Adventures of Nancy- Incenced

Part I

Nancy Lipske was actually quite relieved to be finally going out on a date. The college sophomore was surprised when she was asked to double date with her cheerleading squad mate Misty Johnson and her new boyfriend Jim.

Both girls cheered for the same small town high school and had made the college squad as well. Despite all they seemed to have in common, the girls who had at one time been close c***dhood friends had grown apart in high school. When they came to the same college Nancy figured they would only be acquaintances, never expecting to actually go on a double date together.

Nancy was excited about dating Barry, who she thought quite attractive. Nancy found him tall dark and handsome, just her type. Misty had only met Jim last weekend. Jim was a shorter and stockier than Barry, and Nancy considered him reasonably attractive as well. The boys were roommates and were excited about dating the two attractive cheerleaders.

Both the girls were attractive, but in different ways.

Nancy was the more curvaceous of the two. She was a bright young lady, with a petite yet athletic sort of body. Her delicate brown hair flowed down to mid back level. Her wide, innocent green eyes complemented her inviting smile. She had a s**ttering of cute freckles across her cheeks. Her full, perky breasts were well suited to her athletic frame. Her short, fit legs descended from a shapely tight ass. She had a sort of upright posture that accentuated her larger than average, firm breasts, which were her main attraction. Nancy was not a virgin, but was still very inexperienced and unsure when it came to sex. Her libido had been catching up to her in recent months. She caught herself daydreaming about sex more often, even imagining the size and shape of her male professor's cocks. She had noticed an increase in her masturbations recently. Although she never was able to bring herself to climax, she found that she loved the feeling of getting "close."

Misty was the taller of the two girls with short dark curly hair, dark eyes, and wide pouting lips. Her frame was more slender and athletic than Nancy's. Her "B" cup tits were not as big as Nancy's full "C", but they fit her slender frame. Misty often wore tight fitting shirts with no bra so that her big, stiff nipples pushed out noticeably. Her flawless ass and long legs garnered a lot of attention from both guys and girls on campus. She used them to good effect when she walked. Misty was more sexually experienced than Nancy. She had a boyfriend that was two years older than her in high school. It had been no secret to Nancy that Misty had been getting fucked regularly by her boyfriend Dave the last two years of high school. Dave was two years older than Misty and had broken up with Misty after she decided to attend State college.

Jim had suggested that the four of them go out on a double date that evening after the girls cheered at the basketball game. Nancy and Misty decided that it sounded like fun. So the date was arranged. Jim and Barry waited until Misty and Nancy were finished with their cheering duties. Since Jim drove the four of them to dinner right from the basketball game the girls decided to just put sweatshirts on over their cheerleading outfits.

It had been a long time since Misty and Nancy had "hung out" together outside of a cheerleading or swimming function. They were playmates when they were much younger, and would often spend the night at each others homes. On one occasion, in Misty's bedroom, they had played doctor. Exploring each others young bodies was certainly innocent, but educational. It was an event in their lives that both were too embarrassed to mention to each other, but neither would ever forget.

After dinner, the boys suggested going back to their place for some drinks and a movie. Nancy was somewhat reluctant but figured that since Misty was with her it would be safe. She didn't want to pass up the opportunity to go out with Barry. Besides, she thought renewing and deepening her friendship with Misty would be beneficial. Nancy didn't have any reason to expect anything beyond light petting would happen on a first date anyway. As they arrived at the boy's small off campus house, Barry took the girls jackets and Jim got some beer for everyone. The girls took their seats on the two small couches that were arranged "L" shaped in front of the modest living room TV. In between the couches was a small coffee table that had an incense holder and two smoldering incense sticks that had apparently been lit before the boys left for the game. Nancy figured they were trying to cover the smell that was normally associated with two sloppy boys living in a two bedroom bachelor pad. She did appreciate the boys attempt at cleaning up the place. Jim made some small talk about the game they had just come from. Barry mentioned that he was paying more attention to the cheerleaders than the game.

"I bet you were", Misty teased seductively.

