firm slap on Nancy's ass roused her from her semi-conscious bliss. Nancy turned to see a beautifully naked Corinna climbing in the shower with her. "Scoot over babe; I need to clean off too." Corinna said insistently. "Good morning." She said as she leaned to kiss Nancy. "Have you soaped up yet?" Corinna asked. Nancy shook her head. "Here let me help you. Corinna grabbed the shower gel and began to lather it between her hands. As Corinna began to gently soap Nancy's breasts, Nancy felt a wave of excitement build in her. She began to breathe heavier. Corinna worked her way intimately down Nancy's body. She was being sure to thoroughly lather every part of her friend's lovely body. Diligently she bent down to thoroughly soap Nancy's legs and thighs. Still kneeling, Corinna turned Nancy around and spent time soaping Nancy's firm ass. As Corinna stood, she moved face to face with Nancy.

"I think there's enough soap for both of us," Corinna smiled as she began to slide up and down against her.

The two girls rubbed their breasts together, the slick soap transferring from Nancy to lather Corinna. As they embraced, both girls gathered soap in their hands and soaped each others backs. As they continued to grind erotically, Corinna worked her hands down between them and began to soap Nancy's pubic bush. As Corinna soaped her red pubes; Nancy came to an unfortunate realization. She really needed to pee. She had been in such a hurry to clean herself off that she had forgotten to relieve herself before she got in. She was greatly enjoying her first lesbian shower, but soon the need to relieve her bladder overshadowed the pleasure.

"I'm sorry; I've really got to pee." Nancy said pulling away with disappointment.

"Just go right here," Corinna replied re-embracing her.

"No, that's gross!" Nancy countered.

"No it isn't, it's just natural." "I'll go first ok?" Corinna smiled. Before Nancy could protest, Corinna put her right leg on the rim of the tub and leaned her upper back against the shower wall. As she spread her labia apart with her fingers she looked at Nancy and whispered, "Ok, ready, watch me pee!"

Nancy was confused. Why would she want her to watch? As Corinna began to pee Nancy looked away instinctively.

"Watch me!" Corinna repeated. Nancy searched Corinna's eyes. She really wants me to watch her, Nancy thought, It must be some weird fetish she has. Nancy found it somewhat repulsive, but decided to indulge her friend. She watched as Corinna directed her yellow stream back and forth across the tub floor. At one point her stream hit Nancy in the ankle. Nancy fought the urge to move it away; instead she left it stationary as Corinna guided her yellow stream up to Nancy's knee cap. Corinna let out a long sexy groan. She was clearly turned on by Nancy watching her, and watching her own piss cascading down Nancy's leg. When Corinna finished she flew to Nancy for a long passionate kiss.

"Okay, now it's my turn to watch you," Corinna said with excitement.

"You are so dirty," Nancy quipped.

"You make me want to be dirty," Corinna retorted with a wink.

Corinna maneuvered Nancy into the same position she was in when she was peeing. She even bent down to lift Nancy's leg on to the tub rim, so Nancy's pussy was totally exposed.

"Okay go ahead," Corinna said still on her knees in front of Nancy.

"Well you better look out," Nancy warned.

"No, its okay I just want a close up view," Corinna smiled looking up at Nancy.

Nancy shook her head. "You're crazy! Well I warned you."

Nancy's swelling bladder begged for relief. Her stream came out steady and strong. It hit Corinna squarely in the chest. Corinna twisted her torso so her breasts were splashed with Nancy's piss. The power of Nancy's stream sent her piss splattering all over. Nancy could feel a lot of the spray hitting her own body after it splashed off Corinna. She started to giggle at the thought of the dirty mess they were making. After a relieving piss she was finally trickling out her last drops, Corrina covered Nancy's pussy with her mouth and accepted Nancy's remaining squirts. She coughed as some of Nancy's urine slipped down her throat. She bent over and spit the remaining piss on the shower floor at Nancy's feet.

"How does it taste?" Nancy asked laughing.

"Not to good actually," Corinna said with hoarse voice. Both girls laughed loudly. They realized the craziness of their actions.