The two couples settled in on the two couches. Misty and Jim laid down side by side in a spooning formation. Nancy and Barry were more conservative and instead chose to sit side by side. After some awkwardness, Barry eventually managed to get his arm around Nancy. Nancy was being very guarded. She really had an instant attraction to Barry and was afraid being too forward would make her seem to sluttish. Barry, she hoped, would appreciate her more if she behaved like a lady. Strangely, despite her caution she couldn't keep her mind from thinking about sex. She had a strange flushed feeling that was really hard to describe. She could feel her breath shorten. What was wrong with me? she thought. She tried to concentrate on her breathing. After only a few more minutes she realized that her pussy was actually tingling, and getting moist. She couldn't remember a time she was so out of control of her mind and body. What's wrong with me? She questioned. She knew it couldn't be the alcohol because was only half way through her first beer. I'm an intelligent girl I will control my thoughts, she reasoned desperately. She tried to concentrate on the movie. But after only a few minutes she realized it was a losing battle. Her lustful imagination went in to even wilder extremes. Before she knew it, she was fantasizing being bent over the coffee table with Barry pounding her doggy style. Suddenly, Nancy sprung to her feet. "I'm going to the ladies room, could you pause it Jim?"

"Come on Mist", she pleaded. With a sigh Misty got up to join her friend.

Nancy pushed the door closed as soon as the two girls entered the small bathroom.

"Misty I don't know what's happening to me I'm feel weird," Nancy exclaimed.

"What are you talking about...what do you mean weird?" Misty countered as she dropped her panties and squatted down on the toilet seat.

"Horny", Nancy whispered as she looking into the mirror and primped her hair.

"Well hell girl, how long has it been since you've gotten some?" Misty replied over the sound of her peeing. "I'd say it's your body's way of telling you what it wants."

Nancy mulled the possibility over in her head. Maybe her body was making demands. She certainly did find Barry attractive. But she couldn't go all the way with him on the first date. What kind of a tramp would he think she was?

Misty replaced her panties and pulled her sweatshirt off as she moved behind Nancy.

"Maybe your just warm," Misty reasoned as she grabbed the bottom of Nancy's sweatshirt and helped her pull it over her head. Now the two girls were clad only in their cheer outfits.

"By the way Nanc, would you be alright if... uh", Misty paused awkwardly.

"What?" Nancy asked innocently, fixing her top.

"Well... listen, I'm about to explode myself, and, well... I really want to get fucked tonight."

"What? No! No you can't..." Nancy pleaded.

"Look," Misty said locking eyes compassionately with Nancy, "I'm just warning you that I can't guarantee what will happen tonight."

Meanwhile back in the living room, the boys were regrouping.

"Well your magical incense isn't working," Barry mused.

"Maybe not for you," Barry countered, making sure the bathroom door was still shut. "Misty's been grinding her ass against my cock for the last 15 minutes, I'd say that's promising.

"No way, you're k**ding?" Barry asked surprised.

"She's hot for it man, I'm telling ya this stuff is working," He said pointing to the smoldering incense.

"What about you... getting anywhere with Nancy?"

"No, she seems real uncomfortable. I'm gonna take it slow I don't want to ruin it with her on the first date."

Jim sat up on the couch. "Well, I'll light another one then... just in case. It looks like Misty is good to go, but you might need some help with Nancy." Barry grinned at Jim's confidence.

Nancy and Misty returned from their bathroom visit. Barry and Jim quickly noticed that the girls had both removed their oversize cheer sweatshirts that they had on over their uniforms. The two looked incredibly sexy in their cheer outfits. The hopeful boys exchanged looks and approving smiles.

Jim restarted the movie as the two couples settled back down on their couches. Nancy and Barry sat more closely this time. Barry had his arm around her and she rested her head on his chest.

On the other couch, Misty was snuggling with Jim. Her head was on his shoulder.

After a while Nancy sensed some activity on the other couch. She couldn't tell exactly what they were doing, but she thought she could hear whimpering and groaning. She new it was starting to get hot and heavy over there. She felt like interrupting them somehow, but she couldn't think of anything to say. Her worst fears were being realized. What was worse, her trip to the bathroom to clear her head and get reassurance from Misty had totally backfired.