"That was a little weird." Nancy admitted, "But I'll never forget it."

The two girls shared another passionate kiss.

The two girls, now wrapped in towels, exited the bathroom. The smell of breakfast greeted them. As they entered the kitchen they saw a naked Misty, cooking bacon.

"Hungry?" Misty asked.

"Starved," Nancy replied.

"Smells good," Corinna added.

"It's a naked breakfast. Only naked people can eat."

Nancy began to protest, but when she glanced she saw that Corinna had already dropped her towel.

"What about the guys?" Nancy asked.

"I just checked on them, they're still out."

"Mike is snoring like a chainsaw. Barry at least rolled over, but after the work out he got last night, I don't expect he'll be in any hurry to get up either."

Nancy frowned, "Gosh I hope he's not mad at me for last night."

Misty looked at Nancy incredulously, "Damn girl, the way you deep-throated last night; he might ask you to marry him tomorrow. Hell, I would!"

The girls laughed.

The three naked girls filled their plates and sat around the table.

Misty was stared at Corinna, "You are absolutely gorgeous, why haven't I ever seen you around campus before?"

"Because I don't go here."

"Really, what school do you go to?"

"Central high."

Misty and Nancy exchanged looks.

"You're k**ding; you are still in high school?" Nancy asked in utter disbelief.

"Well I want to come here when I graduate."

"Really? Have you been accepted yet?"

"No, I have to wait till senior year to apply."

Oh god she's not even a senior, Nancy thought.

"Well how old...wait never mind don't answer that, I don't want to know."

"Look, I'm sorry guys. I didn't think my age was such a big deal. I am legal age if that matters so much."

Nancy seemed to calm, "She's right Mist, we never asked, and I guess it shouldn't really matter. You just sure don't have a body like a high school girl."

Misty added, "Or the experience; you suck cock like a pro. There must be a lot of lucky guys in your school."

"I'm sorry; I don't want you guys to be mad at me." It's just that I really like you guys, and I think you're cool.

Misty looked at Corinna, sensing her submissiveness.

"Well there is one thing you could do for me, if you want to?" Misty said grabbing her camera.

"I've got some room left my memory card. Would you mind doing some modeling for me?"

"Misty, I think we've had enough of that stupid camera!" Nancy protested.

Corinna interrupted, "No, it's alright Nancy, I'll be glad to Misty; just tell me what to do."

Misty had Corinna stand in front of the couch.

Misty handed the towel to Corinna. "Here, wrap this around you like you had when you came out of the bath."

Misty took the time to position Corinna's hair.

Misty took several photos of Corinna with her towel. Then took several more as the young blonde slowly slipped out of the towel.

"Stand up, spin around, show me your ass."

Corinna followed Misty's commands without the slightest objection.

"Ok now rotate you hips just a little more."

Misty snapped digital photos of every inch of the young blondes beautiful body.

She took close-up pictures of Corinna's small stiff nipples.

"Why don't you stretch out on the couch and I'll take some full length shots."

"Ok now face the wall and like bend over so I can see that ass again."

Corinna was on her knees with her butt high in the air. Her chin was on the couch as she looked back seductively at Misty' lens. Corinna turned on her side with her knees together and her ass sticking out.

This afforded Misty's camera a splendid view of Corinna's pussy from behind.

"Let's see that pink pussy, spread your lips for me."

"Finger that pretty little pussy for me."

At first, Nancy was uncomfortable by the way she thought Misty was taking advantage of Corinna. Wrapping her discarded bath towel around her she walked over behind Misty, fully prepared to end Misty's photo shoot. Nancy soon realized that Corinna was more than willing to participate. As she studied Corinna's face she could tell she felt very comfortable in front of Misty's camera.

She was not only following the instructions from Misty, but the sexy blonde was adding her own extra eroticism to her poses. Corinna not only had a knockout body, but she knew how to manipulate it for maximum erotic effect. Nancy thought that Corinna could more than adequately fit in with the other sexy models displayed in Barry's magazine. As Corinna began to finger herself, Nancy couldn't stop her own fingers sliding down to find her clit.

"Come over here Nancy," Corinna said suddenly. "Misty could you get some shots of both of us together?"

"No, I don't want to," Nancy blurted, sorry that she sounded so angry.

Misty interrupted, "Corinna, I would like you to rub some of this oil on you. It will make your body photograph better in this light.

Misty flipped the bottle of baby oil to Corinna, who began immediately to apply it.

"Nancy, would you rub some oil on me?" Corinna asked. "I can't reach everywhere."

Nancy sighed. Although she was enjoying watching, she really didn't want to get involved.

"Please?" Corinna asked with an innocent puppy dog look.

"Misty, why don't you do it?" Nancy asked hopefully.

"I can't get my hands all greasy babe," Misty answered.

Nancy reluctantly agreed and took the bottle of oil from Corinna.

"Where do you want it?" she asked unenthusiastically.

"She needs more on her thighs and her butt," Misty replied professionally.

Nancy began applying liberal amounts of oil all over Corinna's arched ass and thighs.

She could hear Corinna moaning softly as she moved her caressing hands from her ass to her thighs.

Misty continued to take pictures even as Nancy was applying the oil.

"Why do you want pictures of me?" Nancy asked perturbed.

"Because you are super-sexy!" Misty answered honestly, still clicking away.

"No, you two are doing great, I don't want to mess things up."

Misty gasped, "Were just doing this for fun, what's there to mess up?"

"No, I don't feel comfortable...

Misty interrupted, "Ok, Nancy, Scoot a little bit to your left, ok, and rub the oil on her bottom with your right hand."

Nancy found herself robotically following the demands of Misty once again. When Misty asked Nancy to move to another position, she grabbed the towel from around Nancy. What followed was a lengthy nude photo shoot with the blonde and the redhead. Despite her initial reluctance, Nancy grew to enjoy her photo session with Corinna. Misty moved them in erotic positions. Often teasing the two girls by not allowing them to touch as they, for instance, pretended like they were sucking each others nipples. Misty would get them into position, having Nancy hover over Corinna's quivering pussy. Then just as Nancy would bring her tongue in contact with her snatch Misty would order a position change. The girls had fun with the photos, laughing and giggling the whole time.

In one more memorable pose, Nancy was on her back with her legs kicked up so that her knees were next to her ears. Corinna was positioned on top of Nancy's ass with her chin over Nancy's butthole. Misty then instructed Corinna to make a strand of saliva from her tongue to Nancy's pussy. Misty required several takes of this photo so that Corinna's saliva strand would be properly reflected in the light. Nancy was in that uncomfortable but exhilarating position for some time as Misty got the photos she wanted.

Soon after the photo shoot ended, the three girls, wrapped again in towels, reviewed the photos that Misty had taken. Nancy and Corinna impressed with the quality and composition of the photo sets. Corinna especially liked a shot of her and Nancy with their foreheads together, and their nipples almost touching. Nancy mostly liked the ones of just Corinna. She did however like one that showed a close up of Corinna's face as her head rested on top of Nancy's lower back and ass.

The girls gathered their clothes and dressed for the day.

"Well I guess I better head back home," Corinna pulling on her shirt and snapping her pants.

"It was a real blast meeting you guys."

"Yea Corinna it was great meeting you too." The girls acknowledged.

"You're a lot of fun," Nancy said.

"Thanks for letting me take your pictures," Misty said.

"It was fun, maybe I can get a copy?"

"Maybe, we'll see."

The girls exchanged hugs and Corinna left.

As Nancy closed the front door she exchanged a look with Misty.

"Wow she is incredible," Nancy said.

Misty agreed, "I know I don't know who's sexier you or her."

"Well the, I guess I need to convince you then," Nancy said playfully.

The girls moved close together and kissed deeply.

"I can't believe the guys aren't up yet," Nancy said, finally breaking their kiss.

"What do we do now?"

"I've got a video we could watch." Misty giggled.

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