Her mind snapped back when she caught movement on the other couch.

She watched as Misty's head ducked down out of view behind the arm of the sofa.

What on earth was she doing? She asked herself, already knowing the answer.

Barry sensed the activity too. He sat up on the couch so he had a better view of the other couples activities. When Barry moved, Nancy was f***ed to sit up as well. She was intrigued by the action on the other couch, and worried about how big a slut her friend was being.

Nancy was embarrassed and frustrated. On one hand, she was mad that Misty was putting her in such an awkward position. On the other hand her mind was being swept up in a current of lust. Despite her struggles, she was being carried helplessly downstream. Nancy and Barry were unable to see exactly what was happening on the other couch, but both were desperate to find out. Nancy's mind was racing. "Turn on the light Barry!" she whispered insistently.

When Barry flipped on the light, the mystery was over. Misty had Jim's cock in her mouth!

Nancy had hoped that filling the dark room with light would squash Misty's naughty plan. Instead it only served to showcase her activities. Neither Misty nor Jim seemed to notice the added light as Misty continued to work his tool. Despite her shock, Nancy couldn't contain herself from sitting forward to get a better angle.

Jim's pants were down around his knees and the head of his big prick was between Misty's full lips. Her dark, curly head bobbed slowly and seductively up and down. Nancy noticed that Misty had pulled her panties down and was fingering her own pussy as she sucked him. Her cute bare ass peaked out from underneath her skirt as her head moved up and down on Jim's cock.

Nancy gazed with disbelief at her friends actions. She couldn't believe Misty would do that. After all, she had been dating Jim for less than a week.

It had been a while since Nancy sucked a cock, and she had a hidden desire to. However, she thought it was an act that a girl only did when she was more serious with a guy.

Misty certainly enjoyed working over Jim's cock.

Nancy was totally fascinated. She and Barry gawked at the other couple. Nancy was paying so much attention watching that she showed no resistance when Barry slowly moved his hands up her sides. He carefully took her wrist and placed her hand on his crotch. She could feel his erection through his jeans. She loved the way it throbbed beneath her fingers. She began to very slowly rub her hand over his bulge.

Misty was not hiding her enjoyment. The affect of the incense made her yearn to put on a show for all to see. Her full lips slid seductively up Jim's thick shaft and suckled on flared tip of his prick, then her head thrust slowly down again as she slid his entire length into her throat. As she her mouth retreated back to the tip once more she glanced over and saw Nancy and Barry leaning forward watching her. A quiver of excitement flowed through her body. She loved being in control of the moment, and the fact that she now had an audience, made the horny little cheerleader all the more voracious. Jim was putty in her hand as she skillfully and slowly gave him a thorough tonguing.

Misty was a pro, she knew not to rush. Taking it slowly would not only give Jim the biggest thrill of his young life, but also give her audience something to remember. Yes, she was putting on a show. She skillfully positioned herself so as to give the best view to the voyeurs on the other couch. Misty produced a thin a thin strand of saliva connecting her mouth with Jim's cock. Dangling it teasingly in the air she slowly slurped it back into her mouth until she again plunged her lips around his swollen tool.

Will she make him come? Nancy wondered silently. Is she going to let him come in her mouth? Does she swallow?

Barry and Nancy exchanged a glance. Barry grinned.

Nancy grinned back. She realized it was no use trying to hide her obvious arousal!

They both looked back at Misty.

"Ummm," Misty groaned, as her gorgeous full lips slid slowly up Jim's shaft. Her sucking and moaning noises were no longer restrained and echoed through the room.

She began sucking harder on his cockhead, her cheeks hollowed in as she again made loud suction sounds. Her curly hair flopped up and down as she increased her pace. The fact that she was being watched added to her arousal and made her perform for her audience.

She pulled her lips away and looked at her lover.

"Yeah, baby--that's it!" Jim moaned. "Ohhh you're so good... yea suck it baby."

"Ummm, I thought you liked it when I was bad?" Misty teased.

Not breaking eye contact with Jim, She placed her teeth around the tip of his prick. Then she sc****d her teeth down his shaft. Jim raised his ass slightly off the couch as Misty teased him closer to the threshold of pleasure and pain. Looking down at his cock, she smiled as she noticed that her efforts had produced a few sticky drops of pre-cum on Jim's swollen tip. Curling her tongue, she used it like a shovel to gather up his sticky cock juices. She swallowed it covetously.

She sucked hard on the tip of his prick. Soon she had coaxed another big drop out of Jim's tiny hole. Her tongue hovered above his drop of jizm. Nancy watched Misty's tongue gather it up. The way Misty dangled and played with his jizz in a thin strand from mouth to cock, mesmerized Nancy. "Ummm," she sighed accidentally. Embarrassed that she audibly showed her interest, she glanced at Barry. He didn't appear to notice as he continued to be transfixed on Misty's perfect ass bouncing up and down. Nancy gave his cock a firm squeeze, reminding him that she was still here.

Misty broke contact temporarily as she removed her top in one quick motion. Her bare breasts glistened with sweat as her hard nipples poked toward her lover. Misty took Jim's cock and sucked it between her teeth and her cheek. She bobbed her head up and down slowly; the outline of Jim's cock was clearly visible beneath the thin sheath of Misty's cheek. Nancy subconsciously leaned forward and watched in awe as Misty masterfully worked Jim's prick in and out of her lovely drooling mouth. Misty continued slurping on Jim's throbbing pole making sure to occasionally glance at Nancy and Barry, who were watching every move.

"Cum," she whispered, looking up at Jim with her seductive eyes. "Cum for me, Jim... mmmmm... blow your load in my mouth!"

"Uhhh... are you ready for it baby?"

"I want to drink your hot, thick load, all of it" she panted.

Jim's mouth was open, but he had no more words.

Misty knew she could make him come at any time. She was in total control and she loved it. She had played with him all she wanted. She had given everyone the show they wanted. Now it was time for her to get what she wanted. She really wanted his come. She grabbed his stalk firmly and began yanking his cock. After only a few strokes she knew he was only seconds away. She moved her head down and placed her lips over his flared tip. Her lips and hand worked together as she continued to jerk him faster and faster into her waiting mouth. Misty's loud slurping noises filled the room. Nancy could feel her own heart beating faster and harder in wondering anticipation as she watched her friend. She fought the urge to finger her own wet slit.

Jim's groin heaved forward as he let loose his orgasm into Misty's anxious mouth. She tried to swallow it all but it was too much, too fast. She gagged momentarily before she was able to relax and catch up with his sticky quantity. Cum filtered out from of the corners of her mouth and spilled in drips off her chin as she continued to swallow Jim's slippery seed. Finally Jim had drained his full load down Misty's throat. He collapsed backward to the couch exhausted and satisfied.

Misty continued to suck dotingly on his depleted tool, making pleasing lip smacking, and groaning noises that were audible to all present. Finally she was convinced she had collected every sweet drop. She pulled away. A smile radiated from her still wet lips.

"Oh Misty--that was awesome!" Jim said returning her smile.

"Mmmm...It's my pleasure," she said, wiping the last trickle of cum from her chin with the back of her hand.

Nancy was shocked. It all seemed surreal. Was this really happening or was this some kind of erotic dream. She was contemplating the possibility when she was startled by Misty's voice.

"Hope you two liked the show over there," she said seductively.

As the two girls made eye contact she noticed Misty's eyes move to Nancy's hand still fondling Barry's bulge.

"Ohh, looks like he needs to get some air", Misty noted, staring boldly at Barry's erection in his jeans. Barry chuckled.

Nancy's face was flush with embarrassment. Misty had really put her in an awkward position. What was she supposed to do now? The sexual tension in the room had become fever pitch. Nancy was burning with desire and imagined she was going to sweat through her uniform.
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Hot story! Looks very promising; I can't wait to see where it goes from there!